Friday, March 30, 2018

OCPA: minimum teacher salaries, Oklahoma vs Texas

Curtis Shelton, OCPA Policy Research Fellow


Much has been made of teachers fleeing the state for higher salaries in Texas. This is a primary argument by the Oklahoma Education Association (OEA) when explaining their demands for the Legislature to increase minimum teaching salaries in Oklahoma. Data from the National Education Association show the average starting salary for an Oklahoma teacher is $31,919; in Texas, the average is $40,725. However, the minimum salary for beginning teachers in Texas is just $28,080, versus Oklahoma’s minimum starting salary of $31,600.

Why do Texas teachers make so much more than their state’s minimum salary while Oklahoma teachers do not? It happens because teacher salaries are not set by the Legislature, but by individual school districts in both states. The real difference lies in how much control school districts have over their own funds and the priorities of district leaders.

Texas has no income tax but has higher property taxes than in Oklahoma. Texas relies primarily on local property taxes to fund public schools and gives districts more freedom in how to use those dollars, including for teacher pay. In Oklahoma, those dollars are put into silos and can only be used for specific purposes, such as buildings and furniture or bonds to pay for buildings or technology. That means that last year more than $2 billion of local revenue wasn’t allowed to follow the teacher into the classroom in Oklahoma.

Also, comparing average Oklahoma teacher salaries to teacher salaries in specific Texas communities like Denton or Highland Park is misleading. These Texas districts are very wealthy compared to most of Oklahoma and have huge amounts of local property tax revenue to spend on teacher pay. A school district like Pampa, Texas, with a much smaller population and less property tax revenue, gives a much better comparison of teacher compensation. The Pampa Independent School District pays an average salary of $47,881 while Oklahoma teachers make an average of $46,292.

If Oklahoma wants to compete with Texas, including for teachers, we should consider how they fund education and understand why it is possible to pay teachers more south of the Red River.

1889 Institute: Districts should institute Conversion Schools

The Buck Now Stops at Your Local School Board

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. (March 29, 2018) – The 1889 Institute, an Oklahoma state policy think tank, has published “Conversion Schools: Local Districts Have No Excuse.” This short paper points out that school districts now have the power to free themselves of many of the rules and regulations imposed by the state. Local school boards can unilaterally designate all, or any part, of a school that they oversee as a conversion school.

A conversion school is subject to the same laws as a charter school, but it does not have an independent board. This means that, like a charter school, a great many state mandates do not apply; but, unlike a charter, the district maintains full control and funding is unaffected.

“The conversion school law opens up many opportunities for innovation,” said Vance H. Fried, primary author of the report. Fried is also Riata Professor of Entrepreneurship Emeritus at Oklahoma State University and Fellow of the Edupreneur Academy, an organization that encourages entrepreneurial innovation in K-12 education.

Fried mentioned that conversion schools could be created to pay teachers according to merit, and offer programs like individualized learning, early-college high school, and Montessori. In fact, Districts could pursue multiple options at multiple campuses or within a single campus and give parents the ability to choose.

One option is allowing teachers to truly take control of their own classrooms by establishing teacher managed micro-schools. A district could designate rooms in existing schools as part of a conversion school and allow qualified teachers to create their own one-room micro-schools with reimbursement by the district on a per-student basis.

“With their own micro-school, a teacher could pay herself and an assistant competitive salaries, cover the costs of facilities, curriculum, and technology, and still have $20,000 profit,” said Fried. "The state has given local school districts all the tools they need to dramatically improve public education. Parents and teachers both need to realize that the buck now stops at their local school board," he said.

About the 1889 Institute
The 1889 Institute is an Oklahoma think tank committed to independent, principled state policy fostering limited and responsible government, free enterprise and a robust civil society. The publication, “Conversion Schools: Local Districts Have No Excuse,” can be found on the nonprofit’s website at

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Party Affiliation Change Deadline on Saturday

Party Affiliation Change Deadline Approaches

(Oklahoma City) – The deadline for registered voters to change their party affiliation for upcoming Primary and Runoff Primary elections is March 31, State Election Board Secretary Paul Ziriax said.

By statute, changing party affiliation is not allowed from April 1 to Aug. 31. All requests to change party affiliation submitted after March 31 will be processed Sept. 1.

Oklahoma has a modified closed primary system, meaning registered voters of a political party may only vote in their party’s primary and runoff primary elections.

However, the law allows the parties to notify the State Election Board every two years if they would like to let Independents vote in their primaries. The Democratic Party is allowing Independent voters to participate in its primaries and runoffs in 2018 and 2019.

Party affiliation can be changed by filling out a voter registration application form.

Forms can be downloaded at They are also available at tag agencies, post offices, libraries and all 77 county election boards.

Registered voters must be citizens of the United States, residents of the State of Oklahoma and 18 or older before the date of the next election.

Fallin signs teacher pay raise, tax hike package

Governor Mary Fallin Signs Revenue Package to Fund Largest Teacher Pay Raise in State History

OKLAHOMA CITY – Governor Mary Fallin, flanked by bipartisan legislators and joined by public school teachers, today signed three bills that are part of an historic revenue package to fund pay raises for teachers.

The package allows for a $6,100, or 16 percent, pay raise on average for Oklahoma teachers.

 “This is a very historic day in Oklahoma,” said Fallin. “By signing these measures, Oklahoma will move to second-highest in the region, up from the lowest, in average teacher pay. It is the largest teacher pay raise in the history of the state.

“I want to thank our legislative leaders from both parties for their tremendously hard work on these measures,” Fallin said.”I appreciate their long hours, and I commend the brave men and women in the House and Senate for their courageous action in voting for these bills. The legislation will fund teacher pay raises as well as provide additional money for the classroom, and set our state on a path of long-term budget stability by making more recurring revenue available and help stop the practice of balancing our budget with one-time funds. Teachers can expect to see a significant raise in their paychecks this fall.”

