Wednesday, March 04, 2020

Astounding map: Trump's percentage by county

We've had another election, so it's time for some new additions to my decade-old Election Results Maps series. Tonight, we're looking at the percentages President Trump received in each county. As I mentioned in a previous post, Trump set a new record for incumbent presidents in a reelection primary vote with 92.6%.

Trump's lowest percentages came, expectedly, in urban or university counties, but "lowest" is very relative, as his "worst" total was still 88.2%.

12 counties gave Trump over 98% of the vote, with about half of them confining the five challengers' votes to a cumulative single-digit total. Haskell and Harmon counties had just two people cast ballots for someone else.

Haven't dug through them yet, but I bet there will be a large amount of unanimously-Trump precincts.


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