Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Trump endorses Tom Cole for reelection

Former President Donald Trump has endorsed yet another moderate squish for reelection to Congress. Earlier this year, he endorsed 3rd Congressional District Congressman Frank Lucas (over Wade Burleson, a real conservative), and yesterday (apparently), he eleventh-hour endorsed Tom Cole in the 4th District.

🙄 Because of course. 

Primary Election Day: Links and Resources

Today is the Oklahoma Primary Election. If you haven't voted yet, you have until 7:00pm to cast your ballots. If you don't know where to vote, or want to see your sample ballot, use this helpful link from the Oklahoma State Election Board to find out.

Here are some links to various posts and additional resources about the primary candidates that you may find helpful.

Monday, June 27, 2022

Tulsa County GOP endorses Byrd for Auditor; OK County GOP Chair calls for opponent to drop out

Both the Republican Party of Tulsa County and the Oklahoma County Republican Party Chairman have come out in support of reelecting State Auditor Cindy Byrd, with the OK County Chairman calling for Steve McQuillen to drop out of the race. 

You can read more from Oklahoma County GOP Chairman Ken Warner over at IgniteLiberty.

From the Tulsa County GOP:

Tulsa County Republicans Endorse Cindy Byrd for State Auditor

Sunday, June 26, 2022

State Election Board Offers Tips, Reminders for Oklahoma Voters

This information is very important for all registered voters, particularly since redistricting took effect this year:

State Election Board Offers Tips, Reminders for Oklahoma Voters

(Oklahoma City) – Voters head to the polls Tuesday for the statewide primary and several nonpartisan elections. The State Election Board offers these tips and reminders to Oklahoma voters ahead of the June 28 Election.

OCPA: No way to justify OU tuition increase

No way to justify OU tuition increase
By Jonathan Small

What if university leaders managed colleges like a business and treated students like valuable customers? It appears the board of regents at the University of Oklahoma may be taking that approach.

After former Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels took the helm at Purdue University, officials froze tuition rates in 2013. They have not raised them since. Daniels’ leadership proves university officials can keep costs down and provide a quality education.

But it has been a different story at the University of Oklahoma, where OU President Joseph Harroz sought this week to increase student tuition by another 3 percent. That increase would have come on top of, and compounded, the impact of last year’s 2.75-percent tuition increase.

Op-ed: Don't fall for the dark money lies about Brecheen

Don't fall for the dark money lies about Brecheen
by Kevin Batts

The lies of dark money have been hitting conservative candidates across the state. These attacks include accusations that truly conservative candidates have ties to groups like BLM and other left-wing movements. 

This leads us to the latest attacks against conservative 2nd District Congressional candidate Josh Brecheen, a man with one of the most conservative records during his two terms in the State Senate.

Saturday, June 25, 2022

OK Legislative Dems simply outraged at prospect of not being able to kill babies

Following the Supreme Court's overturning of Roe v. Wade and related abortion cases, Oklahoma Democratic legislative leaders are joining gubernatorial candidate Joy Hofmeister in bewailing the fact that they can no longer murder babies in Oklahoma.

"The sky is falling", don't you know?

Read on for their extreme hysteria at the thought:

O'Connor video features five county sheriffs endorsing him for Attorney General

Sheriffs Across Oklahoma Endorse John O'Connor For Attorney General

Tulsa, OK - Oklahoma Attorney General John O’Connor has always stood with law enforcement. 

Today, sheriffs across the state have released a message for Oklahomans urging them to support John O'Connor on Tuesday, June 28.

My Picks for the 2022 Oklahoma GOP Primary


Tuesday is the Oklahoma Primary Election, and voters all across the state will be heading to the polls to decide nominees in many different races. Hopefully the information in this post will be helpful with your voting plans.

If you don't know where to vote, or want to see your sample ballot, use this helpful link from the Oklahoma State Election Board to find out.

Below are a few of my voting picks. Work and other commitments prevented me from getting into more detail on most of these races, but here are some basic thoughts.

