Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Negative Impact of Barack Obama

Here's a great post from Larry at My Take. Here's a teaser from it:

I started off thinking I would vote third party for the same reasons some of the rest gave. I didn’t really care for McCain and I wondered at how bad an Obama Presidency could really be. As I began to research his policies more, I came to the realization that he was a much greater danger than McCain, so I decided to vote against Obama and for McCain. It’s not a good position to be in, voting against, rather than for someone, but my fear of what Barack Obama would do to our country is so great, that it has put me in this position.

One of the main arguments that I hear to not vote for McCain is how our country survived Bill Clinton for eight years and Obama would be no worse. I beg to differ with that assumption. Let’s look at some facts, shall we? These are not necessarily in order of importance, but just as they come to mind.

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