The governor signed:

  • House Bill (HB) 1011XX, which puts a $17,000 cap on deductions on adjusted gross income. Charitable contributions and medical expenses are not capped.
  • HB 1023XX, which establishes a new teacher salary schedule, the largest teacher pay increase in state history. Teachers will receive a $6,100 pay raise on average in the upcoming school year.
  • HB 1010XX, which provides the revenue to fund the teacher pay raise. This is accomplished by an increase of $1 per pack of cigarettes; taxing little cigars at the same rate as cigarettes; raising the fuel tax by 3 cents a gallon on gasoline and 6 cents a gallon on diesel; and raising the gross production tax from 2 percent to 5 percent on all wells.

Oklahoma Taxpayers Unite: "Game on!"

Oklahoma Taxpayers Unite! is dismayed, but not surprised by yesterday’s State Senate vote to pass HB1010XX. We will respond!

In an era of big spending, big government, big egos and big lies, the passage of HB1010XX is a shameful slap in the face of Taxpayers and for many, a betrayal of their word of honor when they signed pledges NOT to raise taxes. Untrustworthy oath-breakers lead our state.

For eight years, Governor Fallin and the GOP have had super majorities in the both the state Senate and House. They’ve squandered their opportunity to make structural reforms and institute real fiscal responsibility in state government. Now we’ve been subjected to the obscene applause and joy as they celebrated their abject failure of leadership while violating the very principles of their own Oklahoma GOP Platform.

Governor Fallin and the legislative leaders who pushed this are an embarrassment to their party, bring national shame to our state, and have betrayed Taxpayers who elected them. State Question 640 specifically mandates that ALL new tax increases be sent to the Taxpayers for a vote. The 75% supermajority vote of both Houses was meant to be used only for a real emergency, which this is not. Numerous proposals have shown how the teachers can get a pay raise without raising taxes.

Wasting no time, Governor Fallin says she will sign the bill today by hosting a "signing party." She has pushed tax increase on the citizens of Oklahoma for years, while promoting and maneuvering agency bureaucrats who have overseen “accounting tricks” that hid millions of dollars and covered up corruption and mismanagement. Taxpayers across the state believe that’s the real reason she wants tax increases. More fraud exists, as evidenced by today’s local paper.


Oklahoma Taxpayers Unite! supports the courageous legislators who have been fighting against tax increases and calling for enacting fiscal reforms and oversight rather than raise taxes. Our coalition is here to support them and recruit candidates to run against all the tax hogs at the legislature. We will also soon start a petition drive for a VETO REFERENDUM to overturn HB1010XX, as well as any other measures to levy more burden on beleaguered Oklahoma Taxpayers.

We remind the marble oligarch crowd that WE THE PEOPLE are their employers, not the Political Class. Taxpayers will not take this abuse lying down. Fish rot from the head. Governor Fallin is an oath-breaker who violated her own taxpayer protection pledge, which she signed May 2010.

The 2018 Oklahoma TAXPAYER PROTECTION PLEDGE BREAKERS are as follows: Governor Mary Fallin, Representatives Josh Cockroft, Randy McDaniel, Charles Ortega, Leslie Osborn, Dustin Roberts, Mike Sanders, Earl Sears, Chris Kannady, Michael Rogers, Scooter Park, Dennis Casey, Senators Kim David, OKC Mayor-Elect David Holt, and AJ Griffin. But almost all state legislators campaign on a low-tax platform.

Taxpayers were insulted and horrified to watch both chambers pass the largest tax hike in history and immediately congratulate each other with hugs and high fives. This is not a time to celebrate, friends. The taxpayers of Oklahoma are prepared to crash your party.

The VETO REFERENDUM is the state constitution’s solution for runaway government. The people will have their voice. Taxpayers demand that we use State Question 640 as it was intended. Let the people decide.

Learn more about Oklahoma Taxpayers Unite! by visiting their website at Follow the movement on Facebook and Twitter.

Samaritan Ministries hits 250,000-member milestone

Cards and notes sent to us by fellow Samaritan Ministries members who shared one of our medical needs in 2015.
Longtime readers may remember that my wife and I are members of Samaritan Ministries, a health care sharing ministry for Christians. We left the standard insurance scene over five years ago, and haven't regretted it for a moment. You can learn more about our experience at this link; I'll be posting an update soon as well.

Samaritan Ministries is the second-largest HCSM in operation (see my post from December 2016 detailed the tremendous growth of healthcare sharing ministries), and announced last night that they broke through the 250,000 membership mark:

Samaritan Ministries hits 250,000-member milestone

As of March 28, Samaritan Ministries International has reached 250,000 individual members who are praying for one another, sending notes and cards of encouragement, and giving monthly financial shares directly to other member families.

In this way, Samaritan’s nearly 80,000 member households share $26 million in medical needs each month through an effective, affordable and God-honoring ministry for Christian families.

“This journey over the past 23 years has been such an amazing demonstration of God’s faithfulness and provision,” said Anthony Hopp, Samaritan Ministries’ vice president of external relations. “And we are so thankful that God has steadily brought together a quarter million of His people to honor Him through their health care, praying and caring directly and personally for their brothers and sisters in Christ. This is how Biblical believers should handle health care needs—bearing one another’s burdens, just as the Bible instructs in Galatians 6:2.”

Month after month, Samaritan members report how this direct-sharing model for health care not only allows them to honor God but also be a part of a larger Biblical community.

“My family and I are full of gratitude and appreciation for Samaritan Ministries,” said Kurt and Claire from Hawaii. “It is such a blessing to know that we can turn to the members in times of need. The process is so simplified now and so very efficient. We are so grateful for the time and effort Samaritan has put in to provide support and help for us and others in time of need. Receiving shares from fellow Samaritan members is so meaningful. The prayers and thoughtful words in the notes from sharing members are so lovely and sometimes bring tears to my eyes. Even better, I look forward to sending off my contribution every month and sharing our support to the members of our community.”

