Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Muskogee Politico's Picks, Intro

Since there is less than one week until the election, it's time to unveil the Muskogee Politico's Picks. I'll list the races here, and then post my picks on separate posts.

Races in Muskogee County:
Incumbents are italicized.
  • State House District 13 - Debbie Lienhart (R, Haskell) vs. Jerry McPeak (D, Warner)
  • State House District 14 - George Faught (R, Muskogee) vs. Eugene Blankenship (D, Muskogee)
  • Muskogee County Sheriff - Roger Lee (R, Muskogee) vs. Charles Pearson (D, Muskogee)
  • Muskogee County Proposition 1
  • Muskogee County Proposition 2
State-wide Races
Incumbents are italicized.
  • Corporation Commission, Short Term - Dana Murphy (R, Edmond) vs. Jim Roth (D, OKC)
  • Corporation Commission, Full Term - Jeff Cloud (R, OKC) vs. Charles Gray (D, OKC)
  • State Question No. 735
  • State Question No. 741
  • State Question No. 742
  • State Question No. 743
Judicial Retention Races
  • Oklahoma Supreme Court - John Reif
  • Oklahoma Supreme Court - Tom Colbert
  • Oklahoma Supreme Court - Joseph Watt
  • Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals - Charles Johnson
  • Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals - Gary Lumpkin
  • Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals - Jerry Goodman
  • Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals - Jane Wiseman
  • Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals - Keith Rapp
  • Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals - John Fischer
Federal Races
Incumbents are italicized.
  • Congressional District 2 - Raymond Wickson (R, Okmulgee) vs. Dan Boren (D, Muskogee)
  • U.S. Senate - Jim Inhofe (R, Tulsa) vs. State Sen. Andrew Rice (D, OKC)
  • President - Sen. John McCain/Gov. Sarah Palin (R, AZ/AK) vs. Sen. Barack Obama/Sen. Joe Biden (D, IL/DE)
Now, no guarantee that I'll post these all in one day... there's more on the ballot than I realized!