Friday, June 29, 2018

Richardson picks Cornett over Stitt

After posting the above image yesterday touting a pending announcement regarding which GOP gubernatorial candidate he would endorse, Gary Richardson this afternoon endorsed stated that he will be voting for Mick Cornett...

... while saying it's not an endorsement... even though he said yesterday that an endorsement was coming. So I guess it's a non-endorsement endorsement, or something.

From the Richardson campaign's Facebook page:
This isn’t an endorsement announcement. I’m going to say first off, both Stitt and Cornett have issues that I’m not happy about. But to me, it boils down to what has each done in the past 20 years of their career.

Mick Cornett based on the record has obviously helped transform Oklahoma City into a thriving metropolis that has created over 100,000 new jobs, not just in OKC, but the whole region. Our state is in a mess, and Mick has shown he has the ability to bring prosperity back to Oklahoma. While I wish he was more conservative in his views on traditional family values, I am more than confident that the State Legislature can keep that in check. But I will say this, Mick doesn’t hide who he is. He is who he says he is and that goes a long way with me.

Kevin Stitt, well if you have been watching my FB videos for the past year, you know where I stand with Kevin. He is a man who has skirted the law to get ahead, consistently lied about his political positions, and lacks the integrity to be our Governor. Additionally , Stitt has zero involvement in Oklahoma’s primary elections and he was even caught lying about it. First he said he voted for Cruz in the Presidential primary and when the records showed he didn’t vote at all he then said he was “busy working”. How do we know when this person is telling the truth?

I know neither candidate is the ideal candidate, but that is the process we choose to be a part of in a democratic republic. This is a job interview and you have one applicant that has experience in running government and has shown an interest in our state government by consistently being involved in choosing its leaders vs the other applicant who has zero experience in state government and hasn’t even bothered to participate in the process he is asking you to vote for on August 28th. The choice to me, knowing that, is clear.

As Ronald Reagan said, “the person who agrees with you 80 percent of the time is a friend and an ally - not a 20 percent traitor.” That’s why on August 28th, I will be voting for Mick Cornett in the GOP runoff election.
For my part, I'm disappointed. I can get over Stitt's flaws for the most part, but Cornett is the clear liberal in the race. He's supported by liberals (including a big Hillary bundler), supported raising taxes and opposed repealing ObamaCare, even headlining a nationwide mayors' letter to Congress about it. I will not vote for Mick Cornett at any point.

Fallin: No Special Legislative Session to Implement State Question 788

Governor Mary Fallin: No Special Legislative Session to Implement State Question 788
Governor, Legislative Leaders Confident in Emergency Rules Drafted by Oklahoma State Health Department

OKLAHOMA CITY – Governor Mary Fallin today issued the following statement on how the state will proceed with developing rules and regulations to deal with implementing State Question 788, the medical marijuana ballot issue approved by Oklahoma voters earlier this week:

“After conferring with House and Senate leaders, we believe a special legislative session is not necessary to implement provisions of State Question 788. The Oklahoma State Department of Health has developed emergency rules that will ensure the health and safety of Oklahomans as well as being fair and balanced for the marijuana industry. The Health Department has been working with other agencies the past several months to develop a medical and proper regulatory framework to make sure marijuana use is truly for valid medical reasons. The voters have spoken, and it’s important that our state has a responsible system up and running to meet the deadlines outlined in State Question 788. If circumstances develop that adjustments to the Health Department rules are necessary, those can be addressed when lawmakers return in regular session early next year.”

The Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) has worked for the past three months to develop a framework for implementing the requirements of SQ 788. Now that Oklahoma voters have approved the measure, OSDH is prepared to meet those requirements by the specified time, and that the process will be handled with integrity. The proposed emergency rules are available online for review and comment. Should individuals or entities wish to submit comments to these draft emergency rules, they must be submitted in writing via e-mail on or before July 3. Proposed emergency rules will be presented to the Oklahoma State Board of Health for its consideration on July 10. More information may be found here.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

OCPA column: Refreshing Leadership at OU

Refreshing leadership
by Jonathan Small, president of the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs (OCPA)

Nearly three months ago, I said incoming University of Oklahoma President Jim Gallogly was a terrific hire. Since then, Gallogly has focused on the core work of a university, showing a relentless dedication to what’s best for students and their families.

Presiding over his first meeting of the OU Board of Regents, Gallogly sent a clear message that he is serious about imposing fiscal discipline, prioritizing spending, slowing the debt-fueled building spree that coincides with a Standard and Poor’s downgrade, and protecting students from tuition hikes.

“We will get our house in order,” Gallogly said.