Just The Facts: Candidate Voting Records on 2016-2018 Tax Hikes

There are a number of current or former state legislators running for higher office, and I wanted to do a quick post on their voting records from the 2016-2018 tax hike spree that Governor Mary Fallin and the GOP-led legislature went on. I already posted about how horrible State Rep. Avery Frix's voting record is ('Fiscal Failure Frix, the worst choice for conservatives in CD2'), so here are the facts about the others.

So, without further ado, Just The Facts: Legislative Voting Records on Major Tax and Fee Increases, 2016-2018.

Green means they voted for the measure (not good, in this case), Red means they voted against the measure (a good conservative vote), Gray means they missed the vote, and blank means they were not eligible to vote (in the case of Reps. Frix and Derby they were not in office; in other cases the bill either did not receive a hearing in that legislative chamber or the member was not on the committee where a vote took place).

The following six candidates are running for the 2nd Congressional District:

Click to view larger

Former State Rep. John Bennett has claimed that he never voted for a tax increase, but that is absolutely not true, as you can see from the above graphic. In 2016, he did not vote with the conservative core caucus on any of these tax/fee increase measures.

Friday, June 24, 2022

Joy Hofmeister: we will fight to restore baby murder

RINO-turned Democrat Joy Hofmeister continues to reveal her true colors now that she's running for Governor as a Democrat. 

While Oklahomans celebrate the confirmation by the Supreme Court that Roe v. Wade has always been unconstitutional, Hofmeister says she'll fight to "restore" the fight to murder babies in the womb:

"The court’s decision today means millions of Oklahoma women have lost agency over their own lives and health care. 

We will fight to get it back. And we will ensure Oklahoma has a governor who will protect women and doctors. Today is a day to be strong. I will not be deterred."

I detailed more about Hofmeister's con act in this post, Hofmeister's Long Con: running for Gov as the Dem she's always been.

Not everyone who proclaims themselves to be a conservative (like Hofmeister did in 2014) is actually a conservative. As I posted the other day, a lot of them are frauds.

Reject Hofmeister.

Supreme Court kills Roe v Wade; Oklahoma leaders rejoice

Though anticipated since the leak of a draft opinion in May, the United States Supreme Court has overturned and affirmed the complete and total unconstitutionality of Roe v. Wade. The death toll since that wicked ruling in 1973 is somewhere well north of 60,000,000.

While this is something to praise God for, the fight is not over. The right to live on God's green earth as He has given life is not a right that can be legislated by a governing body, or bestowed by a court. It is a natural right given to us by our Creator, and we will continue pressing on until abortion is abolished from sea to shining sea, and beyond.

Across the state, elected officials and leaders are praising the death of Roe. I'll try to update this post with additional statements throughout the day as they come in.

Lankford denounces Senate gun legislation vote

Lankford Statement on Safer Communities Act

WASHINGTON, DC – Senator James Lankford (R-OK) today issued a statement following his no vote on the Safer Communities Act, the proposed gun legislation being rushed through the Senate this week:

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Epic's epically bad day: OSBI arrests founders, former CFO on felony charges


OKLAHOMA CITY (June 23, 2022) – Today, the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) is announcing the arrest of Epic Charter Schools founders Ben Harris and David Chaney, and former Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Josh Brock. They were taken into custody at approximately 10 a.m. and were transported to the Oklahoma County Detention Center for booking. Harris, Chaney and Brock are facing the following charges:

• Racketeering
• Embezzlement of State Funds
• Obtaining Money by False Pretense
• Conspiracy to Commit a Felony
• Violation of the Oklahoma Computer Crimes Act
• Submitting False Documents to the State
• Unlawful Proceeds

Gov. Stitt responds to Biden's failed energy policies, gas tax proposal


OKLAHOMA CITY (June 22, 2022) – Governor Kevin Stitt released the following response to President Joe Biden’s proposal for a three-month federal gas tax holiday:

Lankford advocates for emergency flexibility in retirement accounts during committee markup

Lankford Advocates for Oklahomans To Save For Retirement While Offering Access to Funds for Emergencies

WASHINGTON, DC (June 22nd) – Senator James Lankford (R-OK) provided opening remarks during a Senate Finance Committee markup of the Enhancing American Retirement Now (EARN) Act, also known as SECURE 2.0. The bill includes Lankford’s Enhancing Emergency and Retirement Savings Act, Improving Access to Retirement Savings Act and Military Spouses Retirement Security Act. The bill passed the committee unanimously.

