Friday, October 31, 2008

Zogby: McCain Moves into Lead 48-47 in One Day Polling

Per Drudge:

ZOGBY SATURDAY: Republican John McCain has pulled back within the margin of error... The three-day average holds steady, but McCain outpolled Obama 48% to 47% in Friday, one day, polling. He is beginning to cut into Obama's lead among independents, is now leading among blue collar voters, has strengthened his lead among investors and among men, and is walloping Obama among NASCAR voters. Joe the Plumber may get his license after all...
If this holds up, it's huge. McCain is definitely still in this game... even Iowa and Pennsylvania could be back in play.

SurveyUSA Polls

SurveyUSA poll conducted several polls for KFOR-TV, between October 28th and 29th.

Presidential Race (MoE +/- 4.1%):

John McCain (R) - 63% (59%)
Barack Obama (D) - 34% (35%)
Other - 2% (3%)
Undecided - 1% (3%)

The 'Other' category is totally useless, as Oklahoma only has McCain and Obama on the ballot. McCain, needless to say, is headed to a massive victory in Oklahoma.

U.S. Senate Race (MoE +/- 4.1%):

Jim Inhofe (R) - 56% (51%)
Andrew Rice (D) - 36% (39%)
Stephen Wallace (I) - 6% (7%)
Undecided - 2% (4%)

Jim Inhofe looks sets for a big re-election come Tuesday.

Corporation Commission Race, Short-Term (MoE +/- 4.1%):

Dana Murphy (R) - 46% (50%)
Jim Roth (D) - 49% (43%)
Undecided - 5% (7%)

Jim Roth has taken a slight lead, perhaps due to his attack ads that have been running. Dana Murphy still has time to come back; this will be a close race.

Corporation Commission Race, Full-Term (MoE +/- 4.1%):

Jeff Cloud (R) - 55% (53%)
Charles Gray (D) - 39% (37%)
Undecided - 6% (10%)

Jeff Cloud appears set to be re-elected by a large margin.

Charlie's and Pam's Picks for Judges

The famous "Charlie's Picks" (from OCPAC Chairman Charlie Meadows):
We have a huge problem with our Supreme Court. I believe this is the worst court since we began the process to either retain or reject Justices, a practice dating back to the 1950s. We have never rejected any judge on any of the 3 appellate courts over the past 50 years. They have no fear of losing their jobs and I believe the retention process is badly broken. These judges need to stand for election, though that in itself will not solve all the problems with bad judges.

The Justices recently ruled without dissent against a suit filed by an Jerry Fent claiming the Oklahoma Constitution forbids the legislature from declaring an amnesty on obligations owed to the state. Rather than adjudicating by the Constitution, the court pointed to a flawed
decision on the issue from the 1930s. This is an example of case law “judicial activism” rather than ruling on the law itself. In another decision regarding the state legislature’s unconstitutional practice of “log rolling.” The court could have stopped the practice but
refused until the funds were spent. Then they ruled it was wrong and warned the legislature not to do it again. The court said this is your 3rd warning and we will not be so nice if you do it again. They sure ignored their oath to up-hold the constitution on that one. Another ridiculous decision was throwing out the petition to demand 65% of the funds spent on education must be spent in the classroom. Their decision was based on a subjective opinion about a technicality. Their
rulings on petitions have become so ridiculous that it has almost become impossible to get one to a vote of the people, that is unless in my opinion it is an ISSUE the Justices agree on.

Justice John F. Reif Vote NO

Justice Tom Colbert Vote NO

Justice Joseph Watt Vote NO (Justice Watt may be the worst person on the Court)

One of the worst travesties of justice ever to occur was in the Ricky Ray Malone SENTENCING trial in 2007. Because slain Highway Patrol trooper Nikky Joe Green’s widow showed emotion and used the word “God” during her testimony, 4 of the Justices ordered a re-trial with 2 dissenting.

Justice Charles Johnson ruled for a retrial, vote NO and throw this bum off the court.

Justice Gary Lumpkin dissented, vote YES. Sources tell me he is the best Justice on this court.

I was simply not able to find out any information on the 4 judges on the ballot on this court. This is your choice.

From Pam Pollard, Oklahoma County GOP Chair:
Fellow conservatives,
I have spoken with several attorneys and "people in the know" and have gathered the following summary of the judges on the ballot on November 4th. We will be asked if to RETAIN or NOT RETAIN each Judge.
CAUTION: If any Judge is NOT retained by a vote of the people, THE GOVERNOR will appoint a replacement! The procedure is a Judicial Nominating Committee (made up primarily of liberal Democrat lawyers) will submit 3 names to the Governor from which he will choose 1 to fill the vacancy. So we may get someone worse than the person already there!
BELOW ARE THE NAMES OF THE JUDGES ON THE BALLOT WITH MY COMMENTS IN RED. Please take into account my explanation and then vote the way you see fit. Some of us have stronger feelings on some of these issues than others. My goal was to gather information for us to make an informed vote and not just an emotional one.
As always,
God Bless Us All,
Pam Pollard
Chair , Oklahoma County GOP
These are nonpartisan judicial retention races. Voters may vote either to retain or not retain these judicial officers. Voters vote separately on each justice or judge; they are not running against each other.

~All 3 of these Judges voted to allow Gene Stipe to draw his full retirement benefits from the state. The decision WAS NOT based solely on law; it did involve a judgement call. The issue was whether Stipe violated his "Oath of Office." The Retirement Board said he did violate the oath and gave him a reduced benefit. The case went to a District court where it was decided to give him full benefits. The Retirement Board appealed to the Supreme Court. The State Supreme Court in a 7-1 decision said the retirement agency gave too much weight to the loyalty oath, which is separate from the oath of office and therefor upheld a lower court's decision to give Stipe his full retirement benefits. I went into detail because this was the only issue raised about these Judges at this time.
That being said below are some facts about these men.
DISTRICT 1 John F. Reif appointed by KEATING to Civil Court of Appeals...appointed by Henry to Supreme Court. very good Judge, Christian man, very fair in his decisions.
DISTRICT 6 Tom Colbert African-American Judge appointed to Supreme Court by KEATING. Usually votes with the conservative view, attends Church with and is friends with many GOP elected officials.
DISTRICT 9 Joseph M. Watt appointed by WALTERS is a good man with a lot of integrity and usually sides with the conservatives.
DISTRICT 2 Charles A. negative information
DISTRICT 3 Gary L. Lumpkin...good man, conservative

DISTRICT 2, OFFICE 2 Keith Rapp no negative information
DISTRICT 3, OFFICE 2 John F. Fischer no negative information
So, you can take your pick of who to listen to.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Breaking: Did Iran Test a Nuke?

