Sunday, March 31, 2024

Handel's Messiah: The Birth, Death, and Resurrection of Christ in Song

Handle's great oratorio,
Messiah, is commonly thought of as a Christmastime work, when in fact, that is mistaken. The famous composer originally performed the music around Easter, and in its entirety, the oratorio fits better with the Easter season than it does Christmas.

In light of that fact, and because Messiah is one of my all-time favorite works of music, I present you with the lyrics of Messiah...

Saturday, March 30, 2024

State Sup't Walters announces creation of Office of School Choice at OSDE

Walters Announces Creation of Office of School Choice

Oklahoma City, Okla (March 28th) – At today’s Oklahoma State Board of Education meeting, State Superintendent Ryan Walters announced the creation of the Oklahoma State Department of Education (OSDE) Office of School Choice. The new division will function as a one-stop shop for all things related to school choice and parental empowerment in Oklahoma.

State Rep. Rhonda Baker opts against seeking reelection

Rep. Rhonda Baker will not Seek Reelection in 2024

OKLAHOMA CITY (March 28th) – Rep. Rhonda Baker, R-Yukon, announced today that she will not seek reelection to the Oklahoma House of Representatives this year.

"It has been an extraordinary honor to serve the people of House District 60 for the past eight years," Baker said. "I have been blessed to work with some of the most dedicated and talented leaders in the communities in my district and across Oklahoma. I have seen firsthand the challenges facing our state, and yet I remain optimistic that determined and capable Oklahomans will take the opportunities afforded them to make our state the best it can be."

Sunday, March 24, 2024

Small: Court ruling creates more chaos, uncertainty

Court ruling creates more chaos, uncertainty
By Jonathan Small

Can Oklahoma’s economy continue to grow and its people thrive if businesses lack certainty in our legal system? Unfortunately, we may find out.

Members of the Oklahoma Supreme Court recently issued a ruling that contradicted one of the court’s prior rulings, but refused to provide a written opinion explaining if they are overturning their prior decision or see some fundamental difference between the two cases.

Saturday, March 23, 2024

Speaker McCall to file legislation securing Oklahoma's border

You can also read this article from OklahomaVoice with a little more detail.

Speaker McCall to File Legislation Securing Oklahoma's Border

OKLAHOMA CITY (March 20th) – Speaker Charles McCall, R-Atoka, issued a statement today regarding his intent to file legislation to secure the border of Oklahoma against the ongoing illegal immigration crisis.  

Amid dustup over Treat's insults, Sen. Deevers advocates for Golden Rule, fair Senate reforms

Deevers Continues to Advocate for the Golden Rule Amidst Pro Tem's Insults

OKLAHOMA CITY (March 20th) — Sen. Dusty Deevers, R-Elgin, released the following statement concerning comments made by Sen. Greg Treat, R-Oklahoma City, at a press conference on Tuesday.

“On Tuesday, during an interview with KOCO 5, Senate Pro Tem Greg Treat attempted to crawl out of the ad hominem hole he dug by calling Senator Nathan Dahm and me ‘terrorists’ for lawfully advocating for our constituents. His chosen shovel was another defamatory term, ‘toddlers.’

“I had hoped for a higher level of professionalism and decorum rather than resorting to name-calling. Such a leadership style only exposes its own immaturity. Also, it’s important to note that Governor Stitt supported our efforts.

RSC releases FY25 Budget Proposal: “Fiscal Sanity to Save America”

RSC releases FY25 Budget Proposal: “Fiscal Sanity to Save America”

WASHINGTON, DC (March 20th) – Republican Study Committee Chairman Kevin Hern (OK-01), RSC’s Budget and Spending Task Force Chairman Ben Cline (VA-06), and Members of the Budget and Spending Task Force unveiled the RSC’s Fiscal Year 2025 Budget proposal today, titled “Fiscal Sanity to Save America”.

