Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Senate candidate Alex Gray calls for disestablishment of historic reservations identified in McGirt case


Oklahoma City, OK (May 10th) – On the Hugh Hewitt Show, U.S. Senate candidate Alex Gray pledged to introduce legislation on his first day in office to disestablish the five historic reservations that the U.S. Supreme Court identified in the McGirt case. In response, the five tribes have put out a statement condemning Gray for suggesting a return to pre-McGirt norms. 

Gray had the following to say about the matter:

“You have 18,000 cases that have been moved from state to Federal court, absolutely overwhelming the Federal court system. The state no longer has the authority to enforce parking tickets, let alone violent crimes. In practicality, this means murderers and rapists are being released from prison and going unpunished in the Eastern half of Oklahoma.”

Alex went on to say, “This is also a moral issue. Americans overwhelmingly believe in the principle of equal justice under the law, and are outraged by the idea that in Eastern Oklahoma we have a two-tiered justice system. Justice is blind, and it shouldn’t take into account your race or ethnicity.

All Oklahomans respect our history and the concept of tribal sovereignty. But what we don't accept is a two tiered system of justice, as established by McGirt. Criminals are running loose. Our most vulnerable, often tribal citizens, are living in fear. Enough excuses. I'll fight to solve the underlying problem by introducing legislation to disestablish the five reservations that the Supreme Court created out of thin air.” 

About Alex

Alex Gray is a 4th generation Oklahoman who worked at the highest levels of President Donald Trump’s White House, ultimately serving as Chief of Staff of the National Security Council. 

Raised in Oklahoma City, Alex attended Oklahoma State University in Stillwater and George Washington University before entering the national security and foreign policy field, working for a U.S. Congressman before joining President Trump’s campaign in Trump Tower in the summer of 2016.

Alex spent four years in President Trump’s White House, helping to lead the fight against unfair trade policies and the destruction of American manufacturing as Deputy Director of the Office of Trade & Manufacturing Policy. As the top official focused on the health of the defense industrial base, Alex advocated for the U.S. companies and workers who support our warfighters.

At the National Security Council, Alex traveled the country and the world with President Trump and was at his side during key moments, including some of the biggest counterterrorism operations of the Trump presidency. He also carried out the biggest reorganization to the NSC in living memory, ensuring that only competent and loyal professionals were entrusted with some of the country’s most sensitive jobs.

Since leaving government, Alex and his wife Rochelle have returned to Oklahoma City, where he runs a small business helping American companies around the world. Alex is the recipient of the second-highest civilian award from the Department of Defense and the highest award from the National Security Council for his service to the country under President Trump.

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