Tuesday, May 03, 2022

T.W. Shannon comments on leaked Roe v. Wade opinion, calls for end to Left’s genocide of Black babies

More response to the leak of a draft majority opinion overturning Roe v. Wade, here from U.S. Senate candidate T.W. Shannon (running in the special election to replace Jim Inhofe):

Oklahoma Senate Candidate T.W. Shannon Comments on Leaked Roe v. Wade Opinion, Calls for an End to the Left’s Genocide of Black Babies

(May 3rd) "If the United States Supreme Court is ready to overturn the most murderous opinion in our nation's history, then every Oklahoman and American who values life should be thanking President Trump for appointing the Justices who made the ruling possible.

"As Justice Alito noted in the leaked draft, some supporters of abortion 'have been motivated by a desire to suppress the size of the African American population.' He went on to write, 'It is beyond dispute that Roe has had that demographic effect. A highly disproportionate percentage of aborted fetuses are black.'

"Now more than ever, we must speak the truth about the abortion industry's racist roots. The founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, was a vile racist. She called Black children 'weeds' and sought to 'exterminate the Negro population.' The modern Democratic Party must agree, since all of their leaders embrace Planned Parenthood. They preach 'Black Lives Matter' while supporting the murder of 400,000 Black babies each year.

"I pray this draft opinion is authentic and becomes the law of the land. If and when it does, pro-life patriots across the country better get ready for the fight of our lives to take back Congress. Sanger is the Radical Left’s Patron Saint of Genocide and Planned Parenthood is their holy grail, and Democrats are already amping up their crusade to pack the Supreme Court and end the filibuster. It's more important now than ever that Republicans take back control of the House and Senate. The lives of millions of unborn Americans literally depend on it.

“I am also praying for the protection and safety of the Justices and their families because the radical left has already demonstrated they will resort to intimidation and violence to protect their power and profit. America’s children are worth the fight. Only after Roe is overturned and every abortion mill is closed will all lives matter.”

Shannon’s latest TV ad, “Black Babies Matter,” was released this week and takes the fight directly to the pro-abortion Left.


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