From Arutz Sheva:

Iranian Nuke Scientist: Weekend Quake was a Nuclear Test

A weekend 5.0 Richter earthquake in Iran was actually a nuclear bomb test, says an Iranian nuclear scientist claiming to be working on the project.

The report is an Israel Insider exclusive.

This past Saturday night, southern Iran experienced what was reported as a significant earthquake - a seismic event measuring 5.0 on the Richter scale. Its epicenter was just north of the strategic Straits of Hormuz, which separates Iran from Abu Dhabi and Oman and which is the gateway to the Persian Gulf.

The report quotes an Iranian nuclear scientist who claims to be working in uranium enrichment for the project, and who said that the "quake" was acutally an undergound nuclear bomb test.

Israel Insider adds that the test/quake was actually the second in a series. Nine days ago, a 4.8 Richter scale event occurred, with its epicenter only five kilometers away from the weekend tremor.

The Israel Insider source reports that two nuclear rockets are currently ready - and are intended for use against Israel in the coming months.

If the report is correct, it would belie previous speculation that Iran would not begin nuclear testing until it had more nuclear-bomb production capability.

The geographical location of the test has several advantages. It is exposed to significant seismic activity, which could serve to mask nuclear tests; it is believed to be close to Iran's nuclear development facility; delivery and transport of material and personnel can be effected easily through the Hormuz Strait; and Iranian enemies would hesitate to bomb the area because that would threaten the flow of a substantial percentage of the world's oil.

Reuters reports Thursday morning that Iran has begun building a line of naval bases along its southern coast and up to the Straits of Hormuz.

Click here for the article.

If this is true... watch for Israel to act.

Muskogee Politico's Picks - Federal Races

Muskogee Politico's Picks for Federal Races
  • Congressional District 2 - Rep. Dan Boren (D, Muskogee)
The Muskogee Politico endorses Rep. Dan Boren for re-election. Boren is pretty conservative (for a Democrat), and fits the district well. He's fairly pro-life, one of the more pro-life Democrat's in Congress. He's also pro-Second Amendment; after all, Boren sits on the NRA board of directors.

His opponent, Raymond Wickson, is a perennial candidate, and frankly should not run for office at all. The Muskogee Politico heard him speak once... and it was disastrous. The only reason to vote for him would be the same as for the Muskogee County sheriff race: to increase the Republican vote percentage to encourage future candidates.
  • U.S. Senate - Sen. Jim Inhofe (R, Tulsa)
Sen. Jim Inhofe wins the Muskogee Politico's endorsement hands-down. A strong conservative, Inhofe represents Oklahoma well. His firm stance against the global warming pseudo-religion has made him a target for liberals world-wide, but Sen. Inhofe refuses to back down.

His opponent is extremely liberal, and is being supported by other ultra-liberals from across the nation. He's too liberal for Oklahoma, and that's just one more reason why Sen. Jim Inhofe needs to be re-elected.
  • President - Sen. John McCain/Gov. Sarah Palin (R, AZ/AK)
In the race for President, Sen. John McCain and Gov. Sarah Palin, his running mate, win our endorsement. The reasons are many, but I'll name a few.

The McCain/Palin ticket will uphold our Second Amendment rights; Obama/Biden are against them. McCain/Palin will fight for pro-life issues; Obama/Biden are extremely pro-abortion, and will try to extend abortion rights. McCain/Palin will win the War on Terror, and will not meet with terrorists and dictators; Obama/Biden have a dangerous foreign policy. McCain/Palin will cut taxes; Obama/Biden want to raise taxes, and pursue socialistic policies. And, perhaps most important, McCain/Palin will appoint strict constructionist justices to the Supreme Court, while Obama/Biden will appoint liberal activists to the Court.

America needs John McCain and Sarah Palin; Barack Obama and Joe Biden are too liberal and too dangerous for America.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Obama Memo: Race is Tightening

H/T to McCarville.

Obama Memo: Race is Tightening in Battleground States

In a phone interview with FOX News, Barack Obama’s deputy campaign manager, Steve Hildebrand said: “John McCain is right. Things are tightening in the battleground states.”

FOX News obtained a copy of a memo Hildebrand sent to long-standing Democratic operatives on Tuesday.

The memo, shown below, reveals the extensive get-out-the-vote efforts Obama’s team has underway and “urgent” needs that have yet to be met.

Read the rest of the article, along with the memo here.

Muskogee Politico's Picks - Muskogee County

Muskogee Politico's Picks for Races in Muskogee County:
  • State House District 13 - Debbie Lienhart (R, Haskell)
The Muskogee Politico endorses Debbie Lienhart, with the full realization that she will lose overwhelmingly. Lienhart has failed to run an active campaign, which is a shame, because the current representative is very liberal. Hopefully, this district will have an energetic Republican candidate next election. In 2000, Republican Stuart Ericson won this seat (and was subsequently re-elected in 2002, but lost in 2004), proving that it is possible for the GOP to win in this district.
  • State House District 14 - Rep. George Faught (R, Muskogee)
For the House District 14 race, the Muskogee Politico endorses Rep. George Faught. Rep. Faught has done a good job as representative, and deserves to be returned. He has fought to make English the official language, for tough immigration reform, for pro-life issues and for lower taxes. Faught made history in 2006 by becoming the first Republican to win this State House seat, and we want him to make history again by being re-elected.
  • Muskogee County Sheriff - Charles Pearson (D, Muskogee)
The Muskogee Politico has decided to endorse the current sheriff, Charles Pearson. In his years in office, Sheriff Pearson has done a good job. Roger Lee, the Republican candidate, has run against Pearson before (he ran as a Democrat four years ago), and appears to have something personal against him. In our opinion, the only reason to vote for Roger Lee is to boost the Republican percentage of the vote (thereby encouraging future Republican candidates).