The RSC Budget is a thorough plan to address our federal spending problem and start paying down our debts. The FY-25 budget balances in just seven years, cuts spending by $16.7 trillion over ten years, and reduces taxes on Americans by $5.3 trillion over ten years.

Gov. Stitt, Special Olympics Chair Tim Shriver participate in NGA's 'Disagree Better' initiative


OKLAHOMA CITY (March 20, 2024) - Today, Governor Kevin Stitt announced his participation in the National Governors Association’s (NGA) Disagree Better initiative. Alongside the Chairman of Special Olympics, Tim Shriver, Governor Stitt will begin a campaign to promote healthy disagreement.

“To me, disagreeing better means learning to persuade the other side in an uplifting way, not by tearing each other down or diminishing each other,” said Governor Stitt. “We’re all equal in the eyes of the Lord, and if we can act and speak with compassion, we’ll find there is more that unites us than divides us. I’m grateful to the National Governors Association for promoting this unifying way of thinking, and I hope Oklahomans join me in disagreeing better.”

Senate leaders comment after budget transparency measure passes Senate floor

Senate Leaders Comment After Budget Transparency Measure Passes Senate Floor

OKLAHOMA CITY (March 18th) – Senate Pro Tem Greg Treat, R-Oklahoma City and Senate Appropriations Chairman, Senator Roger Thompson, R-Okemah, today released the following statements after the Senate budget resolution passed 41 – 3 off the Senate floor.

Senate Resolution 31 is the result of the Senate’s budget transparency project that has been in the works for months. The new process brought the Senate budgeting process to light and showed a behind the scenes look at how members make decisions on where taxpayer money goes.

Friday, March 22, 2024

Lankford announces run for Senate Republican Conference Vice Chair

Lankford Announces Run for Senate Republican Conference Vice Chair

WASHINGTON, DC (March 20th) – Senator James Lankford (R-OK) today announced he will run this November for Vice Chair of the Senate Republican Conference:

“The Senate Republican Conference Vice Chair plays a vital role in serving Republican Senators and their staff as they communicate the conservative policy ideas that make our nation stronger. As Senators, we were elected to do hard things and to solve problems by doing the right thing, the right way. It is my desire to serve our Conference in every way I can as we work together to solve the challenges our nation faces.

Pinnell: Higher education builds tomorrow's workforce today

By Lt. Governor Matt Pinnell

Last Month, I embarked on an Oklahoma Workforce Tour, where I’m crisscrossing the state to talk all things workforce with business owners and local leaders. One topic that regularly comes up is Oklahoma’s higher education system and the integral role it plays in workforce development.  

Our public higher education system is crucial in meeting Oklahoma’s workforce goals. Data from the Oklahoma Office of Workforce Development shows that by 2030, over half of Oklahoma’s 100 critical occupations will require at least an associate degree.

Small: Disconnect between school boards and community

Disconnect between school boards and community
By Jonathan Small

In 2020, parents urged the school board at Deer Creek to provide full-time, in-person instruction to students. But the board opted to continue with COVID distance learning for many students.

Yet recent reports show officials at Deer Creek schools also allowed charity fundraisers to include events where students lick peanut butter off people’s feet. Former Deer Creek students told Fox 25 that students could buy their way out of the gross-out events, which meant lower-income students were often targeted and pressured to participate at the “fundraisers,” which have been occurring for years.

The disconnect is not simply the district’s diametrically opposite concern about sanitation and disease in one instance versus another, but the fact that in both cases parents’ wishes were ignored (at least, one presumes most parents don’t want their kids licking feet).

Rep. Williams, Sens. Bullard and Jett to host March 26th medical freedom group hearing at State Capitol

Joint Senate and House Hearing to Advance Medical Freedom Legislation Hosted at Oklahoma State Capitol March 26

Oklahoma City, OK (March 19, 2024) – Under the auspices of The Former Feds Group Freedom Foundation and Mic Rosado’s 'Intentional Podcast', a Joint Senate and House Hearing is scheduled to take March 26th, from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm CST. This event will be hosted in Room 112.2 at the Oklahoma State Capitol, announced host House Representative Danny Williams, alongside Senate hosts David Bullard and Shane Jett.