OSDE investigation of Epic Charter Schools reveals major issues; Hofmeister to recommend probationary status

OSDE investigation of Epic reveals flawed attendance data, poor transparency, millions in misallotted public funds
Hofmeister will recommend probationary status for school

OKLAHOMA CITY (June 21, 2022) – An extensive investigation into Epic Charter Schools by the Oklahoma State Department of Education (OSDE) has uncovered significant problems, including dubious attendance data that may have resulted in $780,000 in improperly obtained state funds and the improper disbursal of more than $8.5 million in bonuses to school administrators. The investigation was prompted by a complaint made against Epic in December 2021 by a former member of Epic’s governing board, Community Strategies Inc.

State Superintendent of Public Instruction Joy Hofmeister said she will recommend in the coming weeks that the State Board of Education place the virtual charter on probation and require it to undergo comprehensive corrective action. Findings in the OSDE report will also be shared with law enforcement to determine if further action is warranted.

O'Connor endorsed by retired Air Force Brig. General, and by Garfield County Sheriff

US Air Force Brigadier General Ben Robinson Endorses Attorney General John O’Connor

Tulsa, OK – The momentum continues to build for conservative Attorney General John O’Connor as retired U.S. Air Force Brigadier, and former Secretary of Military and Veterans Affairs, General Ben Robinson proudly endorsed him today.  

Fiscal Failure Frix, the worst choice for conservatives in CD2

Among the Republican candidates in the super crowded, 14-member 2nd Congressional District race is State Rep. Avery Frix (R-Muskogee), who is posturing himself as a super-conservative next-gen MAGA warrior intent on storming Washington.

Frix, elected to the State House in 2016, may be a registered Republican, but he's by no means a super-conservative. In fact, on many issues, he's simply not conservative. At all. Let me give you almost seven billion reasons why.

Early voting for primary election begins today

Early Voting for Primary Election Begins [Today]

(Oklahoma City, June 21st) – Early voting for the June 28 Primary Election begins Thursday at 8 a.m. Republican and Democratic primaries will take place, along with several nonpartisan elections in many counties.

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

OCPA staff seek dismissal of "abusive court filings"

For some background, State Rep. Anthony Moore's wife filed for, and received, a protective order against four individuals employees of the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs following allegedly "threatening" text messages that were sent to Moore's wife. The OSBI got involved (customary, as it deals with a sitting legislator) in investigating the messages. Here is OCPA's response:

OCPA staff seek dismissal of abusive court filings

OKLAHOMA CITY (June 22, 2022)— In filings today, four employees of the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs asked for the immediate dismissal of protective-order petitions filed against them by state Rep. Anthony Moore’s spouse. The motions show that the petitions fail to meet the requirements needed for a valid protective order. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Monday, June 20, 2022

Small: Reality check for Cherokee leaders may be positive sign

Reality check for Cherokee leaders may be positive sign
By Jonathan Small

The U.S. Supreme Court’s McGirt decision, which effectively declared much of eastern Oklahoma remains tribal reservation land, prompted some tribal officials to embrace separatism.

In 2021, a Muscogee (Creek) Nation official told NonDoc the difference between the Muscogee chief and the governor of Oklahoma is that one is the “head of a nation” while the other is “just the head of the state.”

That’s grandiose, at best. David Hill was elected Muscogee principal chief with 3,399 votes. Kevin Stitt was elected Oklahoma governor with 644,579 votes.

On a similar note, Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Chuck Hoskin, Jr. recently banned display of the Oklahoma flag on Cherokee property. But Hoskin’s action drew swift rebuke from other Cherokees. [see article here]

When announcing he was reversing course, Hoskin said he had “heard from many Cherokee citizens” and “the vast majority were opposed” to his flag order. Many were concerned it “further divided the state and the tribe.”

Put simply, there was a huge gap between Cherokee leadership and Cherokee citizens, most of whom do not view their home state with hostility.