(We would like to see this race, and other county races, made non-partisan, but that's a totally different topic.)
  • Muskogee County Proposition 1 - Yes
Text of the Proposition: "Shall Muskogee County, Oklahoma implement a 9-1-1 Land Line Emergency Telephone Service as authorized by the 9-1-1 Land Line Emergency Number Act, Title 63 of the Oklahoma Statutes Sections 2811-2821, and fund such service through the imposition of a 9-1-1 emergency Land Line telephone fee for each Land Line connection (e.g. Land Line Telephone) in the county as determined by the subscriber's place of primary use, which fee shall be in the amount of fifteen percent (15%) per month for each Land Line connection (e.g. Land Line Telephone)?"

Although the fee seems high to me, I have not been convinced that we should not pass this Proposition. As I say below, Muskogee County needs a up-to-date, uniform 9-1-1 service badly. The Muskogee Politico tentatively endorses Prop 1.
  • Muskogee County Proposition 2 - Yes
Text of the Proposition: "Shall Muskogee County, Oklahoma implement a 9-1-1 Wireless Emergency Telephone Service as authorized by the 9-1-1 Wireless Emergency Number Act, Title 63 of the Oklahoma Statutes Sections 2841-2904, and fund such service through the imposition of a 9-1-1 emergency wireless telephone fee for each wireless connection (e.g. cellular telephone Telephone) in the county as determined by the subscriber's place of primary use, which fee shall be in the amount of fifty cents ($0.50) per month for each wireless connection (e.g. cellular telephone)?"

Again, as I have not been convinced otherwise, the Muskogee Politico endorses Prop 2. Muskogee County does not have a uniform 9-1-1 service county-wide, which affects the emergency service provided. This fee seems a bit easier to take than the other one.

Commit to Victory

From Kavon W. Nikrad at

As I posted below, this election is still within our grasp. However, any hope of victory requires us to close strong and contribute whatever we can individually to the effort.

Therefore, I am publicly making the commitment to help us close strong by taking time off from my day job beginning October 30th through election day to help get out the vote for McCain/Palin and Norm Coleman.

Each one of us can make the decision to stay home and let President Obama fundamentally alter American Government; or we can make the decision to get up and fight for the candidate who believes in fundamental principles of America: free markets, strong Defense, and the protection of the weakest of us all.

I am making the commitment to fight. I am asking each one of our readers to think about what they can do to help preserve fundamental American Values and post your commitment in the comments section.

Also, please spread the word to your friends and other blogs and ask just what commitment they will make for victory.

What will YOU do for Republican candidates in the next five days?

Muskogee Politico's Picks, Intro

Since there is less than one week until the election, it's time to unveil the Muskogee Politico's Picks. I'll list the races here, and then post my picks on separate posts.

Races in Muskogee County:
Incumbents are italicized.
  • State House District 13 - Debbie Lienhart (R, Haskell) vs. Jerry McPeak (D, Warner)
  • State House District 14 - George Faught (R, Muskogee) vs. Eugene Blankenship (D, Muskogee)
  • Muskogee County Sheriff - Roger Lee (R, Muskogee) vs. Charles Pearson (D, Muskogee)
  • Muskogee County Proposition 1
  • Muskogee County Proposition 2
State-wide Races
Incumbents are italicized.
  • Corporation Commission, Short Term - Dana Murphy (R, Edmond) vs. Jim Roth (D, OKC)
  • Corporation Commission, Full Term - Jeff Cloud (R, OKC) vs. Charles Gray (D, OKC)
  • State Question No. 735
  • State Question No. 741
  • State Question No. 742
  • State Question No. 743
Judicial Retention Races
  • Oklahoma Supreme Court - John Reif
  • Oklahoma Supreme Court - Tom Colbert
  • Oklahoma Supreme Court - Joseph Watt
  • Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals - Charles Johnson
  • Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals - Gary Lumpkin
  • Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals - Jerry Goodman
  • Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals - Jane Wiseman
  • Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals - Keith Rapp
  • Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals - John Fischer
Federal Races
Incumbents are italicized.
  • Congressional District 2 - Raymond Wickson (R, Okmulgee) vs. Dan Boren (D, Muskogee)
  • U.S. Senate - Jim Inhofe (R, Tulsa) vs. State Sen. Andrew Rice (D, OKC)
  • President - Sen. John McCain/Gov. Sarah Palin (R, AZ/AK) vs. Sen. Barack Obama/Sen. Joe Biden (D, IL/DE)
Now, no guarantee that I'll post these all in one day... there's more on the ballot than I realized!

Muskogee Phoenix Endorses Dana Murphy

The Muskogee Phoenix newspaper has endorsed Republicans Dana Murphy and Jeff Cloud for the Corporation Commission seats.

Commission Choices

We encourage voters to return Jeff Cloud to a second term on the state Corporation Commission.

We also encourage a vote for Dana Murphy, replacing the man who currently holds a seat on the commission.

Cloud has done a commendable job in his first term. There is no reason to replace him.

Cloud’s opponent, Charles Gray, has taken an admirable stance, stating that unlike Cloud, he would not take campaign donations from energy companies. State law does not prohibit those donations, though we think it should.

Still, Cloud, as others have pointed out, has shown a good balance between serving the interests of consumers and the interests of the companies the commission regulates.

Murphy has a long background in energy, and she served as an administrative law judge for the commission. She has all the qualifications for the job.

Her opponent, Jim Roth, has been on the board for two years after having been appointed by Gov. Brad Henry and serving as a two-term Oklahoma County commissioner.

Given the current energy crisis and the need for development of alternative energy sources, we believe it’s wise to elect someone with a strong energy background and someone who has dealt with energy and consumer issues for years.

The Muskogee Politico applauds this endorsement.

In this election, the Phoenix has endorsed Democrat Sen. Barack Obama for President, Democrat State Sen. Andrew Rice for U.S. Senate, Republican State Rep. George Faught for re-election, sort of endorsed Democrat State Rep. Jerry McPeak for re-election, and Democrat Sheriff Charles Pearson for re-election. They also endorsed the Muskogee County Questions Propositions 1 and 2, which deal with updating the 911 system. They endorsed voting 'no' on SQ 742, the 'Hunters Bill of Rights'.