Thursday, March 21, 2024

ABSURDITY: OU, state mental-health agency tout 'pregnant people'

What on earth?? Bureacracy (both government and corporate) is absolutely full of people who have lost their minds in the pursuit of the nonsensical woke agenda:

Ray Carter | March 20, 2024

At a recent summit, officials with the University of Oklahoma and the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (ODMHSAS) urged greater focus on “pregnant people” with substance-abuse disorders, effectively downgrading the existence of women.

A release about the event, issued by ODMHSAS, was headlined, “State Summit Aims to Break Stigma and Build Support to Aid Pregnant People with Substance Use Disorders and Protect Families.”

The March 11 release stated that one of the goals of attendees was to raise “awareness of and reduce the stigma associated with the circumstances and needs of pregnant and parenting people with substance use disorders.”

Sen. Dahm issues statement responding to Treat’s ‘toddler’ and ‘crazy bills’ comments

The saga continues (see Monday's post, Dahm and Deevers discuss Tyrannical Treat's 'terrorist' tirade after Senate filibustering):

Dahm issues statement responding to Treat’s ‘toddler’ and ‘crazy bills’ comments

OKLAHOMA CITY – Sen. Nathan Dahm, R-Broken Arrow, on Thursday released the following statement in response to Senate Pro Tem Greg Treat’s continued name-calling and contention that Dahm’s legislation is “crazy.”

Brecheen: Biden's budget shows how radical and far-left he's drifted

Congressman Josh Brecheen On Biden’s Budget: “This Is How Radical And Far-Left Biden’s Ideology Has Drifted”

Washington, D.C. – Today, Congressman Josh Brecheen highlighted the insanity of President Biden’s proposed budget during a House Budget Committee hearing with Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Director Shalanda Young.

“A decade ago, former President Bill Clinton stated that he raised the corporate tax rate to reduce the deficit. Today, President Biden wants to increase taxes by $5 trillion, but use it for more government spending and not deficit reduction. This is how radical and far-Left Biden’s ideology has drifted, beyond even Clinton’s ideology,” said Congressman Josh Brecheen.

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Gann: warrantless license plate scanner tracking is not authorized by state law

Warrantless License Plate Scanner Tracking is Not Authorized By State Law

Oklahoma City (March 18th) -- State Representative Tom Gann issued a statement today following the dramatic defeat of SB 1620 on Thursday.

"In 2016, the legislature made the unfortunate decision to authorize the use of license plate scanner technology for the purpose of insurance verification. That law limited the use of this intrusive technology to that purpose only. This year, the legislature considered House Bill 3570, which was not heard prior to the 3rd reading deadline, and Senate Bill 1620, which was defeated on Thursday by a wide margin — becoming one of the very few bills to be defeated on the Senate floor. These bills would have authorized the use of this technology for purposes other than insurance verification. As these laws have failed, it's important for the public and city councils across the state to know that: There is no specific statutory authorization for using these systems."

Monday, March 18, 2024

Dahm and Deevers discuss Tyrannical Treat's 'terrorist' tirade after Senate filibustering

(Couldn't help myself with the alliteration there.)

On Thursday, conservative state senators Nathan Dahm (R-Broken Arrow) and Dusty Deevers (R-Elgin) engaged in a filibuster of-sorts to protest, among other things, the lack of action on conservative members' priority legislation and the general state of how things are run in the Senate under Pro Tem Greg Treat.

At a press conference during the day, Treat commented on the action, saying that he "doesn't negotiate with terrorists," before back-tracking moments later to say, "I am not calling them terrorists; I'm calling their actions 'terroristic'". And yet, as Sen. Dahm points out below, everything that he and Deevers did was above board and by the Senate Rules.

