Wednesday, March 04, 2020

Yuuuge night: 13.7% of Oklahoma precincts were unanimously Trump

Donald Trump had a yuuuuge night in Oklahoma's Republican presidential primary. Granted, this was not even remotely a primary that was contested, with five individuals (it's almost wrong to call them "challengers") on the ballot with either nonexistent or nearly-nonexistent campaigns.

Even so, Trump made history with his performance at the ballot box:
It gets even more amazing: an examination of the precinct-by-precinct results shows Trump received a 100% unanimous vote in 264 precincts across the state

  • 13.7% of all voting precincts in Oklahoma
  • 10,749 total votes cast in those precincts
  • 3.9% of the total statewide GOP vote cast in those precincts
  • An average of 40.7 votes per precincts
Getting unanimity on any issue or election is nigh impossible. Getting this many unanimous precincts, including a dozen with over 100 votes cast? Pretty amazing.