Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Commit to Victory

From Kavon W. Nikrad at

As I posted below, this election is still within our grasp. However, any hope of victory requires us to close strong and contribute whatever we can individually to the effort.

Therefore, I am publicly making the commitment to help us close strong by taking time off from my day job beginning October 30th through election day to help get out the vote for McCain/Palin and Norm Coleman.

Each one of us can make the decision to stay home and let President Obama fundamentally alter American Government; or we can make the decision to get up and fight for the candidate who believes in fundamental principles of America: free markets, strong Defense, and the protection of the weakest of us all.

I am making the commitment to fight. I am asking each one of our readers to think about what they can do to help preserve fundamental American Values and post your commitment in the comments section.

Also, please spread the word to your friends and other blogs and ask just what commitment they will make for victory.

What will YOU do for Republican candidates in the next five days?


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