Tuesday, May 31, 2022

OK Farm Bureau, Cattlemen’s Association, AFR endorse O'Connor for AG

Oklahoma AG John O’Connor Receives Endorsement From Oklahoma Farm Bureau, Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Association, and American Farmers and Ranchers

Oklahoma City, OK – Today, the Oklahoma Farm Bureau, the Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Association, and the American Farmers and Ranchers, all proudly endorsed conservative John O’Connor for Attorney General of Oklahoma.

Small: Bathroom bill a symptom of school-funding system

Bathroom bill a symptom of school-funding system
By Jonathan Small

Oklahoma parents often ask why, in conservative states like Oklahoma, do they nonetheless face left-wing woke agendas in public schools?

The answer lies in the fact that Oklahoma’s funding system gives taxpayer money to schools regardless of academic performance or parental satisfaction. That makes school boards and administrators largely indifferent to the actual needs of their communities, because either way they get paid—and often get increased funding.

That’s why some Oklahoma schools mandated that boys could use the girls’ bathrooms, regardless of parental concerns, as happened in Stillwater.

Legislative Republicans comment on tax credits and 'woke' ideology

Legislative Republicans Comment on Tax Credits and Woke Ideology

OKLAHOMA CITY – Various legislators have signed onto the below statement, authored by Rep. Jim Olsen, R-Roland, expressing their concerns about ideology that could be brought by Project Ocean on Oklahoma taxpayer's dime. 

Gov. Stitt appoints Tim Downing to Court of Civil Appeals


OKLAHOMA CITY (May 27, 2022) – Governor Kevin Stitt announced today the appointment of Timothy Downing to serve on the Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals. Downing’s appointment fills the vacancy created by the resignation of Trevor Pemberton effective October 18, 2021.

Marty Quinn releases CD2 campaign ad

State senator Marty Quinn is one of 14 Republicans running for the 2nd District seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. Quinn has served the Claremore area in the Oklahoma Legislature since 2010, representing House District 9 from 2010 to 2014, and Senate District 2 from 2014 to 2022. Quinn has nearly 40 years of experience in the insurance field, including 25 years in the Claremore area.

Saturday, May 28, 2022

Stitt touts support from fiscal conservative groups on special session tax relief plan

After calling a special session to remove the grocery sales tax and cut personal income taxes, plus vetoing legislation that would have instead given "inflation relief" checks of $75 per taxpayer (that apparently would be taxable federal income?), Governor Stitt has some fiscally conservative organizations lending him support:


OKLAHOMA CITY (May 26, 2022) – Governor Kevin Stitt’s call for the Legislature to deliver Oklahomans real relief, right now is being praised by a broad coalition.

Friday, May 27, 2022

Bill signed to require public school bathrooms, changing rooms be based on biological sex


Bullard’s bill signed to protect boys’ and girls’ bathrooms in public schools

OKLAHOMA CITY (May 27th) – Senate Bill 615 was signed into law Wednesday, requiring restrooms or changing rooms in Oklahoma public schools to be designated exclusively based on biological sex. Sen. David Bullard, R-Durant, a strong proponent against school indoctrination of Oklahoma’s students, said his legislation will further protect their rights when it comes to having privacy in school bathrooms.

Regular legislative session ends, but hang on for the two special sessions

The final couple of days of the Oklahoma Legislature's 2022 regular session ended with a flurry of activity, vetoes, veto overrides, and sharp words between the executive and legislative branches.

While the regular session has adjourned, there are two special (or extraordinary) sessions that will take place throughout June, possibly longer. The first was called by the Legislature to deal with distributing federal stimulus funds, while the second was called by Gov. Stitt to deal with inflation relief via eliminating the grocery sales tax and cutting the personal income tax.

Here's the official press release on the conclusion of the regular session, from the office of Speaker Charles McCall. I'll probably have more to follow this post:

House adjourns Sine Die after historic pro-growth investments in Oklahoma's future

Details on Drummond's Donations to Democrats

In the race for Attorney General, the most well-funded Republican candidate, who has the most name recognition, the most TV ads, the most outside "dark money" groups helping him, and who leads in the polls, happens to be a longtime donor to Democratic candidates. In this article, you will meet and learn about Gentner Drummond, wannabe Attorney General. You will also hear from some other Republican candidates for office on their record of donating to Democrats. Read on.

