Monday, May 23, 2022

O'Connor touts A+ rating from Oklahoma Second Amendment Association

Oklahoma Second Amendment Association Gave AG John O’Connor An "A+" Rating

Tulsa, OK (May 19th) – In an effort to confuse Oklahomans from Gentner Drummond’s $1,000 donation to Joe Biden for President, Drummond’s liberal allies are running an attack ad against Oklahoma’s conservative Attorney General John O’Connor on the issue of the Second Amendment.  

The truth is, Attorney General John O’Connor has an “A+” rating from the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association because O’Connor has always supported and defended the Second Amendment

“While Gentner Drummond was donating $1,000 to elect Joe Biden, conservative Attorney General John O’Connor was fighting to protect our Second Amendment rights that earned him an “A+” rating from the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association,” said O'Connor for AG spokeswoman Amy Wehman. “Oklahomans should be wary of anything Gentner Drummond or his liberal allies are pushing, because Drummond donated to Joe Biden, who supports stricter gun laws for law-abiding Americans.”

[Blogger's note: it should also be noted that OK2A has endorsed O'Connor for Attorney General.]


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