Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Alex Gray calls on TW Shannon to address his support for McGirt ruling


Oklahoma City, OK (May 18th) – Alex Gray, former advisor to President Trump and Republican Candidate for Senate in Oklahoma, calls on his opponent, T.W. Shannon, to publicly address his support for Jimcy McGirt, sentenced to one thousand years in prison for raping a four year old girl, in the McGirt v. Oklahoma case and the resulting damage McGirt has done to the state of Oklahoma.

T.W. Shannon previously sided with McGirt by filing an Amicus Brief on his behalf in February 2020. 

The brief can be accessed here.

Gray had the following to say:

“The McGirt decision has compromised Oklahoma’s sense of security and created a two-tiered system of justice based on ancestry. Violent criminals like Jimcy McGirt are able to run free and hide from prosecution. When violent offenders commit heinous crimes that violate the laws of Oklahoma and every moral contract we have as a society, we must be able to hold them responsible. 

Our elected leaders have an obligation to uphold justice among all residents of Oklahoma, regardless of ancestry. I have pledged to introduce legislation that would resolve the underlying issues created by the McGirt decision and bring public safety back to Oklahoma. 

The McGirt decision allows criminals to roam free in our communities where law-abiding Oklahomans, particularly tribal citizens, fear continued victimization. It is incumbent upon those who took part in siding with Jimcy McGirt and thereby producing this chaos to re-examine their actions and the impact on Oklahoma.

T.W. Shannon sided with a convicted child rapist over our state, and now our most vulnerable are living in fear. T.W. Shannon must publicly address his support for Jimcy McGirt and the broader issues created by the McGirt decision, which he has failed to address thus far. There is no more important issue impacting our state.”


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