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Stitt calls special session to eliminate grocery sales tax and cut personal income tax

This will be the second special session for the summer, following a concurrent session called by the Legislature itself. Set the stage for another tussle between the Governor and Legislature.


OKLAHOMA CITY (May 26, 2022) – Governor Kevin Stitt today announced he is calling a special session of the Legislature beginning June 13 to eliminate the state sales tax on groceries and reduce the personal income tax for all Oklahomans.

Two bills to make absentee ballots and voter registration more secure signed into law

Rep. Eric Roberts' Election Bills Become Law

OKLAHOMA CITY (May 25, 2022) – Two bills by Rep. Eric Roberts, R-Oklahoma City, to make absentee ballot requests more secure and facilitate earlier identification of voters who have moved or died were signed into law on Friday.

Gov. Stitt signs bill allowing lawsuits against those performing or abetting abortions, starting at conception

While the headlines might scream that this bill bans abortion, it really doesn't. It's another smoke-and-mirrors piece of legislation that actually falls short of abolishing abortion in Oklahoma.

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Gov. Stitt signs bill exempting livestock used to support family from property taxes

Livestock Supporting a Family to be Tax Exempt

OKLAHOMA CITY (May 25th) – The governor this week signed into a law a bill that exempts from personal property taxes livestock used to support a family, beginning in January 2023.

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Senate candidate Dr. Randy Grellner puts $786k into ads

Dr. Randy Grellner of Cushing is one of the 13 Republican candidates seeking to replace retiring U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe. Amid the crowded field, I missed any news about his candidacy, until my wife saw his campaign represented at a local event. Somewhat ashamed that I had no recollection of his candidacy (haha!), I checked out his website, only to find out that he was dropping an astounding $786,000 on a media buy.


It's not often that a no-name, no-news candidate drops three quarters of a million dollars on a TV ad.

Alex Gray launches his first TV ad of Senate campaign

U.S. Senate candidate Alex Gray is out with his first TV ad, touting his experience as a senior national security advisor for President Trump and name-dropping some prominent past and present conservative Republican officials to draw positive parallels with himself. Gray is one of 13 Republicans seeking to replace retiring U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe.

Monday, May 23, 2022

O'Connor touts A+ rating from Oklahoma Second Amendment Association

Oklahoma Second Amendment Association Gave AG John O’Connor An "A+" Rating

Tulsa, OK (May 19th) – In an effort to confuse Oklahomans from Gentner Drummond’s $1,000 donation to Joe Biden for President, Drummond’s liberal allies are running an attack ad against Oklahoma’s conservative Attorney General John O’Connor on the issue of the Second Amendment.  

The truth is, Attorney General John O’Connor has an “A+” rating from the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association because O’Connor has always supported and defended the Second Amendment

Jett encourages Oklahomans to voice support of bill prohibiting vax mandates and passports

Jett encourages Oklahomans to voice support of bill prohibiting vaccine mandates and passports

OKLAHOMA CITY (May 20th) – With just days left in the legislative session, Sen. Shane Jett has amended House Bill 2335 to restrict state agencies from imposing vaccine mandates and requiring vaccine passports. The Shawnee Republican is encouraging Oklahomans to call their local senators and share their support of the legislation and ask that it be approved immediately. A list of state Senators is available at http://www.oklegislature.gov.   

Standridge applauds Dahm in the push for President Donald J. Trump Day

Standridge applauds Dahm in the push for President Donald J. Trump Day

OKLAHOMA CITY – Sen. Rob Standridge, R-Norman, said he fully supports Sen. Nathan Dahm, R- Broken Arrow, for filing Senate Resolution 47, which would recognize June 14, 2022, as President Donald J. Trump Day in Oklahoma.

Still signs bill protecting students from inappropriate material into law

Bill Protecting Students from Inappropriate Material Signed into Law

OKLAHOMA CITY (May 20th) – A bill protecting K-12 school-aged children from access to pornographic or obscene material in schools or libraries or through online digital libraries was signed into law by the governor this week.

