Sunday, October 19, 2008

Dear John McCain

I received this email from a friend. I thought it was good enough to share with you. It's a bit long, but worth reading every word.

Dear John McCain,

My name is Mike Ford of Tulsa, Oklahoma. I am in restaurant management by trade, but am very involved in local politics. I was a state volunteer coordinator for Mike Huckabee, and since the primary has ended, I have become a GOP precinct chairman and have volunteered for a few Republican races locally.

Please don't be offended that I am not involved in yours here, but I am confident that Oklahoma will remain Red on the national level, but we are struggling to win the majority in the state congress. However, I would like to help your campaign by offering a few suggestions.

Though I am not a experienced strategist, nor a sought after campaign manager, I can humbly offer you what many cannot. The perspective of an American voter with a dash of common sense strategy designed to turn the polls based on voter demographics. Please consider:

1. The Baby Boomer voting block

While there is much talk about women, minorities and youth changing this election, there is one voting block that will decisively decide this election like no other: Age 50 and up.

These citizens not only make up the largest voting block, but they are unique because they remember where this country used to be, and where it is headed under the Obama administration. They remember the Cold War and Communist aggression. American pride. Moral character. Family values. Church on Sunday, family loyalty, hard work, public decency and a commitment to real education. This is the group you must address NOW, and start with their recollection of respect for the elderly.

In a recent commercial by the Obama campaign, you were ridiculed for being unable to use a computer. This commercial flopped, and even Joe Biden spoke against it. However, you never received any traction because you did not capitalize on it. This commercial should be reviewed by every senior citizen, because Obama has insulted an entire generation.

You should point out that our problems will be overcome by the American spirit, and calm fear by calling on the history of a generation who overcame many trials. Tie it to the commercial by saying that regardless of what Obama thinks, the generation that invented the computer took this great nation to it's most prosperous times, and we don't need a change that moves us away from Americana, but back towards it. Values, standards and character.

Then launch a commercial exploiting the insensitive ad he ran. Achieve 4 goals:

a. Let America view the ad from the perspective of the elderly.
b. Explain that you were not insulted by Obama's ignorance of your injuries that make it difficult to use a computer, but rather by the insinuation that an entire generation is somehow irrelevant and unable to solve our country's problems ... one more time.
c. Point out the accomplishments of this generation, and where this country has fallen since liberal and socialist policies have influenced our economy and educational systems. Identify that this generation built this country's success after a depression based on hard work, faith and conservative values that contrast Obama's values, record and policies.
d. Make a call to both this generation to stand up once again and lead, while calling on Obama to apologize for this discrimination against the largest voting generation in U.S. history.

2. Guilt by Association

I believe that the connections with Ayres, Wright, Alinski, ACORN, African dictators and Farrakan are important. So are the connections Obama has with Fanny and Freddie. However, delivery is the key.

The independent groups helped close the gaps against Kerry by bringing up the Swiftboat issues. If Bush had driven that point, it would have been perceived as negative and would not have been as successful. We need a 3rd party group to run these hit pieces.

What you can do is begin calling out agendas that are wrong and let others connect the dots. Become a patriotic icon, like Reagan. Begin calling for accountability and public disdain on issues that threaten America:

a. Communism and neo-socialist ideology are making a resurgence in the world and also in American politics. Americans are no longer anti-communist as we used to be, and we need a leader to warn of the re-emergence of the evil empire of communism/neo-socialism, and informed that as we speak, there are members of Congress who sympathize with this anti-American philosophy. Decree that "We the people" should vote out the socialist agenda in the upcoming elections, and that Americans must be vigilant against tolerating education agendas like Ayres', who promotes anti-American values, and should be exposed.

"When I was informed of this connection, I was much more disturbed by the radical goals of this so-called education agenda, that breeds anti-American views to students and segregates them from the patriotic community. That's even more dangerous to our country than violence, because it aims to brainwash young people into believing that America is fundamentally bad."

b. Politicians and committee members taking money from companies that are now causing economic problems. Call for an official investigation into the failure.

"Let the chips fall where they may. If guilt rests on the Bush administration, so be it. But, if it should fall on leaders in Congress, committee members or even past administrations, we must define this problem and demand accountability, or we are destined to repeat it."

c. Voter fraud and intimidation of financial institutions, and public funding to groups like ACORN. The call for emergency legislation requiring voter ID should be sounded, and Obama should be challenged to join the cause. Also declare that all who gave or received money from ACORN reverse their actions and call for a national investigation into ACORN, defining it as "organized crime".

Then let the 3rd parties link Obama to these subjects.

3. Re-Define Yourself

Obama and the media have defined you to the American public. You have been defined as a Bush cronie, and must dispel that. Lay out the differences between you and President Bush, respectfully. Then, follow up by not apologizing for agreeing with the President on issues that most Americans do. Defend what is right, condemn what is wrong. Expose him on his differences with the President where he was wrong.

Great job of telling Obama that he is not running against Bush. Unfortunately, you didn't close the deal. This must be said at every campaign stop, and every press conference or interview. It must be a point made by commercial.