“Gallogly said OU is in nearly $1 billion worth of debt and that expenses have grown at a rate of nearly $36 million faster than revenues over the last five years,” OU Daily editor-in-chief Nick Hazelrigg reported.

“I consider myself a financial expert, and it’s taken me days and weeks and months to sort it all,” the OU Daily quoted Gallogly as saying. “But I do feel that we have a very good grasp of where we’re at today, and frankly, I’m not pleased with what I found. In the last five years, our operating revenues are up 18.8 percent. Unfortunately, our operating expenses are up more: 23.3 percent.”

To his great credit, Gallogly will not punish students for the mismanagement of the grown-ups. “Frankly,” the OU Daily quotes Gallogly as saying, “our inefficiencies on the Norman campus and our overspending on the Norman campus should not fall on our students.”

This perspective is refreshing. Given the fast-changing world, OU will benefit from this excellent private-sector hire. It is no wonder that University of Oklahoma Board of Regents chairman Clay Bennett says he is “thrilled” to have Gallogly at the helm. Certainly, Gallogly’s fiscal prudence and awareness will come in handy as he navigates the choppy budgetary waters of Oklahoma’s largest higher-learning institution.

According to OU’s financial statements, total annual tuition and fee revenue increased by more than $151 million to a total of $292 million from fiscal year 2007 to fiscal year 2016.

Dr. Richard Vedder, who helps compile the college rankings for Forbes, estimated in 2014 that the top 20 percent of OU professors by teaching load taught 60 percent of the total. If the rest of the faculty could match this productivity, it would save more than $99 million annually.

The opportunities exist at OU to pay performing professors better, empower students, and not increase costs. Gallogly deserves our praise for his outstanding leadership.

Jonathan Small serves as president of the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs (

Election Board: more primary votes than '14 General or '16 Presidential Primary

Statement from Oklahoma State Election Board Secretary Paul Ziriax regarding turnout in the June 26 Primary Election:

"As the state’s chief election official, I am proud of Oklahoma voters for turning out in large numbers for yesterday’s Primary Election. More people voted yesterday than in the 2014 General Election or the 2016 Presidential Primary. We hope this level of voter engagement continues in the Runoff Primary on August 28 and the General Election on November 6."

Turnout comparison

2018 Primary votes cast: 452,194
2014 Primary votes cast: 264,894
2016 PPP votes cast: 459,922

2018 Primary votes cast: 3,549

2018 Primary votes cast: 395,038
2014 Primary votes cast: 167,863
2016 PPP votes cast: 335,843

2018 SQ votes cast: 891,654
2014 combined primary votes cast: 432,757
2014 general votes cast: 824,831
2016 combined PPP votes cast: 795,765

Anthony endorsed by third-place candidate

Third Republican Commission Candidate Endorses Bob Anthony

Teacher and counselor Harold Spradling, who finished third in Tuesday’s Republican primary for Corporation Commissioner, endorsed incumbent Bob Anthony today, saying Anthony has done a great job in the post and should continue.

“Bob Anthony is a man I greatly admire,” Spradling said. “His record proves that he stands up for consumers and against corruption.  He’s brought transparency and auditing and fairness to the Corporation Commission, and we still need him looking out for us and fighting for us.  I’m grateful he’s willing.”

Spradling, who actually contributed to Anthony’s campaign before the primary, said he would be campaigning for Anthony in the runoff and beyond.  “I’ve enjoyed getting out on the campaign trail this year, meeting the people.  I told Bob my support for him wouldn’t just be nominal; I plan to continue to get out there – only speaking up for him this time.”

“I’m honored to have Harold’s support,” said Bob Anthony.  “He believes, as I do, that public service should be about serving the people, not lining your own pockets.  My remaining opponent and I both have long records in public office.  I’m pleased Harold has examined them and decided my record of honesty, fairness and protecting consumers is the one that should continue.”

Asked why, at 84, he ran for the office to begin with, Spradling said, “My beef was never with Bob Anthony.  I was mad at Washington and the hateful, vindictive tone of everything.  I wanted to show you can run for office and still be honest and decent.  I’ve done that; so has Bob Anthony.  Now I’ll carry the torch for him.”

The Runoff Election is August 28.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Runoffs Galore!

Well, primary election day contained a lot of surprises, but relatively few races were resolved. There is a glut of runoffs that will now occur on August 28th to settle the party nominees for many races.

There's a lot to process from the primary. The GOP gubernatorial race left Todd Lamb standing outside of the runoff, and no candidate in a statewide race with three or more people running was able to reach 50%. The 1st Congressional District race ended with former DA Tim Harris surprising most people with a first place finish, while Kevin Hern held off Andy Coleman and Nathan Dahm for the other runoff spot.