OCPA column: No need for state handout to tribal government

No need for state handout to tribal government
By Jonathan Small

Oklahoma’s tribal governments have their own police forces, their own court systems, and immense wealth from casinos to pay for their public-safety responsibilities. So why did tribal entities recently seek an indirect subsidy from state government?

Lawmakers recently passed House Bill 3501, which would have required the Department of Public Safety to “recognize and act” upon a report of conviction from any tribal court in Oklahoma.  Supporters said the bill would target drunk drivers, but tribal courts can issue orders regarding issues other than DUI violations, and it appears the legislation could have required state police to carry out a wide range of orders on behalf of tribal governments.

Fortunately, Gov. Kevin Stitt vetoed the bill, writing that it would have required state law-enforcement officials “to carry out tribal court adjudications, no questions asked.” That’s worth stressing because tribal courts can issue orders that might not pass legal muster in Oklahoma’s state court system.

To cite one prominent example, the Cherokee council approved an “Anti-Harassment Act” that allows tribal officials to obtain tribal-court ordered restraining orders against any individual who “annoys” officials, apparently including through social-media posts made “over time, however short.”

Friday, May 20, 2022

House sends $9.7B state budget to Governor for signing

House Sends General Appropriations Bill to Governor

OKLAHOMA CITY (May 20th) – The Oklahoma House of Representatives today approved a general appropriations bill that includes funding of about $9.7 billion for state services for Fiscal Year 2023, which starts July 1.

Senate Bill 1040 now moves to the governor for his final action. The governor has until Thursday, May 26 at midnight to act on the bill.

Poll: Lankford, Stitt with huge majorities, Mullin ahead in Senate special election

SoonerPoll is out with their latest survey of the statewide GOP primaries, and the results are pretty interesting. 

  • Sen. Lankford leads his two challengers by a 7-1 margin
  • Gov. Stitt leads his three challengers by a 7-1 margin
  • Gentner Drummond has a large lead over Attorney General John O'Connor
  • Markwayne Mullin has a substantial lead in the Inhofe special election, with T.W. Shannon clearly in second
  • State Auditor Cindy Byrd has a lead, but the rest of the statewide offices are a complete jumble

News9 and NewsOn6 GOP Statewide Primary Poll

Legislature approves bill allowing for civil lawsuits against those performing or abetting abortions

While the headlines might scream that this bill bans abortion, it really doesn't. It's another smoke-and-mirrors piece of legislation that falls short of abolishing abortion in Oklahoma. It has plenty of exceptions (one being "an abortion performed at the behest of federal agencies, contractors, or employees that are carrying out duties under federal law, if a prohibition on that abortion would violate the doctrines of preemption or intergovernmental immunity"... which sounds really bizarre). It furthermore abdicates the express duty of the state government to uphold justice and defend life, and exempts those who seek out murderers-for-hire.

One bright spot is that it does recognize life as beginning at fertilization, rather than something like a heartbeat or pain.

House Approves Abortion Civil Liability Bill

OKLAHOMA CITY – Today, the Oklahoma House of Representatives approved House Bill 4327 as amended by the Oklahoma Senate.

HB4327, authored by Rep. Wendi Stearman, R-Collinsville, in the House and Sen. Julie Daniels, R-Bartlesville, in the Senate, provides civil liability for anyone performing or abetting an abortion in Oklahoma.

Brecheen releases video on Tom Coburn's influence and mentorship, endorsed by Coburn's widow

Former state senator Josh Brecheen is one of 14 Republicans running for the 2nd District seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. Brecheen served as an Oklahoma State Senator from 2010 to 2018, representing Senate District 6 in southeast Oklahoma. From 2004 to 2010, Brecheen worked as a field representative for U.S. Senator Dr. Tom Coburn. Since leaving the State Senate, Brecheen has run a small excavation/trucking business in Coalgate. 

Brecheen was one of the most conservative members of the legislature during his eight years there, ranking third-most conservative in the Oklahoma Constitution's Conservative Index, and tied for second in the American Conservative Union ranking.