Daniel and Mollie of Virginia said they have put Samaritan Ministries “to the test” twice and the process has worked better than they could have imagined.

“Getting cards and letters with prayers for healing, plus the money to pay bills, is indescribably comforting,” they write. “I actually look forward to sending my share every month.”

Daniel and Jordan from Tennessee called the Samaritan staff “amazing and helpful.”

“We love Samaritan Ministries!” they remarked. “We always have a good experience when we need to talk to a staff member!”

Added Hans and Rachel from Kansas, “It is so encouraging to know our monthly share is going directly to a fellow believer, to help them financially, and through prayer as well! So much more fulfilling to write the check each month instead of sending it to insurance.”

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Senate passes $530M tax hike to fund teacher pay raises

Senate President Pro Tempore Mike Schulz was joined by Gov. Mary Fallin, Senate Appropriations Chairwoman Sen. Kim David, Senate Majority Floor Leader Greg Treat and Senate Appropriations Vice Chair Eddie Fields Wednesday evening following the Senate's approval of a teacher pay raise package.

OKLAHOMA CITY - The Oklahoma Senate on Wednesday passed a historic revenue package to fund a $6,100, or 16 percent, pay raise on average for Oklahoma teachers. That increase moves Oklahoma from seventh to second highest in the region in average teacher pay and is the largest teacher pay raise in the history of the state.

“The Oklahoma Senate took a historic step that will have positive and long-lasting impacts on the success of our state. One of the most important factors in the success of our students is a quality, professional teacher in the classroom. Passing the largest teacher pay raise in state history moves us to No. 2 in the region in average teacher pay and will help Oklahoma retain quality teachers. It’s a significant investment in economic development because an educated workforce is essential to growing and expanding our economy. For more than 15 months, the Senate has worked tirelessly to fund a significant teacher pay raise. This is a responsible plan that answers Oklahomans’ call for the Legislature to find a solution to teacher pay. I want to thank my colleagues in the Senate for their dedication to finding a solution and seeing a teacher pay raise come to fruition,” said Senate Pro Tem Mike Schulz, R-Altus.

HB 1010xx provides $447 million in revenue by increasing the gross production to 5 percent on all wells, increasing the cigarette tax $1 per pack, and increasing the gas tax 3 cents and the diesel tax 6 cents. 

The Senate also advanced HB 1011xx, which provides an additional $84.3 million for teacher pay by making changes to the state income tax code.

Hofmeister, Fallin comment on Senate passage of tax hike to fund teacher pay raise

Hofmeister commends state Senate passage of teacher pay raise 

OKLAHOMA CITY (March 28, 2018) – State Superintendent of Public Instruction Joy Hofmeister made the following remarks on the Oklahoma State Senate’s passage of legislation paving the way for a teacher pay raise, the first in more than 10 years.

“Thanks to members of the state Senate, our teachers are much closer to a desperately needed and long-overdue pay raise, one that will finally make us regionally competitive and help turn around a crippling teacher shortage. I am grateful for the strong bipartisan support on behalf of Oklahoma’s schoolkids.

“This pay raise propels Oklahoma to second in the region for average teacher pay. Nationally, we will move from the basement to better than 19 other states. While this legislation is far from all that needs to be done to reverse years of education funding cuts, it is a tremendous step forward. There is no one more important than the teacher in classroom instruction, and House Bill 1010-XX will be critical in retaining and recruiting teachers. This vote is a bright light for public education in Oklahoma.”

Governor Mary Fallin Statement on Oklahoma Senate Passing Revenue Package to Fund Teacher Pay Raises

OKLAHOMA CITY – Governor Mary Fallin tonight issued the following statement after the state Senate passed a revenue package to fund a $6,100, or 16 percent, pay raise on average for Oklahoma teachers, the largest teacher pay raise in the history of the state:

“This is an historic evening for the state of Oklahoma. I applaud the bipartisanship shown in the Senate tonight and in the House of Representatives earlier this week by passing House Bill 1010XX. Those voting yes answered the call from the public by voting teachers a pay raise and putting the state on a solid foundation for the future. I will follow through on their courage and action by signing House Bill 1010XX. I appreciate our lawmakers putting people over politics by approving this package of revenue measures to fund teacher pay raises as well as provide additional money for the classroom. This budget package also helps set us on a path to long-term sustainability and stability by making more recurring revenue available and helps us to stop balancing our budget with one-time funds.”

Stitt signs Coburn's Oklahoma Taxpayer Platform pledge


TULSA, Oklahoma – Kevin Stitt, Republican candidate for governor and Oklahoma businessman, announced that he signed the “Oklahoma Taxpayer Platform” pledge, a seven-point platform announced by U.S. Senator Tom Coburn today in a press conference at the state capital.

A signed copy of the platform is available here:

“I appreciate Tom Coburn’s leadership for putting this important platform together that holds candidates accountable to conservative principles,” said Kevin Stitt. “The priorities listed by Sen. Coburn resonate with the concerns I have heard from Oklahomans at my town halls across all 77 counties. It is why I have made many of these priorities central to my platform for governor.

“We need more accountability in government, regular audits of all state agencies, and line item budgeting. We need to give more responsibility to the governor to fire poorly performing state agency leaders. We need people leading our agencies that are experience professionals and are not part of the good-old-boy political system. Only an outsider with business experience can make this happen; it is what I have been doing in my company for nearly 20 years.

“We also need fair taxation, one that drives competition and diversifies our economy. This will require full tax reform in Oklahoma. The tax package being passed at the Capitol this week will not give teachers a pay raise that is sustainable. We must give teachers a pay raise that makes Oklahoma competitive with our surrounding states, but we need to do this while bringing stability to our budget or else we are going to be faced with a shortfall again within the next decade. We can’t keep kicking the can down the road.

“I am confident Oklahoma can be a Top Ten state, and I believe it starts with a strong leader that is focused on free market values, limited government, and individual initiative.”