Congressman Brecheen announces 14 town halls, April 2nd-4th

Congressman Josh Brecheen Announces April In-Person Town Halls

Washington, D.C. – Congressman Josh Brecheen announced the following in-person town halls for the month of April. Constituents are invited to attend and share their thoughts and ask questions on policy issues impacting Washington, D.C. and Oklahoma.
Congressman Brecheen held 18 in-person town halls in February. For a recap of those town halls, please click here

Friday, March 15, 2024

Clock wars: State Senate passes bill to adopt permanent Daylight Saving Time

While a lot of people like the "fall back" clock switch, practically nobody appreciates "spring forward". There's a push in the state legislature, and across the country, to pick one and stick with it. So... Standard Time, or Daylight Saving Time? You have both camps in the Oklahoma Legislature. Earlier this week I ran a column from one House member who wants to switch to permanent Standard Time. The State Senate, however, once again has voted to adopt permanent Daylight Saving Time. Confused? Yeah. We all are.

Senate approves bill to adopt permanent Daylight Saving Time

OKLAHOMA CITY (March 12th) – Senate Bill 1200 received approval from the full Senate Monday and provides that Oklahoma remain on Daylight Saving Time year-round should Congress pass legislation allowing states to choose whether or not to take part in the bi-annual time change. The bill’s author, Sen. Blake “Cowboy” Stephens, R-Tahlequah, has long advocated for locking the clock, citing the health and safety benefits of having an extra hour of light in the evenings.

Drummond urges FTC to strengthen online privacy, safety protections for youth

Drummond urges FTC to strengthen online privacy, safety protections for youth

OKLAHOMA CITY (March 12, 2024) – Attorney General Gentner Drummond and a coalition of 39 other attorneys general are urging the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to update and strengthen the rules technology companies must follow under the federal Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

Drummond said the update is necessary because the rules governing online privacy protections for children under the age of 13 have not been revised in more than a decade. At the same time, the digital world has evolved rapidly — with smartphones, social networks and connected devices now a big part of daily life.

Thursday, March 14, 2024

House passes three income tax cut bills by Speaker McCall

The State Senate's GOP leadership is adamantly opposed to cutting the income tax this year, but House Speaker McCall is just as determined to put the ball in their court, with the House sending the following income tax cut bills to the Senate this week:

Speaker McCall Tax Bills Pass House

OKLAHOMA CITY (March 13th) – Speaker Charles McCall, R-Atoka, this week gained House passage of multiple bills he authored regarding Oklahoma's tax structure and policy. The bills were in addition to tax policy legislation passed by the House earlier this session.

"I made a promise to Oklahomans when the grocery tax passed earlier this session that the House was not done delivering tax relief to our citizens," McCall said. "This week, the House kept that promise. State savings are at record levels, our economic outlook as a state continues to rise and now is the time to allow Oklahomans to keep more of their hard-earned money. The House believes that principle, and that is reflected by the overwhelming number of votes these bills received."

State Senate votes to raise age of consent from 16 to 18

Senate votes to raise age of consent

OKLAHOMA CITY (March 12th) – Sen. Warren Hamilton, R-McCurtain, received overwhelming approval for his legislation to raise the age of consent from 16 to 18. Senate Bill 615 aims to protect minors from predation by giving them two additional years of legal protection.

House passes social media age-limit and verification bill

Social Media Age-Limit Bill Passes House

OKLAHOMA CITY (March 14th) – Rep. Chad Caldwell, R-Enid, today passed a bill in the House that would limit social media accounts for youth.

House Bill 3914 would require social media companies to verify account holders are over the age of 18 or to confirm parental consent for those aged 16 to 18.

Former State Rep. Avery Frix announces bid for State Senate District 9

At an event in Fort Gibson this evening, former State Rep. Avery Frix (R-Muskogee) announced his candidacy for Senate District 9, currently held by retiring State Sen. Dewayne Pemberton (R-Muskogee). So far, he is the first candidate to start campaigning for this open seat.

Frix previously served in the Oklahoma State House for three terms (from 2016 to 2022), representing House District 13, before running for Congress and losing to now-Congressman Josh Brecheen in the Republican runoff election (he loaned his campaign $255,000 in that failed effort).

Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Small: Child protections merit lawmakers’ support

Child protections merit lawmakers’ support
By Jonathan Small

Amid the typical debate over budget priorities and policy issues this year, Oklahoma lawmakers are also considering bills to better prevent child exposure to pornography. Those bills deserve legislators’ support.

State Sen. Jerry Alvord, R-Ardmore, and state Rep. Toni Hasenbeck, R-Elgin, have filed legislation to give home-Internet access subscribers and cellular-data-plan subscribers the ability to block access to porn sites.

Tuesday, March 12, 2024

McBride bill would honor OK National Guard with Capitol Arch

McBride Bill Would Honor OK National Guard with Capitol Arch

OKLAHOMA CITY (March 7th) - Rep. Mark McBride, R-Moore, on Wednesday passed a bill in the Oklahoma House of Representatives that would fund the building of an arch at the Oklahoma Capitol to serve as an honorary symbol of the services performed by the Oklahoma National Guard.

McBride said the arch was part of early drawings of architect Solomon Layton before the Capitol was built in 1917. It was originally designed to stretch across Lincoln Boulevard much like the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. It was one of the structures, like the dome, however, that was laid aside because of lack of funding at the time.  

House passes bill to fix teacher signing bonus issue

McBride Passes Teacher Signing Bonus Fix

OKLAHOMA CITY (March 8th) – Rep. Mark McBride, R-Moore, this week passed a bill in the Oklahoma House of Representatives that he said would fix the State Department of Education's flawed signing bonus for teachers returning to Oklahoma public school classrooms.

House Bill 4017 directs the Oklahoma State Board of Education to establish a $7,000 annual signing bonus program for teachers who return to teaching in state public schools beginning with the 2024-25 school year and who agree to serve for five years. The signing bonus shall be paid in five equal annual installments not to exceed $35,000 per participant.

Rep. Kevin West continues pushing switch to permanent Standard Time

Rep. Kevin West Legislation Would Address Time Change

OKLAHOMA CITY – Feeling sleep-deprived after Sunday's bi-annual time change pushed clocks forward an hour?

Don't blame Rep. Kevin West, R-Moore.

West authored House Bill 2217, which would send to a vote of the people a question on whether to adopt permanent standard time in Oklahoma. The measure was filed last year and assigned to the House Rules Committee but has not been heard. It is similar to legislation he's filed in the past.

Monday, March 11, 2024

Senate passes Bullard bill to fund local water, wastewater improvements

Senate passes Bullard bill to fund local water, wastewater improvements

OKLAHOMA CITY (March 11th) – The Oklahoma Senate on Monday passed a bill from Sen. David Bullard, R-Durant, that would earmark $125 million for much-needed water and wastewater infrastructure projects in localities across the state.

Senate Bill 1331 directs the Oklahoma Water Resources Board to establish a program to provide loans to municipalities and rural water districts seeking matching funds for water or wastewater improvement projects. The state would provide $125 million in initial funding for the program.

Att'y Gen. Drummond calls on Meta [Facebook] to protect accounts from scammers

I know several individuals who, in recent months, were the victims of such hacks on Facebook, which not only locked them out of years of personal posts, but their business pages or groups. Facebook (okay... "Meta"... it's always going to be Facebook, just like Twitter will never be "X" for me) "customer service" is notoriously difficult to deal with in such situations.

Drummond calls On Meta to protect accounts from scammers

OKLAHOMA CITY (March 6, 2024) -- Attorney General Gentner Drummond and a bipartisan coalition of 40 other attorneys general sent a letter Tuesday to Meta Platforms Inc. (Meta) asking for a data security review following major increases in scammers taking over accounts on Facebook and Instagram. 

Thursday, March 07, 2024

Election Results Maps: Trump mega-sweep, Biden loses one county

The presidential primary was on Tuesday, so it's time to update my long-running Election Results Maps series. Today, we look at how well - or how poorly - the presumptive major party nominees performed. 

First up, the Democratic primary:

As you can see, President Joe Biden cruised to 72.98% statewide, a lead of 45.96% over all challengers combined. However, he failed to carry all 77 counties, losing one (Cimarron) to Congressman Dean Phillips.

Biden clung to single-digit leads in three other counties - Coal (33.33%, a 2.2% lead over Phillips), Roger Mills (37.5%, a 1.4% lead over Phillips), and Washita (35.92%, a 4.9% lead over Phillips). He was held under 50% in 11 counties, and an even 50% in one more.

He did perform better than President Barack Obama did in his second-term primary; Obama received 57.1%, while losing 14 counties. On the other hand, President Trump set a record for incumbent presidents by scoring 92.6% in 2020 (including unanimous votes in 13.7% of all precints).

Speaking of Trump...

Former President Donald Trump, unsurprisingly, swept all 77 counties by commanding margins, with 81.83% statewide (a lead of 63.66% over all challengers combined). His worst showing was in Oklahoma County, where he led Nikki Haley by a 72.23% to 24.92% vote (a 47.3% lead for The Donald). He topped 90% in 23 counties, including two where he led by 90% (Coal with a 90.4% lead, and Choctaw with a 90.3% lead -- with 94.84% and 94.55% of the vote, respectively).

Granted, he's something of a semi-incumbent, at least within his own party, but I would surmise this to be the largest and most dominant primary performance by an individual who is not currently sitting in the White House.

Wednesday, March 06, 2024

State Sen. Cody Rogers reverses course, will seek reelection

Six months after announcing that he would not be seeking reelection, Republican State Senator Cody Rogers has had a change of mind, and will campaign for a second term in Senate District 37 (west Tulsa, Jenks, Glenpool, Sand Springs).

Sen. Rogers comments on political future

OKLAHOMA CITY (March 5th) — Sen. Cody Rogers, R-Tulsa, released the following statement Tuesday.

“The opportunity to work on behalf of this great state and its people has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Over the past few months, there has been considerable speculation regarding my political future. After much deliberation, thoughtful consideration of my family and constituents' needs, and discussions with colleagues, I have decided to continue service in the Oklahoma Senate.

Tuesday, March 05, 2024

AFP-OK applauds grocery sales tax cut, calls for income tax relief next

Americans for Prosperity - Oklahoma Praises Grocery Tax Cut, Calls for Income Tax Relief Next

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (Feb. 27th) - Today, Americans for Prosperity - Oklahoma (AFP-OK) celebrates the elimination of Oklahoma's state grocery tax - a landmark achievement that will ease the burden on families across the state struggling to make ends meet under the record high inflation caused by the Biden administration. 

While the grocery tax cut will help residents all across the state, AFP-OK urges lawmakers to take up reforms that will work to grow the whole state's economy. With a governor who has said he will sign any tax cut that crosses his desk and a large majority of Oklahomans in support of eliminating the income tax altogether, there's no reason for the legislature to stop here. 

Monday, March 04, 2024

OK House Republicans pick Hilbert as Speaker-Designate for next term

House Republicans Elect Hilbert Speaker-Designate

OKLAHOMA CITY – Speaker Pro Tempore Kyle Hilbert, R-Bristow, has been elected by the Oklahoma House Republican Caucus as speaker-designate for the 60th Legislature.

The speaker of the Oklahoma House of Representatives is the body’s chief presiding officer and is responsible for committee appointments, the flow of legislation and the management of the House budget and staff. The speaker also serves as an ex officio voting member on all House committees.

Sunday, March 03, 2024

State Election Board: post-election audits confirm results of recent legislative races

Post-Election Audits Confirm Results of Recent Legislative Races

(Oklahoma City, February 29th) – The State Election Board announced today that post-election audits conducted last week confirmed the results of the recent State Senator, District 32 Special General Election and State Representative, District 39 Special Primary Election and Special General Election.

Saturday, March 02, 2024

Senate committee approves legislation to fund Arkansas River levee improvements

Senate Appropriations Committee approves legislation to fund Arkansas River Levee improvements

OKLAHOMA CITY (Feb. 29th) – Sen. Cody Rogers, R-Tulsa, received approval from the Senate Appropriations Committee Wednesday for Senate Bill 1391. The measure designates funds to the Oklahoma Water Resources Board for improvements to levees along the Arkansas River.

Nothing as permanent as a temporary tax: Wagoner County voting Tuesday on EIGHT tax proposals

Wagoner County residents are preparing to vote on EIGHT sales tax propositions, including three that change "temporary" sales tax campaigns into permanent ones. If all eight questions pass, the sales tax in some Wagoner County communities will exceed 10%.

As I said over on Twitter: "Few things are quite so permanent as a temporary tax."

Small: Bad bill would hike utility costs for consumers

Bad bill would hike utility costs for consumers
By Jonathan Small

In recent years, Oklahoma has gone from having some of the most affordable electric rates in the nation to some of the most expensive.

In September 2022, the Alliance for Electrical Restructuring in Oklahoma showed that electricity rates surged by 49 percent from June 2021 to June 2022, bumping Oklahoma from having the most affordable electricity rates in the nation to having the 18th-highest costs.

Given that trend, you would think Oklahoma lawmakers would be working to lower costs.

Instead, a measure that could further drive up electricity rates has advanced from the Oklahoma House of Representatives.

Friday, March 01, 2024

Treat bill reverting law back to having tags remain with vehicle after sale passes Senate committee

Dash cam view just prior to vehicle slamming into car on shoulder

Pro Tem Treat Comments on Tag Legislation Passing Committee
Treat: This is the most important piece of legislation I am prioritizing

OKLAHOMA CITY (Feb. 27th) – Senate Pro Tem Greg Treat, R-Oklahoma City, today released the following statement after Senate Bill 2035 unanimously passed through the Aeronautics and Transportation Committee.

Senate Bill 2035 was authored by Pro Tem Treat in the wake of a tragic accident that involved his son, Mason. He was driving legally with proper documentation but didn’t have a car tag because the sale of the vehicle was from a private individual. Current state law requires a private seller of a vehicle to retain possession of a motor vehicle tag after the sale of a car.

State Election Board offers tips and reminders ahead of March 5th Presidential Primaries

It's something of a foregone conclusion as to who will overwhelmingly win their respective presidential primaries (well, except for the Libertarians), but Tuesday is Oklahoma's presidential primary.

State Election Board Offers Tips and Reminders Ahead of Presidential Primaries

(Oklahoma City, March 1st) – Voters head to the polls Tuesday for the Presidential Preferential Primary and several nonpartisan elections. The State Election Board offers these tips and reminders to Oklahoma voters ahead of the March 5 Election.

State Sen. Roger Thompson gives update on Senate’s new budget transparency efforts

Sen. Roger Thompson offers update on Senate’s budget transparency efforts

OKLAHOMA CITY (Feb. 29th) – Senate Appropriations Chairman Roger Thompson, R-Okemah, said the Oklahoma Legislature’s upper chamber is on its way toward making this year’s budget process more transparent than ever.

The public got its first glimpse at proposed state agency appropriations for the upcoming fiscal year in a Wednesday meeting of the Appropriations Committee.