It’s not shocking that gap exists. Few Cherokees are directly involved in tribal government. The tribe reports over 400,000 individuals are Cherokee citizens, but less than 14,000 voted in the last election for tribal chief. (Similar trends are also notable for the Muscogee Nation, which claims 86,100 citizens.)

Most Cherokees don’t embrace a worldview pitting them against their non-Indian neighbors and family members.

That contrasts with many comments from some tribal leaders. When the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs called for McGirt to be reversed, which would simply ensure all Oklahomans are treated the same under the law as had been the case for the prior century, Muscogee leadership responded with “see you on the battlefield.”

The Muscogee (Creek) Nation now argues all Muscogee citizens living on the tribe’s reservation—including most of Tulsa—are exempt from state taxes. Hoskin has also indicated support for that position. If that view prevails, it could reduce state funding for things like roads and schools by more than $200 million, if not more.

As state Sen. John Michael Montgomery has noted, if tribal citizens don’t pay Oklahoma taxes “there’s a pretty compelling argument to be said: ‘Why are we still funding things in areas if they’re not going to be paying taxes on services for those areas?’”

The challenges created by McGirt extend well beyond flag displays. Rather than equal treatment, what is occurring under McGirt is different treatment based on heritage and physical location—and that disparate treatment is harming people, including tribal citizens.

Most Cherokees understand we are all Oklahomans, even if some of their leaders do not. If those Cherokee citizens’ view prevails, the challenge of working out state-tribal differences will become much easier.

Jonathan Small serves as president of the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs

Brecheen hits back at false dark money attacks

Establishment Republicans on the Attack

DURANT (June 20th) –  A self-term limited former State Senator, Josh Brecheen is running for Oklahoma's 2nd District Congressional seat and says he's not surprised at the news of an extremely well-financed radio attack ad by out-of-state political interests.  Brecheen said, "This is proof that we are doing well in the polls.  The Establishment knows we are a threat to the status quo."  

State Auditor Cindy Byrd responds to $1M in dark-money attacks

State Auditor Cindy Byrd Targeted by $1 Million of Dark PAC Money in Race

(June 20th) Cindy Byrd‘s re-election bid as State Auditor & Inspector has been targeted by political action committees (PACs) where secret donors have earmarked around $1 million to use against her.

Byrd said that she knows why.

“I shut down the flow of taxpayer funds lining the pockets of corrupt people, so they’re coming after me,” she said.

O'Connor hits airwaves with new Attorney General campaign ad

We're in the home stretch of the GOP primary, and new campaign ads will be coming out daily:

Conservative Oklahoma Attorney General John O’Connor Releases New Ad

Tulsa, OK (June 18th) – Today, Oklahoma Attorney General John O’Connor released a new ad highlighting his conservative accomplishments that include fighting against President Joe Biden’s unconstitutional vaccine mandates, along with the support of the National Right to Life and the National Rifle Association.  

Saturday, June 18, 2022

Turnpike between OKC and Lawton transitioning to cashless PlatePay next week

I-44/H.E. Bailey Turnpike begins transition to PlatePay/cashless tolling between Lawton and Oklahoma City on Tuesday
Daily traffic impacts expected through fall 2022

OKLAHOMA CITY (June 16th) — I-44/H.E. Bailey Turnpike will begin its transition to PlatePay on the mainline between Lawton and Oklahoma City on Tuesday, the first of three H.E. Bailey turnpike sections converting to cashless tolling.

Friday, June 17, 2022

AG O'Connor files charges against attorneys accused in illegal marijuana operations

Attorney General O'Connor Files Charges Against Oklahoma Attorneys Accused of Facilitating Illegal Medical Marijuana Operations

OKLAHOMA CITY (June 16th) - Attorney General John O’Connor filed charges today consistent with a multi-county grand jury indictment against two Oklahoma attorneys accused of facilitating illegal medical marijuana operations.

Dark Money Swamp retaliates against State Auditor Cindy Byrd, props up unqualified straw candidate

There's some phenomenal reporting this morning from the Tulsa World's Randy Krehbiel on the State Auditor's race: Dark money campaign hits state auditor race. You simply have to read the whole thing.