Kevin Stitt also released the following Facebook video which can be viewed by clicking here:

Kevin Stitt, a Republican candidate for governor, is the founder and CEO of Gateway Mortgage Group (GMG) based in Tulsa. GMG is one of the nation’s largest privately held mortgage companies and employs more than 1,200 people providing mortgage services in 40 states. Stitt is a fourth-generation Oklahoma, growing up in Norman where his father was a minister. He and his wife, Sarah, have been married for 19 years and have six children. He is campaigning on a vision to make Oklahoma a Top Ten state by focusing on five pillars: government efficiency, education, growth, infrastructure, and healthcare. For more information go to

Coburn launching taxpayer revolt at 1pm today

With the passage of a $530+ million tax hike, taxpayers are outraged at the lack of transparency and openness in the Oklahoma Legislature, and their refusal to consider other methods besides raising taxes.

At 1pm today, former Sen. Tom Coburn will be announcing the formation of a new taxpayer advocacy group, Oklahoma Taxpayers Unite!, which will aim to transform how Oklahoma government operates.

From around the blogosphere...

Steve Fair has a great post titled HERE ON HTRAE. Here's a snippet:
The disappointing thing is once again the education lobby won because self-described fiscal conservatives in control of the legislature caved. Education didn’t have to agree to consolidate administrative services, school districts, or submit to comprehensive audits of school districts. They just threatened to walk-out and lawmakers caved. No Oklahoman disputes teachers in Oklahoma deserve a raise, but so do the butchers, bakers and candlestick makers. Unfortunately, those people can’t afford to stage a walk-out because they can’t afford to take the day off. They have to work to pay their taxes.

Republicans traditionally have been known for smaller government and fought for citizens to keep more of their hard earned money, but here on planet Htrae, Republicans perform exactly the opposite of what you expect. On this cube-shaped planet we now live on, you can expect elected officials to contradict logic and adhere to the Bizarro Code. Voting doesn’t match their campaigning. Press releases and public speeches contradict their actions. It is no wonder the average citizen thinks politics and politicians are crooked, dirty and unethical- after all, we’re on Htrae.

Michael Bates discusses the passage of tax-increase bill HB1010XX here, which includes a tax on church camps like Falls Creek -- widely known for hosting the world’s largest youth encampment of its kind each summer.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Coburn headlining 'Oklahoma Taxpayers Unite!' presser tomorrow

Senator Tom Coburn to headline announcement 

When: 1 pm, Wednesday March 28, 2018

Fiscal hawk and Taxpayers’ friend, Senator Tom Coburn, will announce the formation of a new Taxpayers’ coalition to take the fight to the legislative tax hogs, oath breakers and Political Class.

Oklahoma Taxpayers are fed up with legislative leadership that seeks first to raise taxes and refuses to make the structural, transformational reforms that fiscal responsibility requires. With HB1010XX, passed under duress and rules suspension March 26, the majority of the House of Representatives has chosen the path of more taxation instead of reform.

Oklahoma Taxpayers Unite! is a coalition of Oklahoma Taxpayers -- civic leaders, concerned citizens, grassroots activists, and party leaders, working together, demanding constitutional, ethical, transparent, and fiscally responsible governance for the Oklahoma Taxpayers. Reminiscent of the group known as “Stop New Taxes” which almost repealed HB 1017 28 years ago with a referendum petition, and then Oklahoma Taxpayers’ Union, which successfully passed SQ 640, the new coalition reflects the disgust and anger with a Governor and legislature that has refused to lead, opting for new taxes instead.

Of the 79 House members who voted for new taxes, 11 of them previously signed a pledge for their entire term of office with Americans for Tax Reform, “to oppose [and vote against] any efforts to increase taxes.” Apparently, their word means nothing. Two of the oath-breakers are running for higher office in 2018. Seven members of the Senate signed the same pledge.

Oklahoma Taxpayers Unite! will offer its 7-point Taxpayers Platform for all incumbents and candidates to pledge to on their Word of Honor.

For further information, please contact Brooke McGowan at 704-526-9494 or Porter Davis at 405-343-0239.

Lamb campaign launches statewide radio ad

Lamb Campaign Unveils Statewide Radio Ad
Primary Election - June 26

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK, March 27, 2018 – Oklahomans for Lamb unveiled today its first in a series of statewide radio advertisements in support of Republican gubernatorial candidate Todd Lamb. The 60-second ad focuses on Lamb’s experience as a proven, conservative leader, and how his service as a United States Secret Service Agent has prepared him to implement his RENEW Oklahoma plan. 

Listen to the ad here:

“When I was in the Secret Service, I always had a detailed plan, and that is what Oklahoma is lacking,” Lamb said. “Today, as a candidate, my RENEW Oklahoma plan is the only plan that does not increase taxes or rely on gimmicks to fund core government services. It contains specific reforms such as mandating 65% of every education dollar be spent in the classroom to help give our teachers the pay raise they deserve - a more transparent budget process based on zero-based budgeting that holds unelected bureaucrats accountable and supporting President Trump’s job creating initiatives. When elected governor - from day one - I will be ready to take action and advance my aggressive change agenda for Oklahoma.”

Lamb’s RENEW Oklahoma plan focuses on five primary initiatives:

  • Reform Government
  • Education
  • Neighborhoods
  • Economic Growth
  • Work

Oklahomans interested in learning more about the Renew Oklahoma plan and the Lamb campaign may visit, telephone the campaign headquarters at 405.252.4289 or email 

House passes $530M tax hike under cover of darkness

Under a cloak of secrecy and the cover of darkness, last night the Republican-led Oklahoma House of Representatives passed the largest tax increase since at least 1990 by a vote of 79 to 19.

Below is the roll call vote for HB1010XX. 51 Republicans and all 28 Democrats voted in favor, while 19 Republicans voted against.

HB1010XX raises the following taxes by these amounts:

  • Gross Production Tax from 2% to 5%:  $204,582,000
  • Cigarette Tax increase of $1: $152,074,000
  • Tax Little Cigars as cigarettes: $954,000
  • 10% tax on chewing tobacco: $11,200,000
  • 3¢ increase of gasoline fuel tax: $56,704,500
  • 6¢ increase of diesel fuel tax: $57,822,000
  • Lodging tax of $5 per day: $50,400,000
Grand total of tax increases is $533,736,500.00.

The measure was brought up without time for legislators or the public to view the language of the bill. State Rep. Jason Murphey (R-Guthrie) posted HB1010XX and several other bills that were voted on last night on Twitter so that reporters and the public could view them before the House began voting. The small-but-dedicated Capitol reporting corps had been lamenting the fact that the measures were not posted on the Legislative website, so Murphey brought some much-needed transparency to the situation.

The Oklahoma Legislature thrives on secrecy and keeping the public unaware of major legislation like this before they vote. It seems that every major tax vote that has been taken in the last two years has been late at night, often with the measures unavailable for reading online, and voted on before the ink can dry or the bill even finish printing, much less in time for legislators to skim through the bill and read the language (never mind their constituents).

This heavy-handed and secretive method of running government must end.

Coburn endorses Cathy Costello for Labor Commissioner


    Former US Senator and conservative stalwart, Dr. Tom Coburn, is endorsing Cathy Costello in her campaign for Oklahoma State Labor Commissioner.

    "Cathy Costello is the only true conservative leader in this race," Dr. Coburn says.  "Because of Costello's extensive global business experience, she believes in limited government, low taxes and the unleashing of the free market by removing obstacles to growth.  She will not only protect the workforce of today, she will cultivate the workforce of tomorrow.  Oklahoma needs visionary business leaders with a proven record of success and that is why I am endorsing Cathy Costello for Labor Commissioner."

    Dr. Coburn served in both the US House and Senate before retiring in 2015.  He also praised Cathy’s leadership in her national campaign for mental health reform.

    "Republicans across the country look to Dr. Coburn as the shining example of Oklahoma’s conservative values," says Cathy Costello. "This endorsement is a tremendous honor because Dr. Coburn has long been one of my political heroes. He is steadfast in his values, works respectfully with all people across the political spectrum and makes the right decisions even when it is unpopular in Washington, DC.  I will do my best to live up to the stellar example he has set for leaders in Oklahoma."

    Cathy Costello is a co-founder of several businesses, both domestic and international, and is a sought-after national speaker and advocate on issues of mental health. Costello has been instrumental in passing major landmark state and federal legislation to improve how employers address mental health needs in the workplace.

       The Republican primary for Labor Commissioner is scheduled for June 26, 2018 and the general election will be held November 6, 2018.

    For more information on Cathy Costello's campaign for Oklahoma Labor Commissioner, visit her website at

Republican Aiya Kelley announces for SD20

Republican Aiya Attaway Kelley Announces for State Senate, District 20

March 26, 2018 — Republican Aiya Attaway Kelley announces her candidacy for the State Senate seat currently held by exiting State Senator AJ Griffin.

“With Senator Griffin’s announcement that she is not running for re-election, it is important that we have a strong voice championing our community at the state capitol as we move forward. I thank Senator Griffin for her service, and I am already at work holding meetings and visiting homes and businesses throughout our community to share ideas as we develop a plan of action for long-term solutions to get our state’s economy back on track. I am thankful for so many who are already backing my candidacy, knowing that I will be a State Senator who combines my strong background in education and my conservative beliefs into action for Oklahoma. Our critical priorities are the subject of many of these conversations and we have clear direction from constituents: ensure best education outcomes for Oklahoma students, deliver transparency and accountability in government practices to Oklahomans, build a strong infrastructure to attract business and enterprise to Oklahoma, and guarantee that the freedom and liberties that our founders fought for are protected,” Kelley stated. In addition, Aiya Kelley is a staunch supporter of our military, and with her keen understanding of changing geopolitical dynamics, adds that public safety must also be a priority. Her own adoption experience has also placed in her heart a special care for life, youth needs and family services.

Aiya Kelley was born in Okinawa, Japan, where her parents served as missionaries after twenty years of service in the United States Air Force. Aiya has lived in Guthrie for over thirty years, graduating from the University of Central Oklahoma with a Bachelor of Arts degree in piano performance. Aiya was the first female to graduate from the same university with a Master of Arts degree in Jazz Studies and Sound Engineering/Music Production. She is also fluent in Japanese.

Aiya Kelley, who had already been crowned Mrs. Guthrie Regency International, won the recent Mrs. Oklahoma Regency International 2018 pageant and will be traveling to Las Vegas, Nevada, in July, to represent our state and to compete for Mrs. US/Regency International. Kelley’s platform for the pageant, “Standing Tall Through It All,” focuses on victims of abuse, particularly that of domestic violence. She is well known throughout our area for her talent at the piano, vocal skills, and motivational speaking. Kelley also works with several non-profit organizations that focus on helping families in challenging situations.

Kelley has just completed her eleventh year as a Professor of Piano and Music at Langston University, and has taught all grades from preschool through high school, leading her high school vocalists to regional and national titles. She is the Director of Music for Lakeside United Methodist Church, and often volunteers for non-profit organizations serving Logan County, teaches a weekly Bible study and studies the art of Kung Fu, training at the Golden Dragon Dojo in Guthrie.

Kelley has a deep commitment in support of the military, with her father being a retired Air Force Master Sergeant, her husband’s past service in the Army National Guard, and their blended family including two sons who served in the Marines and are now both police officers. The Kelley’s have two daughters-in-law, one a school teacher and one who is an administrator with a state police department; their oldest daughter is a Nurse Practitioner whose husband works for the Social Security Administration.

Kelley lives in Guthrie with her husband, George, who was born on a dairy farm, owned by his parents, in New York. George, an ordained minister, also served as a missionary for many years in Papua New Guinea, holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree, worked in agriculture-irrigation in Nebraska, built and operated a juvenile treatment facility and is a licensed pilot. Aiya’s daughter, Carolina, is in her first year of law school. Aiya is the daughter of Reverend William and Mrs. Carol Thorn of Guthrie, Oklahoma.

Mrs. Kelley is prepared to put her knowledge, experience and passion to work for Oklahoma.

For more information, please visit

Monday, March 26, 2018

Coburn comments on proposed income tax hikes

Statement from Dr. Tom Coburn on Proposed Income Tax Increases

In response to proposals to raise income taxes again by capping itemized deductions and by imposing a capital gains tax, former U.S. Senator Dr. Tom Coburn released the following statement:

“At a time when reports on Oklahoma’s economy show that Oklahomans are just now clawing out of a multi-year recession, it would be destructive for Oklahoma’s economy if we were to increase income taxes in any way on middle-income families, small businesses, or entrepreneurs. Capping itemized deductions and imposing capital gains taxes hurt crucial efforts to diversify Oklahoma’s economy.

“Income taxes put Oklahoma at a huge disadvantage with Texas because Texas has no income or capital gains taxes at all. Since 2011, politicians who ran on right-sizing government and reducing the personal income tax burden have only cut personal income taxes one time by a quarter of one percent. Yet over this same period, politicians have increased income taxes in a back-door manner on multiple occasions by eliminating broadly used deductions and exemptions and by devaluing the standard deduction, all to spare themselves the tough work of reforming state government, reining in unnecessary spending, and eliminating hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer-funded giveaways for wind, tribal tobacco sales, and other crony capitalism. The back-door income tax increases enacted by lawmakers since 2011 have erased income tax relief based on lawmakers’ actions since 2011.

“Policymakers should turn their attention to their number-one job as an elected official during times like these, which is the tough but necessary work of strong fiscal governance and oversight. Opportunities abound to find savings in Oklahoma state government to allow for teachers to be paid significant raises and fund core services.

“It’s time for politicians to fulfill their promises, which were to respect Oklahoma families’ budgets and make Oklahoma government work better without raising taxes on the most vulnerable, on working Oklahoma families, and on small businesses – those who cannot afford lobbyists or the self-serving representation of various bureaucrats, crony-capitalists, and special interests who have been allowed to hijack spending-reform efforts.”

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Education, State Employee Unions push $900M tax increase

Proposed $900M tax hike plan
Three education and state employee unions have proposed a massive $900M tax increase to go toward their $3.3 billion increased spending plan. Below is their press release, with details of their tax hikes in the image above:

Organizations Outline $906 Million in Funding Sources to Fund Education and Provide Raises for State Employees
School Closures Still a Real Possibility If Legislature Doesn’t Act Soon

OKLAHOMA CITY ­­– The Oklahoma Education Association, the Oklahoma City American Federation of Teachers and the Oklahoma Public Employees Association today outlined a number of funding sources the Oklahoma Legislature could tap to fund education and avoid a state-wide school shutdown.

The plan, as outlined by OEA Executive Director David DuVall during a press conference, identifies $905.7 million in recurring revenue.

“When we announced the possibility of closing schools earlier this month we intentionally left out a specific plan because we thought the legislature knew where to find money to properly fund our schools,” DuVall said. “While we appreciate the efforts to find some answers, they have all fallen woefully short.

“What we are offering today is a road map to sustainable funding for our state.”

OEA’s funding suggestions include:

  • $158.7 million through a 5 percent gross production tax
  • $222.9 million in tobacco taxes
  • $149.1 million in motor fuel taxes
  • $177 million in income tax reform, restoration of the earned income tax credit and elimination the capital gains deduction.

Other revenue sources include taxes on alcohol, car tags, ball and dice games at Native American casinos, a hotel/motel tax, sales tax reform and a tax on wind generation.

If the legislature were to use all of the proposed revenue sources, it would find more than enough money to provide teachers with a $6,000 raise for the 2018-19 school year, a $2,500 raise for education support professionals (e.g. custodians, food service workers, secretaries, transportation workers, etc.) next year, general revenue for schools to reduce class sizes and purchase classroom materials, a raise for state employees and money to fund health care services that have been cut in recent months.

“Our students are the real victims of the legislature’s failure to properly fund education and our state core government services,” said OEA President Alicia Priest.  “Our class sizes have ballooned to impossible numbers. Our schools can’t buy text books for every child. We’ve dropped not only fine arts and foreign language courses, we’ve also dropped advanced placement classes.”

The OEA was joined at the press conference by OPEA Communications Director Tom Dunning and Oklahoma City AFT President Ed Allen.

Allen said the teacher shortage has been caused by low salaries.

“The last thing educators want to do is walk out of school on April 2. But believe me, that is exactly what will happen if they don’t see a substantial and adequate pay increase,” Allen said “Teachers have been leaving the school district on a regular basis because of the miserable salaries. There was a 25 percent turnover in Oklahoma City in 2017 and it’s mostly because of the low wages. We need to keep and attract great teachers and a good start is to pay them a livable wage.”

Dunning pointed out that state employees are need of a pay increase, too.

“State employees, whose pay is more than 20 percent below market, stand with public educators to insist Oklahoma’s leaders pass a significant pay raise plan and begin to restore funding because they are fed up with excuses for why they can’t have a pay raise,” said Tom Dunning. “While they continue to serve, despite lack of support from many state leaders, employees expect lawmakers to fund a substantial pay raise plan and restore state agency funding. If lawmakers don’t act, state employees and those they serve will have many questions as they go to the polls this fall.”

Priest said the association is moving forward with closing all Oklahoma schools if the legislature can’t find a way to fund education by April 1. As of the press conference, more than 125 school boards had passed resolutions supporting teachers who walk out.

“The legislature has the ability to keep us in the classroom on April 2,” she said. “There is time in the next week to pass these measures and invest in our children.”

Friday, March 23, 2018

OCPA Statement on OEA “Revenue Road Map”

OCPA Statement on OEA “Revenue Road Map”

After the Oklahoma Education Association (OEA) proposed a package of tax increases to pay for its previously issued funding demands, Jonathan Small, president of the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs (OCPA), released the following statement:

“The fact is teachers need a raise, but the ends don't justify the means. The OEA's 'Revenue Road Map' leads to a dead end.

“OEA's plan does not even balance, and it hits vulnerable, low-income and middle-income working Oklahoma families and small business owners while letting big wind corporations and tribes selling tobacco keep cash subsidies they don't need. It does all this while state revenues are up, coming in above projections, resulting in a surplus for the state.

“Some of the proposed tax increases—particularly the income tax hikes—would damage our state's competitiveness for years to come. Others would fail to bring in the predicted revenues, guaranteeing future budget shortfalls. And taxpayers will notice that there is nothing in the plan about better using existing funds.

“Anyone serious about giving teachers a raise is looking first at money the state and local districts already have, whether it is at the Commissioners of the Land Office, in the Building Fund, or being wasted in giveaways to filmmakers or TSET pet projects. From there, OCPA's 'Plan That Can Pass' sketches out a way to raise revenue without doing long-term damage to our state's economy.”

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

OCPA: damaging income tax increases will make OK less competitive with TX

OCPA Chairman Larry Parman and OCPA President Jonathan Small Statements on Proposed Damaging Income Tax Hikes

In response to proposed damaging income tax increases (capping itemized deductions and raising capital gains taxes), OCPA Chairman Larry Parman and OCPA President Jonathan Small made the following statements:

“We appreciate the efforts of various groups and dedicated Oklahomans to work for the improvement of our state. But, increasing penalties on work and investment in Oklahoma is not the way to build a state,” said Larry Parman, a former Oklahoma Secretary of Commerce who has extensive experience in business recruitment. “These proposed damaging tax increases would make our state less competitive with Texas, which has no capital gains tax because it has no income tax at all. The last thing Oklahoma needs is policies that make it even more difficult to diversify our economy coming out of a severe recession as a result of the downturn in energy prices. The best way for legislators to give teachers a raise is to get serious about cutting spending on the bureaucracies that feed off education dollars but do little for teachers or kids. But if legislators insist on raising taxes, at least they should focus on taxes that do the least damage to our state’s economic future.”

“Not all taxes are created equal,” Jonathan Small said. “Damaging income tax increases like these reduce the incentives to work and invest in Oklahoma. It is shortsighted to get money for education today by deterring investment, capital creation, and diversification while compromising students’ and families’ futures. Increasing the initial gross production tax rate from 2 percent to 5 percent on current and all future wells is a far less damaging tax increase proposal. OCPA earlier this year pointed the Legislature to other less damaging taxes in our ‘Plan That Can Pass.’ Implementing OCPA’s ‘Plan That Can Pass’ yields enough revenue ($505.4 million) to give every single classroom teacher in Oklahoma a $10,000 raise without increasing their and working Oklahoma families’ income taxes to pay for it. It’s time for the political and special interest posturing and subversions to end. It’s time to act on a plan for teacher pay raises that can pass and then turn to transformational reforms and robust oversight and accountability of state government.”

CD1 GOP candidate: don't defund Planned Parenthood, they stop more abortions than they provide

Danny Stockstill, one of the Republicans vying to replace Jim Bridenstine in the 1st Congressional District, recently gave an interview to Barry Friedman of (the same writer that State Rep. Carol Bush opened up to in December). In it, the Southern Baptist pastor made several remarks that GOP primary voters might be interested in seeing.

Friedman: I heard you worked with Planned Parenthood? True?
Stockstill: I tried to. I know there is nothing I can do about the decision to have the child or the abortion, but I wanted them to know that we will support them. I’d drive by and see people protesting every day, and I thought, “How in the world is that helping us as a society, us in Christian faith, women at all?”
Friedman: The ones protesting or the ones getting abortions?
Stockstill: The protestors. And I realized it’s not. When I first came to Brookside Baptist Church in June 2011, it was the first phone call I made. And it didn’t go over well. I don’t know why they didn’t think a Southern Baptist pastor would have good intentions. (Laughs) We’re always such good partners with everyone we disagree with.
Friedman: Will you stand up in a debate and say, “I am a Baptist minister. I’m against abortion, but I’m against defunding Planned Parenthood, considering the work they do with preventative care, cancer screenings, family planning, contraceptives, etc.”?
Stockstill: I’ve said that out loud. I know that if I defund Planned Parenthood, abortion rates are going to skyrocket because they’re stopping more abortions than they’re providing.

Elsewhere in the interview, Stockstill borders on the theological heresy of universalism, and lands jabs at Congressman Jim Bridenstine and KFAQ's Pat Campbell as well.

In another article on, Tatiana Ryckman wrote this about Stockstill: "When he first started at Brookside, he told me, one of the first calls he made was to Planned Parenthood to ask how they could work together."

That this man is a Southern Baptist pastor is an embarrassment to this member of a Southern Baptist church. While individual congregations are autonomous, the Southern Baptist Convention has passed a plethora of resolutions against abortion and Planned Parenthood in particular, and the current Baptist Faith & Message itself states "We should speak on behalf of the unborn and contend for the sanctity of all human life from conception to natural death," as well as "Children, from the moment of conception, are a blessing and heritage from the Lord." For a Southern Baptist pastor to brag about working with Planned Parenthood and praise the murderous organization for "they’re stopping more abortions than they’re providing" (which is a farce) is simply beyond the pale, and the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma should look into the matter.