In this video, Brecheen talks about the influence of his mentor, Dr. Coburn. Coburn's widow, Carolyn, is supporting his candidacy.

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Governor signs bill to better protect students from sexual crimes

Governor Signs Bill to Better Protect Students from Sexual Crimes

OKLAHOMA CITY (May 19th) – A bill seeking to better protect high school students who are concurrently enrolled in courses at Oklahoma higher education institutions from sexual crimes committed by employees of the institution was signed into law by the governor this week.

House Dems respond to Special Session announcement

House Democrats Respond to Special Session Announcement

OKLAHOMA CITY (May 18th) – House Democrats released the following statements today after legislative Republicans called a special session to move the approving authority for American Rescue Plan funds from the executive branch to the Legislature. 

Stitt to speak tonight at Muskogee GOP Lincoln-Reagan Dinner

The Muskogee County Republican Party's annual Lincoln-Reagan Dinner is set for this evening at 7pm at the Muskogee Civic Center. Governor Kevin Stitt will be this year's keynote speaker.

This event is the main fundraiser for the county party’s support of local and state Republican candidates. For something like a dozen years, the Muskogee GOP has awarded over 60 college scholarships to public, private, and home school graduates in Muskogee County. The 2022 Scholarship winners will be awarded during the Lincoln-Reagan Dinner.

Candidates and campaigns for local, state, and federal races will be present.

Sponsorships will include the VIP Reception and a picture with Governor Kevin Stitt.

ILLEGAL? State Dep't of Ed tags Hofmeister's campaign account on a state social media account

This is clearly not right, but at the same time unsurprising coming from the Oklahoma State Department of Education:

Senate passes bill ending vehicle sales tax hike they passed in 2017

They want you to congratulate them on cutting your taxes, when in reality the folks who were opposed to raising your taxes in the first place have been more than vindicated over the past several years.

For reference, here are the candidates for higher office who voted in 2017 to raise this tax on Oklahomans:

  • State Sen. Kim David (running for Corporation Commissioner)
  • State Rep. Avery Frix (running for 2nd District Congress)
  • State Rep. Leslie Osborn (incumbent Labor Commissioner)
  • State Rep. Dustin Roberts (running for 2nd District Congress)
  • State Rep. Todd Thomsen (running for Corporation Commissioner)

Here are the candidates for higher office who were taxpayer champions and voted in 2017 against raising this tax on Oklahomans:

  • State Sen. Josh Brecheen (running for 2nd District Congress)
  • State Sen. Nathan Dahm (running for U.S. Senate, special election)
  • State Sen. Marty Quinn (running for 2nd District Congress)
  • State Rep. John Bennett (running for 2nd District Congress)
  • State Rep. Kevin Calvey (running for Oklahoma County District Attorney)
  • State Rep. Sean Roberts (running for Labor Commissioner)
  • State Rep. Todd Russ (running for State Treasurer)

Remember their record, not their rhetoric, at the ballot box.

Senate approves bill eliminating motor vehicle sales tax

OKLAHOMA CITY – On Wednesday, the Senate approved Senate Bill 1075 to reinstate the full sales tax exemption on motor vehicles and tractor trailers. The Legislature removed the 1.25% of the exemption in 2017, but Sen. Kim David, R-Porter, said with revenues at record highs, it’s time to restore the much-needed tax relief for Oklahomans.

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Legislature to call special session for purpose of directing federal stimulus spending

Legislature to call concurrent session for ARPA funding

OKLAHOMA CITY (May 18th) – The Oklahoma Legislature will call a concurrent legislative session to allow public input to continue to drive how $1.8 billion in federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds are spent.

The concurrent session, to begin Wednesday, allows the Legislature to immediately return in the interim to enact an ARPA spending plan as agreed to by the Joint Committee on Pandemic Relief Funding.

Dahm files Senate Resolution to create President Donald J. Trump Day

Ah, good old Nathan Dahm. It annoys me to no end how he loves to troll the Left with pointless, joke legislation. He votes right, but he wastes time on dumb stunts in the chase for clicks and interviews.

