Thursday, October 09, 2008

Media Bias, Case No. 15,279

"In fact," she [Sarah Palin] added, "Congress is pretty strict on, um, export bans of oil and gas especially." (link)
"... pretty strict on, um, export bans..."? The bias of the media shows through once again. When Barack Obama talks, do they include all the um's and uh's? No, no, no. They continue to try to portray Sarah Palin as some backwoods hick who doesn't know anything.

Imagine if Obama had said that sentence. It would have been something like this: "Uh, in fact, uh, uh, Congress is, uh, pretty, uh, strict on, um, export bans of, uh, oil and, um, gas, uh, especially." But would the media have transcribed that verbatim? No. They've had the chance to do that with him, yet they never do, because they're in love with the One We've Been Waiting For.