Oklahoma has a political swamp, a deep state, that controls a lot of what goes on politically. There are interconnected fingers between dark money, consultants, campaigns, and elected officials. And now the knives are out for State Auditor Cindy Byrd, who must be removed before she does them more damage.

Thursday, June 16, 2022

Tablet program helps incarcerated fathers stay connected to their families

For decades, America has experienced a crisis of fathers. Absentee fathers, disconnected fathers, incarcerated fathers. Nothing contributes more to criminal life than a child with no good male leadership in their life. Maybe this program will do something to help inmates get their priorities and life right (but nothing would help like believing in Jesus Christ for salvation).

Tablet Program Helps Incarcerated Fathers Stay Connected to Their Families
On Father’s Day or any day, increased paternal connection benefits inmates, children, and public safety.

UNION CITY, Okla. (June 16th) – Navigating holidays is an emotional journey for Robert Rivard.

“Holidays are tough,” inmate Rivard said. “I miss my family so desperately.”

Among the 1.2 million people in federal and state prison, 92% are fathers. This Father’s Day, Oklahoma’s incarcerated are getting reconnected.

One year ago, Securus Technologies and the Oklahoma Department of Corrections (ODOC) began distributing free digital tablets to 22,000 inmates. The tablets represent a critical update to communications and technology.

Quinn receives endorsements from current and former Bartlesville-area legislators

State Senator Marty Quinn has been endorsed in his campaign for Congress by three current or former legislators from the Bartlesville area.

Quinn is one of 14 candidates for the 2nd Congressional District seat. Washington County, with its county seat of Bartlesville, is a brand-new addition to the District following redistricting, and will play a crucial role this primary in the election of the next congressman.

Cherokee chief reverses course on banning Oklahoma flag

Just two weeks ago, Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Chuck Hoskin, Jr., issued an executive order to “cause all flags of the State of Oklahoma to be removed from Cherokee Nation properties” by Sept. 1, the latest escalation in the quarrel between the State of Oklahoma (and Governor Kevin Stitt) and tribal nations (the Cherokee Nation in particular).

After receiving overwhelming backlash from within the Cherokee Nation, Hoskin has now reversed course. From The Frontier reporter Reese Gorman:

House Republicans send inflation relief bills to Senate, Gov. Stitt applauds

The Legislature continues to work through the "inflation relief" special session. After some initial deadlock, it appears that the Governor and House have mended fences to a degree, but the Senate is a different story.

Two press releases, one from the House on top and one from the Governor below:

Treat appoints tax reform working group in state senate to study options in special session

There's some passive-aggressive bickering going on between the House and Senate over this "inflation relief" special session:

PPT Treat announces membership of tax reform working group

OKLAHOMA CITY (June 15th) – Senate President Pro Tempore Greg Treat has announced his appointments for a tax reform working group to study proposals in relation to the ongoing special session.

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Club for Growth group jumps in to boost Josh Brecheen's CD2 campaign

The School Freedom Fund, a Club for Growth affiliated group, has just put $260,000 into promoting the 2nd Congressional District candidacy of Josh Brecheen.

A former staffer for Sen. Tom Coburn and an ex-state senator (2010-2018), Brecheen is one of 14 Republicans running for the 2nd District seat. Club for Growth had a lengthy history of backing Dr. Coburn's political and legislative efforts, so in one sense this could be a final favor to the good doctor, whose widow, Carolyn, has endorsed Brecheen

O'Connor: as AG, I've fought against woke policies and helped end nonbinary birth certificates

Oklahoma Attorney General John O'Connor has an op-ed over at Ignite Liberty addressing the issue of "nonbinary" birth certificates and his role in stopping them.

O'Connor is running for a full term as AG, having been appointed last July by Governor Stitt to complete disgraced Attorney General Mike Hunter's term after Hunter resigned. Read his column below:

How I think the Senate and CD2 races currently stand

We're now less than two weeks from the 2022 primary election, so I thought I'd write my take on the two most competitive and crowded races attracting attention in the state.