Dahm files Senate Resolution to create President Donald J. Trump Day

OKLAHOMA CITY (May 18th) – Sen. Nathan Dahm, R-Broken Arrow, filed Senate Resolution 47 to memorialize June 14, 2022, as President Donald J. Trump Day in the state, which is Trump’s birthday, the birthday of the U.S. Army, and Flag Day. 

State Senate Dems lament passage of state budget that doesn't spend more

Statement From Senate Democrats on passage of FY 2023 budget

OKLAHOMA CITY (May 18th) – The Oklahoma Senate Democratic Caucus released the following statements after passage of the FY 2023 General Appropriations bill:

Alex Gray calls on TW Shannon to address his support for McGirt ruling


Oklahoma City, OK (May 18th) – Alex Gray, former advisor to President Trump and Republican Candidate for Senate in Oklahoma, calls on his opponent, T.W. Shannon, to publicly address his support for Jimcy McGirt, sentenced to one thousand years in prison for raping a four year old girl, in the McGirt v. Oklahoma case and the resulting damage McGirt has done to the state of Oklahoma.

Stitt signs bill ensuring firefighters can provide limited emergency medical transport

Legislation signed ensuring firefighters can provide emergency medical transport in limited situations

OKLAHOMA CITY (May 17th) – Legislation giving firefighters statutory authority to transport patients to the hospital in emergency situations has been signed into law.  Senate Bill 1515, by Sen. Darrell Weaver, R-Moore, and Rep. Mike Osburn, R-Edmond, was signed by Gov. Kevin Stitt on Monday.

Weaver filed the legislation in response to a situation where an Oklahoma City firefighter was disciplined for his decision to drive a 3-year-old burn victim to the hospital in his fire truck after waiting 20 minutes for an ambulance to arrive.

O'Connor hits Drummond on donations to Biden, Coburn's 2004 Democrat opponent

The race for Attorney General is really starting to heat up. Gentner Drummond has a "dark money" group sending hit pieces out on John O'Connor, and O'Connor is swinging back.

Drummond claims that the Biden donation was from his wife, saying that 'his wife "got mad" and made the contribution using a joint credit card but that she "immediately asked for a refund and got the money back."' [Tulsa World]

FEC records show that Drummond also gave:
  • $1,000 to Democrat Matt Silverstein's 2014 campaign against Jim Inhofe
  • $1,450 to Democrat John Olson's 1st District congressional campaign in 2012 (Jim Bridenstine defeated him in the general election). 
  • $2,500 to Democratic Congressman Dan Boren from 2004 to 2010.
  • $1,000 to Democrat Brad Carson's campaign against Tom Coburn in 2004 (given after Coburn won the GOP primary)
Searching the Oklahoma Ethics Commission, one can find that Drummond has given to the following Democratic candidates since 2015:
  • $500 to Cathy Ross (challenger to GOP State Rep. Sean Roberts in 2016)
  • $500 to State Rep. John Waldron in 2018
  • $250 to Andy Richardson (lost to Republican Sheila Dills in 2018)
(UPDATE: there are even more donations to Democrats on the old, pre-2015 system. I have not had time to go through them all, but it includes $500 to Drew Edmondson, $500 to Tom Adelson, and $1,500 to Pete Regan)

I absolutely question the conservative and/or Republican credentials of anyone who gives money to Democratic candidates.

Before Donating To Joe Biden, Gentner Drummond Supported Dr. Coburn’s Democrat Opponent

TULSA, OK (May 16th) – On August 31, 2020, Gentner Drummond donated $1,000 to Joe Biden for President, but before that donation, an FEC report reveals that Gentner Drummond donated to Democrat Brad Carson, who ran against Dr. Tom Coburn.   

State Health Department addresses questions over infant formula shortage

OSDH Shares FAQs Addressing the Current Infant Formula Shortage

OKLAHOMA CITY – OSDH understands the difficulties the current infant formula shortage is causing in our state. While we are unable to become directly involved in the supply-chain process, we will try to keep Oklahomans up-to-date on how to find resources and updates as they become available from the federal government and manufacturers.