The Negative Impact of Barack Obama

Here's a great post from Larry at My Take. Here's a teaser from it:

I started off thinking I would vote third party for the same reasons some of the rest gave. I didn’t really care for McCain and I wondered at how bad an Obama Presidency could really be. As I began to research his policies more, I came to the realization that he was a much greater danger than McCain, so I decided to vote against Obama and for McCain. It’s not a good position to be in, voting against, rather than for someone, but my fear of what Barack Obama would do to our country is so great, that it has put me in this position.

One of the main arguments that I hear to not vote for McCain is how our country survived Bill Clinton for eight years and Obama would be no worse. I beg to differ with that assumption. Let’s look at some facts, shall we? These are not necessarily in order of importance, but just as they come to mind.

Read the rest of the post here.

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Voter Fraud is Inevitable

Read this:
Judge rules Ohio homeless voters may list park benches as addresses

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - A federal judge in Ohio has ruled that counties must allow homeless voters to list park benches and other locations that aren't buildings as their addresses.
Rest of article.

I have one word for this: Ridiculous.

Also, this post from Red Stater:
Shocking News: Democrats Behind Smear Campaign On Joe The Plumber

Obama and Marxism

Obama Affinity to Marxists Dates Back to College Days
Barack Obama laughs off charges of socialism. Joe Biden scoffs at references to Marxism. Both men shrug off accusations of liberalism.

But Obama himself acknowledges that he was drawn to socialists and even Marxists as a college student. He continued to associate with Marxists later in life, even choosing to launch his political career in the living room of a self-described Marxist, William Ayers, in 1995, when Obama was 34.

Obama's affinity for Marxists began when he attended Occidental College in Los Angeles.

"To avoid being mistaken for a sellout, I chose my friends carefully," the Democratic presidential candidate wrote in his memoir, "Dreams From My Father." "The more politically active black students. The foreign students. The Chicanos. The Marxist professors and structural feminists."

(rest of article)

Articles for this Morning

Monday, October 27, 2008

Gaza Arabs Calling Americans in Support of Obama

From Arutz Sheva (I highly recommend... the major right-wing Israeli news agency):
A Palestinian Authority newspaper reported on Sunday that Arab residents of Gaza are randomly calling Americans at home in hopes of persuading them to vote for Democratic candidate Senator Barack Obama in next month's US presidential election.

The article in Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, first noted and translated by Palestinian Media Watch, quotes a young man from the Hamas-controlled Gaza region as saying, "We dial random numbers and try to call people [in the United States] without knowing their identity or their affiliation...." He reportedly uses "Internet sites that allow making free calls... in order to use them for the campaign supporting Obama."


Abu Jayyab's freelance phone campaign for Obama in the last weeks of the American presidential race has not been the first time the Illinois senator has gotten such help. An Al-Jazeera TV report during the Democratic primaries featured Abu Jayyab as well, when he was busy organizing calls to American voters to persuade them to vote for Obama over then-candidate Sen. Hillary Clinton.

Other types of assistance have also been forthcoming from Gaza. In July of this year, Pamela Geller of the Atlas Shrugs blog revealed documents purporting to show that the Obama campaign received nearly $30,000 from two brothers living in Rafiah, in Hamas-controlled Gaza, during 2007.

I wonder if A.C.O.R.N. has made it to Gaza yet; I'm sure they can find some willing voters over there.

TvPoll Tracking Polls - Week Eight

TvPoll/KWTV Oklahoma Presidential Tracking Poll (link)
(Poll details and crosstabs - PDF)
  • McCain (R) - 61.6 (63.7)
  • Obama (D) - 34.8 (32.4)
  • Undecided - 3.6 (4.0)
Poll of 720 Likely Voters, October 24-26, with a MoE of 3.5%. Last poll's results in parentheses.
A steady race here. An eight point swing in the voter sample (see below), and still about the same.
TvPoll/KWTV Oklahoma U.S. Senate Tracking Poll (link)
(Poll details and crosstabs - PDF)
  • Inhofe (R) - 51.3 (52.9)
  • Rice (D) - 41.0 (39.5)
  • Wallace (I) - 3.3 (3.9)
  • Undecided - 4.4 (3.6)
Poll of 720 Likely Voters, October 24-26, with a MoE of 3.5%. Last poll's results in parentheses.
Again, very little change here (even with the voter ID difference from last week).
TvPoll/KWTV Oklahoma Corp.Comm. (Short Term) Tracking Poll (link)
(Poll details and crosstabs - PDF)
  • Murphy (R) - 34.7 (39.2)
  • Roth (D) - 46.7 (39.8)
  • Undecided -18.6 (21.0)
Poll of 720 Likely Voters, October 24-26, with a MoE of 3.5%. Last poll's results in parentheses.
Jim "Bought and Paid For" Roth released some hard hitting allegations this past week, and this is a direct result of it. So far, Dana Murphy has not responded in a public enough way to counteract the attack ads. However, if she doesn't start to make up some ground fast, this race might not go so well next Tuesday.

That said, read below about the Voted ID sample.
TvPoll/KWTV Oklahoma Corp. Comm. (Long Term) Tracking Poll (link)
(Poll details and crosstabs - PDF)
  • Cloud (R) - 45.9 (44.9)
  • Gray (D) - 31.3 (29.9)
  • Undecided - 22.7 (25.2)
Poll of 720 Likely Voters, October 24-26, with a MoE of 3.5%. Last poll's results in parentheses.
Cloud appears likely to cruise to re-election.

Voter ID:
  • Democrat - 55.3% (52.0%)
  • Republican - 37.7% (42.7%)
  • Independent -7.0% (5.3%)

There was a 3% jump in the Democrat sample, a 5% drop in the Republican group, and a 2% rise for Independents. With such a drastic tumult in the voter ID, the results in this poll are a bit hard to stake too much in. Eight points would wipe out much of Jim Roth's new lead, so things might not be so bad for Dana Murphy.

Another interesting thing I noticed in the crosstabs was the Congressional District the persons polled lived in. Throughout the tracking polls, the 2nd CD has typically comprised about 2% more of the polled persons than the other districts. Could this have an impact? Possibly.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Potts Implicated in Phipps Scandal

H/T to McCarville:
Corrupt businessman Steve Phipps, the linchpin of a three-year FBI investigation, told a federal grand jury he could implicate more than 30 people--including Democratic Senate leader Mike Morgan--in "criminal activities and/or political corruption," a court document shows. That's the lead paragraph in a copyrighted Tony Thornton story in the Sunday editions of The Oklahoman.

Among others named: Former Agriculture Secretary Dennis Howard, former Auditor & Inspector Clifton Scott, Water Resources Board Director Duane Smith, District Judge Williard Driesel of southeastern Oklahoma, former Muskogee legislator Jeff Potts, former Jay legislator Jay Hutchison, Kiamichi Economic Development District of Oklahoma Director Chester Dennis, former McAlester Mayor Dale Covington and former McAlester City Manager Randy Green.
(emphasis mine)
Muskogee attorney Jeff Potts ran for State House District 14 in 2006, after long-time representative Barbara Staggs was term-limited. Potts beat former District Attorney Dianne Barker-Harrold in the Democratic primary 55%-45%. He was defeated in the general election by the Republican nominee, George Faught, by a margin of 54%-46%.

He was a state representative for one term in the early 1990's. It is not known at this time when the alleged "criminal activities and/or political corruption" took place.

Perhaps this is why Jeff Potts didn't try for a re-match with George Faught.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Obama Campaign Whines over Interview

Kudos to WFTV (Orlando) news anchor Barbara West!
WFTV-Channel 9's Barbara West conducted a satellite interview with Sen. Joe Biden on Thursday. A friend says it's some of the best entertainment he's seen recently. What do you think?

West wondered about Sen. Barack Obama's comment, to Joe the Plumber, about spreading the wealth. She quoted Karl Marx and asked how Obama isn't being a Marxist with the "spreading the wealth" comment.

"Are you joking?" said Biden, who is Obama's running mate. "No," West said.

West later asked Biden about his comments that Obama could be tested early on as president. She wondered if the Delaware senator was saying America's days as the world's leading power were over.

"I don't know who's writing your questions," Biden shot back.

Biden so disliked West's line of questioning that the Obama campaign canceled a WFTV interview with Jill Biden the candidate's wife.

"This cancellation is non-negotiable, and further opportunities for your station to interview with this campaign are unlikely, at best for the duration of the remaining days until the election," wrote Laura K. McGinnis, Central Florida communications director for the Obama campaign.

WFTV news director Bob Jordan said, "When you get a shot to ask these candidates, you want to make the most of it. They usually give you five minutes."

Jordan said political campaigns in general pick and choose the stations they like. And stations often pose softball questions during the satellite interviews.

"Mr. Biden didn't like the questions," Jordan said. "We choose not to ask softball questions."

(rest of article)

Here's the video:

Livni to Call for Elections

On the Israeli political front...

Kadima Party* head (and interim Prime Minister) Tzipi Livni has been unable to form a new government coalition, and will call for early elections. If she had been able to form a new coalition within six weeks of PM Ehud Olmert's resignation in September, she could have avoided national elections.

Currently, Likud Party** chairman, Binyamin (Bibi) Netanyahu is heavily favored to win the next national elections.

As of now, the Kadima coalition holds a majority in the Knesset, Israel's legislative body; however, Likud is set to come roaring back in the next election.

The national elections will probably be held in January of February.

My thoughts? Personally, I would like to see Bibi become PM again; Olmert has been a disaster.

*The Kadima party is a
center-left/centrist party in Israel.
**The Likud party is a center-right/right-wing party in Israel.

Muskogee Phoenix Endorses Rep. George Faught

The Muskogee Phoenix newspaper has endorsed State Rep. George Faught (R, Muskogee) for State House. House District 14, which Faught has represented since the 2006 election, covers eastern Muskogee and western Cherokee counties.
Return Faught

Rep. George Faught deserves to be re-elected to serve in the state House from District 14.

Faught has demonstrated desire to understand all sides of the issues he has faced and thoughtfulness in casting his votes the past two years whether you agree with all of those decisions or not.

Some of the issues the state faces right now regarding the budget, the economy, our infrastructure, health care, education and a multitude of other issues are very tough and complex with no easy solutions. The challenges call for legislators who can put special interests aside and make decisions with gravity and fairness.

Faught has demonstrated those qualities.

And Faught is a hard worker, a trait he obviously has gained in operating his small business.

So far, the Phoenix has also endorsed Barack Obama for President, and Andrew Rice for U.S. Senate, both liberal Democrats. They also endorsed the Muskogee
County Questions Propositions 1 and 2, which deal with updating the 911 system. Prop 1 would increase the 911 fee for land-lines from 5% to 15% per month, and Prop 2 would institute a $0.50 fee per month for cell phones.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dana Murphy Responds to Jim Roth's Attacks

Republican candidate for Corporation Commission Dana Murphy responds to mud-slinging by her Democratic opponent, Jim Roth.
Murphy Says Opponent Resorting to Smear Campaign
(Oklahoma City, OK) Republican Corporation Commission candidate Dana Murphy says appointee Corporation Commissioner Jim Roth’s attempt to smear her name with accusations from a 15 year old divorce is nothing but good ole’ boy politics at its worst. Murphy says it’s being done with hundreds of thousands dollars of campaign contributions from his special interest friends inside and outside the state.
“As a career bureaucrat, he has relied on his powerful, special interest friends to get where he is today”, says Murphy. “He’s panicked because he won’t be able to deliver more favors for powerful friends if he is not elected to the job that was given to him.”
“Unlike everyday Oklahomans like me who have earned their way by hard work and persistence working in the real world, he has made his living by delivering favors to his powerful friends using tax dollars while a public official.”
My opponent is using this personal attack mudslinging to divert voters’ attention from the issues and who’s most qualified to serve on the Commission. As a geologist, energy attorney and former Commission administrative law judge, I have the education and real world experience to be the best Corporation Commissioner. He’s reverted to good old boy mudslinging in the hopes people will forget he has no qualifications for office and that he’s been acting like a lapdog for special interest groups since he was handed the job of Corporation Commissioner.”
Murphy says Oklahomans should demand answers from Roth about his ties to those donating to his campaigns for public office.
He is getting tens of thousands of dollars outside Oklahoma, from those in Georgia, Washington, D.C., Colorado, New York and California. Why?
He’s taken tens of thousands of dollars from officers and CEOs from the largest public utilities in Oklahoma who have regularly had cases in front of him. What are they paying for?
He’s received over a $100,000 in contributions that come from those at one large natural gas company. Didn’t the same company oppose the coal fired plant that Roth voted against, one that would have saved Oklahoma consumers billions of dollars?
Why did Mr. Roth, as a sitting Corporation Commissioner, take campaign contributions during a time when Oklahoma law expressly forbids sitting Commissioners from taking contributions?
Why as a County Commissioner did he sponsor the building of a road and bridge that runs to the tree farm of one of his campaign chairman?

Do Oklahomans really want to elect a lapdog for the special interests or do they want an everyday Oklahoman just like them to stand up as a watchdog, someone who is not afraid to stand up to the powerful special interests?

It’s time for Oklahomans to send the message that the Corporation Commission seat cannot be bought by special interest groups.

For more information about Murphy’s campaign for Corporation Commission, please visit

As we've reported, and will continue to report, Jim Roth has been bought and paid for by Aubrey McClendon and Chesapeake, as well as his out-of-state donors. Dana Murphy will be our commissioner, and not a puppet for Aubrey McClendon and Chesapeake.

Iran Considering Preemptive Strike on Israel?

Top Iran officials recommend preemptive strike against Israel (from Haaretz).
Senior Tehran officials are recommending a preemptive strike against Israel to prevent an Israeli attack on Iran's nuclear reactors, a senior Islamic Republic official told foreign diplomats two weeks ago in London.
Interesting development...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Obama's Grandmother Ill

Obama has canceled his campaign events Thursday and Friday, to fly to Hawaii to visit his ill grandmother.

Reports say she broke her hip recently; perhaps after getting thrown under the bus by Barack?

Obama Endorses Rice

Barack Obama has endorsed Democrat Andrew Rice in his race against Sen. Jim Inhofe. It came out in an email:
Dear Friend, You can change politics in this country at every level -- up and down the ballot. Our records show that you live in Oklahoma. There's a candidate in Oklahoma who's working to bring the change this country needs, and that candidate is Andrew Rice. Get involved and help bring change now. Andrew Rice for Senate: Visit the website. Don't wait until Election Day to support Rice. Get involved today to make sure Oklahoma has a strong senator to take our country in a new direction. Thanks, Obama for America P.S. -- To get involved with Obama for America in your community, visit your state page:
(h/t to McCarville)

If Rice was smart, this was not a good idea. Getting endorsed by a candidate who is under-performing you by 7-10 points? Not good...

Monday, October 20, 2008

TvPoll Tracking Polls - Week Seven

TvPoll/KWTV Oklahoma Presidential Tracking Poll (link)
(Poll details and crosstabs - PDF)
  • McCain (R) - 63.7 (63.0)
  • Obama (D) - 32.4 (31.9)
  • Undecided - 4.0 (5.1)
Poll of 763 Likely Voters, October 19-20, with a MoE of 3.51%. Last poll's results in parentheses.
The undecideds are finally dropping off, as we get into the final days of this election.
TvPoll/KWTV Oklahoma U.S. Senate Tracking Poll (link)
(Poll details and crosstabs - PDF)
  • Inhofe (R) - 52.9 (53.1)
  • Rice (D) - 39.5 (39.5)
  • Wallace (I) - 3.9 (2.0)
  • Undecided - 3.6 (5.4)
Poll of 763 Likely Voters, October 19-20, with a MoE of 3.51%. Last poll's results in parentheses.
We appear to have reached equilibrium in this race. The numbers are virtually unchanged over the past three weeks.
TvPoll/KWTV Oklahoma Corp.Comm. (Short Term) Tracking Poll (link)
(Poll details and crosstabs - PDF)
  • Murphy (R) - 39.2 (40.0)
  • Roth (D) - 39.8 (35.1)
  • Undecided -21.0 (24.9)
Poll of 763 Likely Voters, October 19-20, with a MoE of 3.51%. Last poll's results in parentheses.
The two candidates are now in a virtual tie, whereas before Dana Murphy held a slim lead. I believe this is directly attributable to Roth's growing presence in television advertising. This race will by far be the closest of the major statewide elections on November 4th. Jim Roth has a huge cash advantage over Murphy (as he is 'Bought and Paid For', as I have said time and again.), however, this appears to be a good year for Republicans in the state of Oklahoma, and I feel confident that Dana Murphy will pull this out.
TvPoll/KWTV Oklahoma Corp. Comm. (Long Term) Tracking Poll (link)
(Poll details and crosstabs - PDF)
  • Cloud (R) - 44.9 (37.4)
  • Gray (D) - 29.9 (30.2)
  • Undecided - 25.2 (32.4)
Poll of 763 Likely Voters, October 19-20, with a MoE of 3.51%. Last poll's results in parentheses.
Again, due to increased TV advertising, Jeff Cloud breaks open an expected lead over his opponent. A big part of the movement? I bet it's due to this ad of his.

Voter ID:
  • Democrat - 52.0% (53.5%)
  • Republican - 42.7% (41.0%)
  • Independent -5.3% (5.6%)

Things are shaping up to be a great November 4th for the Oklahoma Republican Party. It may be a little tense for a while at the Murphy watch party, but I believe that all Republican state-wide candidates will come out on top, and the State Senate will switch control to the Republicans for the first time in state history.

Young Republicans Meeting Tonight

The Muskogee County Young Republicans club will hold their monthly meeting at Flair's Grille, at 5:30pm on October 20th (that's tonight). Guest speaker will be Tulsa talk show host Chris Medlock.

Medlock was a Tulsa City Councilman, representing Tulsa 's District 2 for three years. He ran for mayor in 2006, narrowly losing in the Republican primary to the incumbent mayor. He now hosts the 'Chris Medlock Show', which runs from 2-4pm , Monday through Friday, on Tulsa talk radio station 1170 KFAQ.

The Cherokee County Young Republicans club will also be meeting with the Muskogee County Young Republicans. All Republicans from the ages of 18-40, who reside in Muskogee or Cherokee counties, are invited. If you don't fall under that age range, still come.

For more information, please call MCYRS President Jordan Stevens (918-360-2703) or visit

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Dear John McCain

I received this email from a friend. I thought it was good enough to share with you. It's a bit long, but worth reading every word.

Dear John McCain,

My name is Mike Ford of Tulsa, Oklahoma. I am in restaurant management by trade, but am very involved in local politics. I was a state volunteer coordinator for Mike Huckabee, and since the primary has ended, I have become a GOP precinct chairman and have volunteered for a few Republican races locally.

Please don't be offended that I am not involved in yours here, but I am confident that Oklahoma will remain Red on the national level, but we are struggling to win the majority in the state congress. However, I would like to help your campaign by offering a few suggestions.

Though I am not a experienced strategist, nor a sought after campaign manager, I can humbly offer you what many cannot. The perspective of an American voter with a dash of common sense strategy designed to turn the polls based on voter demographics. Please consider:

1. The Baby Boomer voting block

While there is much talk about women, minorities and youth changing this election, there is one voting block that will decisively decide this election like no other: Age 50 and up.

These citizens not only make up the largest voting block, but they are unique because they remember where this country used to be, and where it is headed under the Obama administration. They remember the Cold War and Communist aggression. American pride. Moral character. Family values. Church on Sunday, family loyalty, hard work, public decency and a commitment to real education. This is the group you must address NOW, and start with their recollection of respect for the elderly.

In a recent commercial by the Obama campaign, you were ridiculed for being unable to use a computer. This commercial flopped, and even Joe Biden spoke against it. However, you never received any traction because you did not capitalize on it. This commercial should be reviewed by every senior citizen, because Obama has insulted an entire generation.

You should point out that our problems will be overcome by the American spirit, and calm fear by calling on the history of a generation who overcame many trials. Tie it to the commercial by saying that regardless of what Obama thinks, the generation that invented the computer took this great nation to it's most prosperous times, and we don't need a change that moves us away from Americana, but back towards it. Values, standards and character.

Then launch a commercial exploiting the insensitive ad he ran. Achieve 4 goals:

a. Let America view the ad from the perspective of the elderly.
b. Explain that you were not insulted by Obama's ignorance of your injuries that make it difficult to use a computer, but rather by the insinuation that an entire generation is somehow irrelevant and unable to solve our country's problems ... one more time.
c. Point out the accomplishments of this generation, and where this country has fallen since liberal and socialist policies have influenced our economy and educational systems. Identify that this generation built this country's success after a depression based on hard work, faith and conservative values that contrast Obama's values, record and policies.
d. Make a call to both this generation to stand up once again and lead, while calling on Obama to apologize for this discrimination against the largest voting generation in U.S. history.

2. Guilt by Association

I believe that the connections with Ayres, Wright, Alinski, ACORN, African dictators and Farrakan are important. So are the connections Obama has with Fanny and Freddie. However, delivery is the key.

The independent groups helped close the gaps against Kerry by bringing up the Swiftboat issues. If Bush had driven that point, it would have been perceived as negative and would not have been as successful. We need a 3rd party group to run these hit pieces.

What you can do is begin calling out agendas that are wrong and let others connect the dots. Become a patriotic icon, like Reagan. Begin calling for accountability and public disdain on issues that threaten America:

a. Communism and neo-socialist ideology are making a resurgence in the world and also in American politics. Americans are no longer anti-communist as we used to be, and we need a leader to warn of the re-emergence of the evil empire of communism/neo-socialism, and informed that as we speak, there are members of Congress who sympathize with this anti-American philosophy. Decree that "We the people" should vote out the socialist agenda in the upcoming elections, and that Americans must be vigilant against tolerating education agendas like Ayres', who promotes anti-American values, and should be exposed.

"When I was informed of this connection, I was much more disturbed by the radical goals of this so-called education agenda, that breeds anti-American views to students and segregates them from the patriotic community. That's even more dangerous to our country than violence, because it aims to brainwash young people into believing that America is fundamentally bad."

b. Politicians and committee members taking money from companies that are now causing economic problems. Call for an official investigation into the failure.

"Let the chips fall where they may. If guilt rests on the Bush administration, so be it. But, if it should fall on leaders in Congress, committee members or even past administrations, we must define this problem and demand accountability, or we are destined to repeat it."

c. Voter fraud and intimidation of financial institutions, and public funding to groups like ACORN. The call for emergency legislation requiring voter ID should be sounded, and Obama should be challenged to join the cause. Also declare that all who gave or received money from ACORN reverse their actions and call for a national investigation into ACORN, defining it as "organized crime".

Then let the 3rd parties link Obama to these subjects.

3. Re-Define Yourself

Obama and the media have defined you to the American public. You have been defined as a Bush cronie, and must dispel that. Lay out the differences between you and President Bush, respectfully. Then, follow up by not apologizing for agreeing with the President on issues that most Americans do. Defend what is right, condemn what is wrong. Expose him on his differences with the President where he was wrong.

Great job of telling Obama that he is not running against Bush. Unfortunately, you didn't close the deal. This must be said at every campaign stop, and every press conference or interview. It must be a point made by commercial.

Running against Bush and blaming the GOP for America's problems is exactly how the Democrats won 2006. They will use this strategy until it is no longer effective. It must be countered by informing America that the Dems promised change and ran against Bush to win Congress in 2006, only to deliver more of the same earmarks for pork-barrel projects, scandals, partisanship and in-effectiveness that they promised to change.

This left us with a higher deficit, new highs for oil and gas prices, higher unemployment, an implosion of the housing market and a Dow Jones Industrial average that went from record highs in the 14,000's to half it's stature.

Now, the party that America threw out in 1994 has been back in power for only two years, and Nancy Pelosi's liberal leadership has brought on the lowest approval rating in Congressional history. For them to have the audacity to insult the intelligence of American voters again is outrageous. "America won't get fooled again" by the change message should become a new slogan for the GOP.

4. New Website for Reference

At every speech, interview, conference and press release, the public should be encouraged to visit a website that is easy to remember so they can get more information on what you are trying to communicate. Something like . You cannot rely on the media to deliver your message to the public or check the facts behind Obama's lies.

Because this is the information age and the internet has become a central part of this election, it is vital to build a website that has facts, talking points and references for every charge that is made in public by both your campaign and Obama's. A link to the official website should be added. This will increase web hits to your campaign site and provide a resource for voters to copy and download talking points and videos that can be sent along to others on the internet.

5. Buy American

Both you and your wife should invest a large amount of money into the stock market and make it public. Buy stocks in American companies, including the Michigan based auto giants.

Give a press conference that challenges Americans who can to "ante up" and invest in the stock market and "BUY AMERICAN". Challenge Obama to do the same. This will help attract patriotic attention to your campaign and help promote the "Country First" message.

