Wednesday, March 11, 2020

State Senate votes to kill SB13, only 4 vote to allow hearing on abortion abolition bill

Earlier today, the Oklahoma State Senate voted 38-4 to table a motion by Majority Floor Leader Kim David (R-Porter) that would have brought Senate Bill 13 (the Abolition of Abortion in Oklahoma Act) directly to the Senate floor for immediate consideration. In essence, this kills the bill for the remainder of the legislative session.

As I wrote yesterday, this was the most important vote of each senator's career to-date. 38 of them totally and completely failed the test. 38 state senators demonstrated their true stance on abortion: and that stance is that they would prefer it continue to be performed in Oklahoma.

Absolutely shameful.

Here's the roll call vote. 30 Republicans and 8 Democrats voted to kill SB13, while 4 Republicans and 1 Democrat missed the vote. All 4 votes against tabling were Republicans:

Given the opportunity to lock arms with those who want to end abortion in Oklahoma, 30 Republicans instead opted to defend the livelihood of abortionists whose fingers drip with the blood of 5,000 Oklahoma babies per year. God is not mocked (Gal. 6:7). One day they will realize how wrong they were.

The following four Senators voted against the tabling motion (and thus in support of allowing a floor hearing of SB13). These noble four deserve the thanks and gratitude of those who truly wish to see abortion ended in Oklahoma:
Top: Sen. Joseph Silk and Sen. Chris Kidd
Bottom: Sen. Nathan Dahm and Sen. Roland Pederson
I encourage you to email them. These good men stood up against the peer pressure and the frowns of leadership in order to take a bold stand for the lives of babies:,,,

Remember this vote whenever any of the disgraced 38 are on the ballot in the future. This was their defining moment, and it is a tremendous stain (of their own choosing) on their character.

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  1. I lead a weekly prayer group to pray for Oklahoma we were praying that this would pass. I am very disappointed.


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