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Pamela Gordon releases CD2 campaign launch video

Here's a press release from one of the 14 Republicans running for Congress in Oklahoma's 2nd District, Pamela Gordon. Video at the bottom.


MCALESTER, OK (May 17th) – Today Republican candidate for Oklahoma 2nd Congressional District, Pamela Gordon has released her official launch video for her campaign which can be seen below. 

State budget agreement announced; includes inflation relief rebate up to $150 per family

State budget agreement reached
Republicans prioritize savings, inflation relief, police, economy & more

OKLAHOMA CITY (May 17th) – Historic state savings deposits and more money returned to taxpayers highlight the Fiscal Year 2023 state budget agreement, which also funds law enforcement at record levels, eliminates the years-long developmentally disabled services waiting list, fights federal overreach, and makes generational investments in economic development.

Legislative leaders on Tuesday announced plans to send the agreement, which continues to fund education at the highest levels in state history, to Gov. Kevin Stitt this week for approval.

Monday, May 16, 2022

Small: McGirt ruling’s harm spreads in Oklahoma

Court ruling’s harm spreads in Oklahoma
By Jonathan Small

All Oklahomans drive on the same roads and can access the same public-school system. But thanks to the U.S. Supreme Court’s McGirt ruling, some Oklahomans may no longer pay to fund those systems, creating increased financial burdens for everyone else.

Friday, May 13, 2022

Fair: 'Premature Celebration' on SCOTUS leak

by Steve Fair

    On Monday May 2nd, Politico, a Virginia political journalism organization founded in 2007, obtained and released a 98-page draft document that indicated the U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS) is poised to strike down the landmark Roe vs. Wade(1973) and Planned Parenthood vs Casey(1992) decisions. 

     On Tuesday morning, SCOTUS Chief Justice John Roberts confirmed the draft opinion was authentic, but stressed the opinion was ‘not a final decision by the court.’   Roberts vowed the leak would not undermine the integrity of the court’s operations and vowed to have the U.S. Marshal service investigate the leak.

Bice introduce legislation to address infant formula supply shortage

Bice, Feenstra Introduce Legislation to Strengthen and Stabilize Domestic Infant Formula Supply

WASHINGTON, D.C. (May 12th) – Yesterday, amid a crisis-level infant formula shortage in the United States, U.S. Reps. Stephanie Bice (R-OK) and Randy Feenstra (R-IA) introduced the Formula Act, which is legislation that would direct the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to establish and communicate to Congress clear standards by which it domestically regulates infant formula. These standards would in turn be applied to foreign infant formula to allow formula imports and support domestic manufacturers.

Currently, the United States does not import foreign infant formula because the FDA does not have interchangeable standards in place to regulate foreign formula to ensure it complies with U.S. health code and regulations. By codifying standard regulations for infant formula, this legislation would allow America to safely import foreign infant formula to complement domestic production, particularly during times of severe shortage like American families are now facing.

“Over the last 6 months, we’ve seen shortages for infant formula skyrocket to nearly 40%,” said Rep. Bice. “This is why I introduced the Formula Act with my friend Rep. Feenstra. This legislation is critical in combating formula shortages that are negatively affecting millions of American families. This problem has quickly evolved into a crisis. The House of Representatives should immediately take up this legislation.”

“The infant formula shortage is dire in Iowa, threatening babies who rely on formula for their health and development,” said Rep. Feenstra. “That’s why I introduced the Formula Act with my friend Rep. Bice to ensure that the FDA has clear, consistent standards in place to regulate foreign infant formula so that we can import supplies when domestic production fails to meet demand. Iowa families deserve to be able to easily buy infant formula at fair prices without worrying if the shelves are fully stocked. This is a distressing problem, and I am committed to finding a solution.”

Click here to read more about the Formula Act in the DailyWire’s article.

State Senate confirms Keith Reed as new Commissioner of Health

Keith Reed Confirmed as Commissioner of Health
Senate confirms new commissioner of health

OKLAHOMA CITY – After being nominated by Governor Kevin Stitt, Keith Reed was confirmed as the Commissioner of Health for the state of Oklahoma by the Senate today. Reed has been with the Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) for nearly 20 years, serving in various positions throughout the agency.  