Angrily point out that the CEOs of the failed companies that caused the economic collapse have walked away with millions of dollars, and now have the responsibility to help clean up the mess they made by taking that "blood money" and investing it into American stocks.

Encourage those who cannot invest to look at the labels on the products they buy now and for Christmas and buy American products. Plug American car makers. Discourage citizens from pulling their savings out of the stock market for fear, explaining that the market will recover as it always has and their investments will be worth more because they are buying stock at low prices. Point out that financial experts say those who get in now are likely to prosper.

This will open the door to exploit Obama regarding taxation on American companies that cannot afford to operate in the USA, and that his suggestion that Americans should be allowed to pull their savings out of the market now (without penalty) is destructive to the economy and just plain old bad financial advice that will encourage investors to lose their retirement savings.

It will also open the door to propose cutting capital gains taxes, in contrast with Obama's attempt to raise them. Communicate that this, along with raising taxes, will help kill the economy.

6. Michigan and the Big 3 Auto Giants

Go to Michigan and meet with these companies in an "emergency meeting". This done with the intent of relying the message of "Tell me what I can do as president to help the "Greatest American Industry" not only recover to save jobs, but to lead the world in the auto industry.

Walk away with a message, live from Michigan, to the skilled auto workers there and pledge a guarantee that you will do something specifically to give them the advantage they need and deserve as the traditional backbone of the American economy.

Challenge Congress to have an "emergency session" to vote on lifting restrictions and taxes that hinder these companies. A one year exemption on payroll taxes would be an idea. Challenge every American to purchase at least one share of stock in the US auto industry to help them, and Michigan's economy, to recover.

Do this, and you will win Michigan.

7. Iraq

You failed to stand by your support for invading Iraq, and instead focused only on the surge. You must either admit that it was wrong, or explain why it was right.

Obama said it's not wrong to use troops to save lives during genocide. He should have been reminded about the mass graves Kurds who were gassed to death by "Hussein" (yes, use Hussein) and hundreds of thousands of murders, tortures and rapes committed by his regime.

Pull out the famous "Deck of Cards" our troops carried and remind America and Obama about the villains like "Chemical Ali". Say you voted, like the majority of Congress, based on the best intel you had. But at the end of the day, after seeing justice served and people being set free, you are not sorry that Iraq was liberated. Remind Americans that this election season, we should be thankful of the right to vote and proud that Iraqis and Afghans can vote for the first time, including women.

8. Use the "S Word"

What happened to straight talk? Call Obama's policies "Socialist" live on the air, and act offended by them. Make him look un-American and naive for proposing these policies that do not work and only lead to trouble, and explain why Americans, not you, are fundamentally opposed to this ideology. "Buying votes" by promising entitlements has enslaved too many low income Americans for too long.

Point out that you and millions of others have served your country to fight Communism and halt the spread of Socialist ideology, and that millions of Americans are united to stand against Socialism here in America.

9. Communicate to the Middle Class Tax Payer

Obama has America convinced that your economic policies are like Bush's, and that they leave out the middle and lower class. He has them convinced that his policies mean lower taxes and better times for everyone (95%) under $250,000. If you do not dispel this, you will lose this issue. Thank God for Joe the Plumber!

10. Abortion

When issue of abortion comes up, ask Obama why he believes that "we should work on solutions to limit abortions". If nothing is wrong with it, why limit them? This is more hypocrisy.

You must go in for the kill shot regarding Obama's radical record and agenda on abortion to regain the church crowd.

If McCain would only use some of these suggestions...

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Media Bias and Sarah Palin, Yet Again

Once again, another instance of the media's attempts to paint Sarah Palin as an ignorant hick. Here's from an interview she had with the Indianapolis Star.
I don't think that Americans are, um, I think Americans need to know with that issue even that there was an Alaska state trooper who had made death threats against my family and our personal security detail asked me and asked my husband if the threats, if the concerns continued, to go to the commissioner of the Department of Public Safety and express those concerns.
But I say that voters should be very,
um, in fairness to voters they should have all the information that they need on both tickets. [link]
I'm sure this will continue, and Barack Obama won't have the same reporting done.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Media Bias, Case No. 16,424

Remember my previous post on the media quoting Sarah Palin with "um's"? They're at it again.
'According to published reports, Palin told a North Carolina fundraiser Thursday that the best of America was not in Washington, D.C., but in small towns like the one in Alaska where she served as mayor.

"Being here with all of you hardworking, very patriotic, um, very, um, pro-America areas of this great nation. This is where we find the kindness and the goodness and the courage of everyday Americans," the Republican vice presidential candidate said.' [link]

Hello! How come I've never seen the media quoting Obama or Biden with all their um's and uh's (other than the obvious fact that they're in the tank for Obiden, and trashing McPalin at every turn)?

We'll try to keep track of blatant bias like this. Feel free to let us know if you stumble across similar articles...

Bought and Paid For: Jim Roth Part Two

Bought and Paid For: Jim Roth
Part Two in a continuing series from the Muskogee Politico

Jim Roth, Democrat candidate for Corporation Commission, has raised record-breaking amounts of campaign cash in this election cycle. As of August 11th, over $100,000 of Roth's campaign war-chest came from out of state. Nearly $42,000 is from Texas, and around $10,000 each from California, Colorado, Florida, and Washington, D.C.

Observe Roth's reaction to this student's question:

Jim Roth: bought and paid for by out-of-state contributors.

Hawaii To End Universal Child Health Care

Hawaii is dropping their universal child health care program less than a year after they launched it.

Gov. Linda Lingle's administration cited budget shortfalls and other available health care options for eliminating funding for the program. A state official said families were dropping private coverage so their children would be eligible for the subsidized plan.

"People who were already able to afford health care began to stop paying for it so they could get it for free," said Dr. Kenny Fink, the administrator for Med-QUEST at the Department of Human Services. "I don't believe that was the intent of the program."

Hawaii lawmakers approved the health plan in 2007 as a way to ensure every child can get basic medical help. The Keiki (child) Care program aimed to cover every child from birth to 18 years old who didn't already have health insurance—mostly immigrants and members of lower-income families.

Pelosi, Reid, and Obama should take a hint from Hawaii's program and Massachusett's RomneyCare: universal health care does not work.