AG O’Connor blasts Biden for withholding school lunches unless schools embrace gender-identity agenda

AG O’Connor Blasts Biden for Withholding School Lunches from Children Unless Schools Embrace Gender Identity Agenda

OKLAHOMA CITY -  Attorney General John O’Connor has joined a coalition of 26 state attorneys general calling on President Joe Biden to withdraw the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) new guidance on sex discrimination for schools and programs that receive federal nutritional assistance. The coalition says recent guidance from the USDA imposes new—and unlawful—regulatory measures on state agencies and operators receiving federal financial assistance from the USDA. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Rick Perry endorses Scott Pruitt for Senate

Former Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt is touting an endorsement from former Texas Governor Rick Perry for Pruitt's Senate campaign. Both men served in the Trump administration - Pruitt as EPA Administrator, and Perry as Secretary of Energy.

Ryan Walters for State Superintendent launches statewide TV ad


(June 13th) - Beginning today the Ryan Walters for State Superintendent campaign launched a statewide ad buy on both broadcast and cable titled “Conservative Choice.”  In the ad, Walters highlights his plan to fix Oklahoma schools by fighting for school choice, banning CRT, and protecting women’s sports.

BatesLine: don't vote yet - conservatives need to consolidate to get a candidate in the runoff

Michael Bates, the bonafide "elder statesman" of Oklahoma's conservative blogosphere (with a blog dating back to 2003), is out with an informational mega-post on the GOP Senate primary for the seat being vacated mid-tern by Jim Inhofe. In it, Bates presents some basic details about the candidates, along with links to campaign sites and further information.

Bates makes the case that absentee voters, especially conservatives, should hold off on picking a candidate just yet:

AFP-OK endorses Walters for State Superintendent

Americans for Prosperity Oklahoma Endorses Ryan Walters for Superintendent of Public Instruction

Tulsa, Oklahoma—Americans for Prosperity’s Oklahoma chapter (AFP-OK) has endorsed Ryan Walters for Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Poll: Stitt grows lead over Hofmeister, Mullin and Shannon lead Senate race, AG race getting tighter

Interesting stuff:

Amber Integrated Releases Survey on Upcoming Primary and General Elections

OKLAHOMA CITY – The Oklahoma-based public affairs firm Amber Integrated has released two surveys measuring attitudes about the current political environment and the upcoming primary and general elections in Oklahoma.

Monday, June 13, 2022

House Republicans introduce slate of tax and inflation relief bills in special session

Legislating by shotgun blast; it appears that the House is throwing any and every option out on the table for the "inflation relief" special session:

House Republicans introduce inflation relief bills

OKLAHOMA CITY (June 13th) – House Republicans introduced a slate of inflation relief bills in special session Monday, reiterating their support for helping Oklahomans overcome the rising cost of goods and services.

Lankford joins push back on proposed SEC rule forcing climate regs on farmers, ranchers, ag industry

Lankford Opposes SEC Overreach, Looks to Protect Agriculture Producers from Unworkable Regulations

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (June 10th) – Senator James Lankford (R-OK) and 31 of his colleagues today pushed back on a proposed rule from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that would place unworkable climate disclosure regulations on farmers, ranchers and agriculture producers. The Senators’ called on the SEC to rescind the overreaching proposal, which would require publicly-traded companies to include certain climate-related disclosures in their registration statements and periodic reports. The rule would impose extensive new, complex, and burdensome greenhouse gas reporting requirements on all entities within a company’s value chain, including farmers and ranchers who fall outside of the SEC’s congressionally-provided authority.

Sunday, June 12, 2022

Cherokee Chief orders removal of Oklahoma flags from Cherokee Nation properties

by Ray Carter (Center for Independent Journalism)

Through a new executive order, Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Chuck Hoskin, Jr. has prohibited display of the state flag of Oklahoma at tribal facilities.

Hoskin’s executive order declares that the chief of staff of the Cherokee Nation shall “cause all flags of the State of Oklahoma to be removed from Cherokee Nation properties” by Sept. 1.

It’s the latest indication that some tribal officials and activists do not consider themselves citizens of Oklahoma now that the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled their tribal reservations were never disestablished, creating numerous jurisdictional questions on everything from public safety to taxation.