Sen. Matthews invites public to traveling Smithsonian exhibit in Boley; grand opening tomorrow

Sen. Matthews invites public to traveling Smithsonian exhibit in Boley; grand opening this Saturday

OKLAHOMA CITY – Sen. Kevin Matthews is inviting the public to come learn more about rural Oklahoma and one of Oklahoma’s 13 surviving all-Black communities. Boley, in Okfuskee County, is one of the stops for a Smithsonian Institution traveling exhibit highlighting rural America.  The exhibit, “Crossroads: Change in Rural America,” will be open to the public from May 14 through June 25 at the Boley Community Center, 11 West Grant Street, with a special opening ceremony and ribbon cutting to be held this Saturday at 10:00 a.m.

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Lankford, Cruz introduce bill to defend unvaxxed service members from punishment

Lankford, Cruz, Colleagues Defend Service Members from Vaccine Punishment

WASHINGTON, DC – Senator James Lankford (R-OK) joined Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and 12 of their colleagues to introduce the Allowing Military Exemptions, Recognizing Individual Concerns About New Shots (AMERICANS) Act of 2022. The bill counters the Biden Administration’s efforts to coerce and punish service members who decline the COVID-19 vaccine and introduces accountability measures in response to DOD efforts to undermine transparency.

Turnpike Authority: crash at toll plaze emphasizes importance of motorist safety and PlatePay at toll booths

Damage from a semi-trailer truck colliding with an eastbound US-412/Cimarron Turnpike toll booth is shown Monday, May 9, 2022. The toll booth attendant working in the booth was injured and treated on scene.

Crash at Hallett toll plaza emphasizes importance of motorist safety and PlatePay at toll booths

(May 11th) A semi-trailer truck crashed into the eastbound US-412/Cimarron Turnpike Hallett toll plaza at SH-99 (mm 48) in Pawnee County on Monday morning, injuring the tool booth attendant inside. She was treated by emergency medical personnel at the scene.

The crash signifies the importance of driver safety in toll booth plazas across the 624 miles of turnpikes across Oklahoma. Drivers must be attentive, putting away all distractions and monitoring slowing traffic in reduced speed zones for the safety of all motorists and the turnpike maintenance employees.

State Dep't of Education launches statewide expansion of Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library

Hofmeister launches statewide expansion of Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library

OKLAHOMA CITY (May 10, 2022) – State Superintendent of Public Instruction Joy Hofmeister announced today that the Oklahoma State Department of Education (OSDE) is investing $2.5 million in federal pandemic relief funds to expand Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library to all 77 counties in Oklahoma.  

The OSDE will provide a 1:1 match of all funds raised by local community partners, ensuring as many as 264,000 Oklahoma children from birth to age 5 have free, high-quality, age-appropriate books mailed to their homes on a monthly basis. 

Family Policy Alliance endorses James Lankford for reelection

Family Policy Alliance Endorses James Lankford as National Leader Defending Life

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (May 11th) – Families for James Lankford announced James was endorsed by the Family Policy Alliance, which is the public policy partner of Focus on the Family. FPA's President and CEO issued a statement to endorse James's campaign. 

State Sen. Boren requests audit of Oklahoma Turnpike Authority

Boren requests audit of Oklahoma Turnpike Authority

OKLAHOMA CITY – Sen. Mary Boren has authored and filed Senate Concurrent Resolution 28 directing the State Auditor to audit the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority (OTA). This comes after recent news reports that the OTA is moving forward with plans to begin work on a controversial toll road expansion, including purchasing properties, after learning a $200 million line of credit cannot be used for the project because of pending lawsuits.

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Senate candidate Alex Gray calls for disestablishment of historic reservations identified in McGirt case


Oklahoma City, OK (May 10th) – On the Hugh Hewitt Show, U.S. Senate candidate Alex Gray pledged to introduce legislation on his first day in office to disestablish the five historic reservations that the U.S. Supreme Court identified in the McGirt case. In response, the five tribes have put out a statement condemning Gray for suggesting a return to pre-McGirt norms. 

Gray had the following to say about the matter: