Friday, March 16, 2018

Maps: House Conservative Performance Index visualized

Previously, I've posted the Conservative Performance Index in a spreadsheet form, with details on the scoring and ranking of each member of the Legislature. Since maps have kinda been my "thing" on this blog, I decided to put the CPI into visual format.

We'll take a look at the State House in this post. To view these in a larger size, click on the images. First up, for reference, the current partisan makeup of the House.

12 of the 28 Democrat House seats are in the OKC/Norman metro, with 5 in the Tulsa metro, and the remainder in outlying, mostly rural areas.

Now, the Conservative Performance Index visualized:

The darker the red, the higher the positive CPI score; the darker the blue, the lower the negative CPI score. Bear in mind, the Conservative Performance Index is based on two factors: the member's Conservative Rating (an average of three voting record rating systems) minus their Republican District Rating (voter registration, gubernatorial and presidential voting). This is to illustrate how conservative or liberal a legislator is for their specific district.

Therefore, some Democrats have higher CPI scores due to the liberalism of their district and their relative conservatism, while some Republicans have lower CPI scores due to the conservatism of their district and their relative liberalism.

The specific House CPI scores can be found here.

Now, let's split the map up by party affiliation. First up, the 73 House Republicans:

Ouch. Lots of blue for negative CPI scores. GOP members underperform pretty dramatically in the northwest and central parts of the state, with most of the very-positive CPI scorers being toward the southern or eastern fringes of GOP-held territory (with a few metro exceptions).

Finishing things off, here are the 28 House Democrats:

You will likely need to view the image larger in order to see the cluster of Democrat districts in the metros. Other than Donnie Condit in the McAlester area, the rural Democrats all have negative to very-negative CPI scores, while some of the metro members overperform for their district.

Once again, you can view the full House CPI scores here. I'll take up the Senate CPI maps soon.


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