Running against Bush and blaming the GOP for America's problems is exactly how the Democrats won 2006. They will use this strategy until it is no longer effective. It must be countered by informing America that the Dems promised change and ran against Bush to win Congress in 2006, only to deliver more of the same earmarks for pork-barrel projects, scandals, partisanship and in-effectiveness that they promised to change.

This left us with a higher deficit, new highs for oil and gas prices, higher unemployment, an implosion of the housing market and a Dow Jones Industrial average that went from record highs in the 14,000's to half it's stature.

Now, the party that America threw out in 1994 has been back in power for only two years, and Nancy Pelosi's liberal leadership has brought on the lowest approval rating in Congressional history. For them to have the audacity to insult the intelligence of American voters again is outrageous. "America won't get fooled again" by the change message should become a new slogan for the GOP.

4. New Website for Reference

At every speech, interview, conference and press release, the public should be encouraged to visit a website that is easy to remember so they can get more information on what you are trying to communicate. Something like . You cannot rely on the media to deliver your message to the public or check the facts behind Obama's lies.

Because this is the information age and the internet has become a central part of this election, it is vital to build a website that has facts, talking points and references for every charge that is made in public by both your campaign and Obama's. A link to the official website should be added. This will increase web hits to your campaign site and provide a resource for voters to copy and download talking points and videos that can be sent along to others on the internet.

5. Buy American

Both you and your wife should invest a large amount of money into the stock market and make it public. Buy stocks in American companies, including the Michigan based auto giants.

Give a press conference that challenges Americans who can to "ante up" and invest in the stock market and "BUY AMERICAN". Challenge Obama to do the same. This will help attract patriotic attention to your campaign and help promote the "Country First" message.

Angrily point out that the CEOs of the failed companies that caused the economic collapse have walked away with millions of dollars, and now have the responsibility to help clean up the mess they made by taking that "blood money" and investing it into American stocks.

Encourage those who cannot invest to look at the labels on the products they buy now and for Christmas and buy American products. Plug American car makers. Discourage citizens from pulling their savings out of the stock market for fear, explaining that the market will recover as it always has and their investments will be worth more because they are buying stock at low prices. Point out that financial experts say those who get in now are likely to prosper.

This will open the door to exploit Obama regarding taxation on American companies that cannot afford to operate in the USA, and that his suggestion that Americans should be allowed to pull their savings out of the market now (without penalty) is destructive to the economy and just plain old bad financial advice that will encourage investors to lose their retirement savings.

It will also open the door to propose cutting capital gains taxes, in contrast with Obama's attempt to raise them. Communicate that this, along with raising taxes, will help kill the economy.

6. Michigan and the Big 3 Auto Giants

Go to Michigan and meet with these companies in an "emergency meeting". This done with the intent of relying the message of "Tell me what I can do as president to help the "Greatest American Industry" not only recover to save jobs, but to lead the world in the auto industry.

Walk away with a message, live from Michigan, to the skilled auto workers there and pledge a guarantee that you will do something specifically to give them the advantage they need and deserve as the traditional backbone of the American economy.

Challenge Congress to have an "emergency session" to vote on lifting restrictions and taxes that hinder these companies. A one year exemption on payroll taxes would be an idea. Challenge every American to purchase at least one share of stock in the US auto industry to help them, and Michigan's economy, to recover.

Do this, and you will win Michigan.

7. Iraq

You failed to stand by your support for invading Iraq, and instead focused only on the surge. You must either admit that it was wrong, or explain why it was right.

Obama said it's not wrong to use troops to save lives during genocide. He should have been reminded about the mass graves Kurds who were gassed to death by "Hussein" (yes, use Hussein) and hundreds of thousands of murders, tortures and rapes committed by his regime.

Pull out the famous "Deck of Cards" our troops carried and remind America and Obama about the villains like "Chemical Ali". Say you voted, like the majority of Congress, based on the best intel you had. But at the end of the day, after seeing justice served and people being set free, you are not sorry that Iraq was liberated. Remind Americans that this election season, we should be thankful of the right to vote and proud that Iraqis and Afghans can vote for the first time, including women.

8. Use the "S Word"

What happened to straight talk? Call Obama's policies "Socialist" live on the air, and act offended by them. Make him look un-American and naive for proposing these policies that do not work and only lead to trouble, and explain why Americans, not you, are fundamentally opposed to this ideology. "Buying votes" by promising entitlements has enslaved too many low income Americans for too long.

Point out that you and millions of others have served your country to fight Communism and halt the spread of Socialist ideology, and that millions of Americans are united to stand against Socialism here in America.

9. Communicate to the Middle Class Tax Payer

Obama has America convinced that your economic policies are like Bush's, and that they leave out the middle and lower class. He has them convinced that his policies mean lower taxes and better times for everyone (95%) under $250,000. If you do not dispel this, you will lose this issue. Thank God for Joe the Plumber!

10. Abortion

When issue of abortion comes up, ask Obama why he believes that "we should work on solutions to limit abortions". If nothing is wrong with it, why limit them? This is more hypocrisy.

You must go in for the kill shot regarding Obama's radical record and agenda on abortion to regain the church crowd.

If McCain would only use some of these suggestions...


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