Republican primary voters should vehemently reject the candidacy of Danny Stockstill on the basis of his coziness with and support of Planned Parenthood, which per year kills over 300,000 babies nationwide and over 5,000 here in Oklahoma.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Hofmeister asks OSBI to investigate Chickasha grade-tampering

Hofmeister requests OSBI conduct criminal investigation into grade-tampering allegations in Chickasha

OKLAHOMA CITY (March 20, 2018) – The Oklahoma State Department of Education (OSDE) has been investigating allegations of misconduct including potential fraud and tampering with student grade and attendance records by Chickasha Public Schools. OSDE has requested and engaged the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) to assist in this matter.

The OSDE probe found unexpectedly high levels of district personnel logins and grade changes within the online Self-Paced Learning Center (SPLC) system used at the school district. A review of the SPLC found that during a four-month period, between October 2017 and January 2018, approximately 5,500 student course grades and 18,800 individual assignment grades were overridden. Additionally, there were significant discrepancies in the number of times individual teachers logged into the system.

“There have been complaints and reports of wrongdoing which continue to warrant further investigation. The allegations are extremely troubling and require the investigative authority of OSBI,” said Joy Hofmeister, State Superintendent of Public Instruction. “The integrity of student records must never be compromised, and academic honesty is of paramount importance. The district’s lack of oversight appears particularly disturbing as the consequences may be far-reaching and affect many students and families.”

Former Freedom Caucus chair Jim Jordan endorses Coleman in CD1

Another big endorsement for 1st Congressional District GOP candidate Andy Coleman:

Congressman Jim Jordan Joins Conservative Surge of Support for Coleman

TULSA, OK: Today, Captain Andy Coleman announced he has received the endorsement of Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH).

“Congress needs more conservative veterans like Andy Coleman who will bring an outsider’s perspective to Capitol Hill,” stated Congressman Jim Jordan. “I know Andy will stand firmly in defense of our conservative values. He will fight to keep our nation safe, secure our border, defund Planned Parenthood and work to undo Obamacare. The people of Oklahoma can count on Andy Coleman to represent their conservative values with courage and conviction.”

In 2016, Politico called Congressman Jordan the “most powerful Republican in the House after Paul Ryan.” Jordan has been an advocate of the taxpayer – looking for waste, fraud and abuse in Washington – and his conservative record earned him accolades from groups like Citizens against Government Waste and the Family Research Council. He also helped found the House Freedom Caucus.

“I am absolutely thrilled to receive Congressman Jordan’s endorsement,” expressed Andy Coleman. “He is a genuine conservative leader who I deeply respect, and I am truly humbled to have his support."

Jordan’s endorsement comes on the heels of a string of high-profile endorsements for Coleman’s campaign, including former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum, Congressman Jody Hice, Dr. Everett Piper and Congressman Tom Garrett. Coleman has also received the endorsement of multiple national veteran’s groups.

Captain Andy Coleman is seeking the Republican nomination for the open congressional seat in Oklahoma’s First District. He is an Air Force Academy graduate, former intelligence officer, and military veteran of Iraq. Coleman previously served with conservative organizations like the Federalist Society and Christian Legal Society. In recent years, Coleman led field efforts to aid persecuted Christians in hostile and restricted countries for the Voice of the Martyrs, a Christian ministry based in Bartlesville. Andy and his wife, Liz, have three children and reside in Owasso.

[Blogger's note: Congressman Jordan  is the third member of the House Freedom Caucus to endorse Coleman. Coleman has also been endorsed by Freedom Caucus members Jody Hice and Tom Garrett]

OCPA column: Hope for Bullied Kids

Hope for Bullied Kids
by OCPA President Jonathan Small

For many students, spring break will provide a welcome respite from bullying, harassment, or other unpleasant experiences at school. In fact, these students look forward to a teacher walkout because it’s one less day they’d have to worry about harassment or bullying.

Bullying is shockingly common in schools nationwide. Fully 77 percent of 9-, 10-, and 11-year-olds say they have witnessed bullying, according to a national survey conducted in September 2017.

It’s a problem in Oklahoma, too. I saw it during my seven years as a volunteer teacher in the Oklahoma City Public Schools. And, we all see it continually in the headlines.

The worst-case scenarios are too painful to bear. Bullying is “leading to suicide more and more often, more and more young,” Oklahoma State University professor Patricia Hughes warned as far back as 2010. “We’re seeing an escalation in the incidents, in the violence. Here, we’re seeing suicides happening very, very, very close to us.”

There have even been billboards in Edmond and elsewhere drawing attention to “Bullycide: suicide as a result of being bullied.”

Harassment is a problem, too. Last month, a student in Jenks was suspended for the rest of the school year “for groping several girls at school.”

It’s not uncommon. One Del City teacher recently said that “sexual assault and harassment in schools is severely under-reported.” This echoes what state Rep. Rebecca Hamilton, D-Oklahoma City, said in 2014: “Based on what I heard from my constituents, sexual harassment of girls in our public schools is close to being pro forma.”

At long last, one state has done something about it. Florida Gov. Rick Scott signed legislation recently creating the Hope Scholarship program, giving victims of bullying and harassment the ability to choose a private school or another public school.

It’s time for Oklahoma to do likewise. Whether it’s a voucher, an education savings account, or a tax-credit scholarship, it’s time to throw a life preserver to the kids who need it right now. A child can’t properly learn if he or she is living in fear of bullying or harassment. Families and children struggling with bullying or harassment need options.

Hope Scholarships will “help children for whom each school day brings anguish and fear,” says Florida state Rep. Byron Donalds. “I know. I’ve talked to parents who live with this horror, and they’re not looking for a lecture on bullying statutes or a treatise on juvenile violence. They just want a way out for their own children, and we owe it to them.”

Jonathan Small serves as president of the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs (

Monday, March 19, 2018

Music Monday: See, the Conqu'ring Hero Comes!

This week's Music Monday is See, the Conqu'ring Hero Comes!, by George Frideric Handel from his oratorio Judas Maccabaeus. Church-goers might recognize the tune as that to which the hymn Thine Is The Glory is sung to.


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