Of the conservative legislators that opposed the recent tax hikes and who drew primary challengers, only Sen. Mark Allen won his race without a runoff. Reps. Chuck Strohm and Scott McEachin are gone, trounced in their reelection efforts, receiving 36% to 38% of the vote. Reps. Bobby Cleveland, Jeff Coody, Travis Dunlap, George Faught, Sean Roberts, and Tess Teague all came in first, but under the 50% mark, ranging from a 26.42% lead (Cleveland) to 0.63% lead (Coody). Rep. Mike Ritze is the only legislator to enter a runoff in second place, trailing by 2.92%.

Other Republican legislators in runoffs who voted for the tax hikes are Mark Lawson, John Pfeiffer, and Jadine Nollan, ranging from a 24.99% lead (Lawson) to 9.08% (Nollan). Also of note, Rep. Kevin McDugle currently leads by 3 votes over his challenger, with 10 provisional ballots to be reviewed on Friday.

Three incumbent Republican House members who voted for all of the tax hikes were defeated. Rep. Greg Babinec was crushed by one of his challengers 61% to 28%. Rep. Steve Vaughan lost to Ken Luttrell, who was the Democrat incumbent Vaughan beat back in 2010. Rep. Scooter Park lost to Toni Hassenbeck, who was a Democrat in 2014 when Park beat her by the same exact percentage that she beat him by on Tuesday.

In one of the few bright spots, RINO Sen. Ervin Yen lost his primary in a 60% to 40% thumping.

The State Senate is now guaranteed to have at least 12 freshmen out of 48 members (25%), while the State House is guaranteed to have at least 37 freshmen out of 101 members (37%). At least one-third of the legislature will be brand new.

Republicans have 34 runoffs -- 7 statewide races, one congressional, 4 state senate races, and 22 state house races. The Libertarian gubernatorial primary barely went to a runoff. Democrats have 13 runoffs -- one statewide race, four congressional, 1 state senate race, and 7 state house races.

Here are the runoffs for the statewide, congressional, and legislative races:

Governor: Mick Cornett (29.35%) vs. Kevin Stitt (24.41%)
Lieutenant Governor: Dana Murphy (45.85%) vs. Matt Pinnell (35.7%)
State Auditor: Cindy Byrd (49.45%) vs. Charlie Prater (42.08%)
Attorney General: Mike Hunter (44.46%) vs. Gentner Drummond (38.46%)
State Superintendent: Joy Hofmeister (46.84%) vs. Linda Murphy (31.05%)
Labor Commissioner: Cathy Costello (43.26%) vs. Leslie Osborn (35.92%)
Corporation Commissioner: Bob Anthony (47.17%) vs. Brian Bingman (38.42%)
Congressional District 1: Tim Harris (27.48%) vs. Kevin Hern (22.67%)
Senate District 10: Bill Coleman (48.47%) vs. Amber Roberts (27.46%)
SD16: Ed Crocker (44.41%) vs. Becky Maldonado (39.44%)
SD30: Lori Callahan (20.07%) vs. John Symcox (19.96%)
SD36: John Haste (34.71%) vs. Bill Day (25.6%)
House District 10: Rep. Travis Dunlap (46.11%) vs. Judd Strom (41.93%)
HD14: Rep. George Faught (44.61%) vs. Chris Sneed (28.48%)
HD17: John Hass (34.88%) vs. Jim Grego (29.02%)
HD20: Rep. Bobby Cleveland (43.04%) vs. Sherrie Conley (16.62%)
HD27: Danny Sterling (37.8%) vs. Dave Spaulding (37.45%)
HD30: Rep. Mark Lawson (47.48%) vs. Kent Glessner (22.49%)
HD36: Rep. Sean Roberts (33.04%) vs. Louise Redcorn (32.13%)
HD38: Rep. John Pfeiffer (42.55%) vs. Brian Hobbs (31.32%)
HD41: Roxanne Pollard (36.89%) vs. Denise Hader (29.83%)
HD43: Jay Steagall (33.73%) vs. Crystal Duncan (30.12%)
HD47: Brian Hill (40.18%) vs. Beverly Adams (32.8%)
HD61: Kenton Patzkowsky (42.07%) vs. Brad Raven (31.73%)
HD63: Rep. Jeff Coody (39.71%) vs. Trey Caldwell (39.08%)
HD66: Rep. Jadine Nollan (45.71%) vs. Brian Jackson (36.63%)
HD68: Lonnie Sims (33.4%) vs. Nicole Nixon (27.97%)
HD71: Cheryl Baber (43.44%) vs. Beverly Atteberry (24.29%)
HD79: Karen Gilbert (48.37%) vs. Dan Hicks (44.9%)
HD80: Stan May (39.48%) vs. Rep. Mike Ritze (36.56%)
HD82: Nicole Miller (33.87%) vs. Brad Martin (17.44%)
HD98: Laura Steele (29.32%) vs. Dean Davis (27.35%)
HD100: Julie Roach (41.55%) vs. Marilyn Stark (38.18%)
HD101: Rep. Tess Teague (37.99%) vs. Robert Manger (26.55%)

Governor: Chris Powell (48.92%) vs. Rex Lawhorn (32.4%)

Corporation Commissioner: Ashley McCray (48.79%) vs. Blake Cummings (22.17%)
Congressional District 1: Tim Gilpin (34.5%) vs. Amanda Douglas (32.41%)
Congressional District 2: Jason Nichols (37.9%) vs. Clay Padgett (24.21%)
Congressional District 4: Mary Brannon (34.36%) vs. Fred Gipson (30.37%)
Congressional District 5: Kendra Horn (43.84%) vs. Tom Guild (17.91%)
Senate District 16: Mary Boren (34.59%) vs. Rep. Claudia Griffith (32.81%)
House District 26: Terry Hopkins (38.72%) vs. Bruce Bushong (31.76%)
HD41: Sara Peterson (39.11%) vs. Jennie Scott (37.75%)
HD53: Leslie Bonebreak (39.34%) vs. Cyndy Sutherland (36.14%)
HD68: Angela Statum (49.36%) vs. Michael Ross (32.94%)
HD91: Amanda Jeffers (45.08%) vs. Sonya Fergeson (30.49%)
HD99: Ajay Pittman (38.14%) vs. Nkem House (32.1%)
HD101: Madeline Scott (32.51%) vs. John Carpenter (28.81%)

You can view the statewide results here, or county-by-county results here.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Primary Election Day information

Today is the Oklahoma Primary Election, and voters all across the state are now heading to the polls to decide nominees in many different races. Here is some information that may be helpful to your plans today.

If you don't know where to vote, use this link from the Oklahoma State Election Board to find out.

My picks for the Republican ballot can be found here. You can also find recommendations and picks that I generally agree with from Michael Bates of, the Oklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee, and Ronda Vuillemont-Smith of the Tulsa 912 Project.

Most campaigns will be hosting watch party events for after the polls close. Here are some locations that I've been apprised of by various campaigns or groups:
  • Muskogee County GOP: Cowboy's BBQ, 401 N York St, Muskogee
  • Tulsa County GOP: Charles Schusterman Jewish Community Center, 2021 East 71st Street Tulsa
  • Richardson for Governor: Marriott Tulsa Hotel Southern Hills, 1902 E. 71st Street, Tulsa
  • Lamb for Governor: Renaissance Waterford Hotel, 6300 Waterford Boulevard, Oklahoma City
  • Cornett for Governor: Tower Theatre, 425 NW 23rd St, Oklahoma City
  • Dahm for Congress: 520 W. Broadway Ave., Broken Arrow
  • Pinnell for Lt. Governor: Agora Event Center, 1402 S. Peoria Ave, Tulsa, Ste. 200
If I hear from more (and have time today), I'll try to update the watch party list.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Tea Party Patriots and MAGA Coalition endorse Coleman for Congress

MAGA Coalition and Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Join Conservative Drumbeat of Endorsements for Coleman

TULSA, OK:  Two more leading grassroots conservative organization have given their stamp of approval to the fast-rising campaign of Andy Coleman for U.S. Congress.  The MAGA Coalition and Tea Party Patriots Citizen Fund both announced their endorsement of Andy Coleman as the clear conservative choice for Oklahoma voters to fill the First District seat previously held by Jim Bridenstine.

The MAGA Coalition was formed to advocate for filling congressional and state level offices with public servants that espouse values needed to make America great again.  The Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund is associated with the nation’s largest Tea Party group.  Statements from both organizations are below.

MAGA Coalition PAC president, Adam Gingrich:
After intense review of the Republican candidates for the 1st District, Andy Coleman has emerged as the clear choice to best exemplify the America first agenda.  We need outsiders who will go to Washington to put the interests of their constituents first...Andy Coleman served his country honorably in the Air Force, now he stands ready to serve again.

Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Chairman Jenny Beth Martin:
For conservatives in Oklahoma’s First Congressional District, the choice is clear – Andy Coleman for Congress.  As a graduate of the Air Force Academy and a veteran of the Iraq war, Andy has already served his nation. Now he offers his service in another important endeavor, as a Member of Congress committed to defending our Constitution and our liberties.  When it comes to dealing with our current illegal immigration crisis, Andy is a strong believer in the rule of law. He opposes amnesty and wants to secure the border, supports President Trump’s desire to build a wall, and wants to end sanctuary cities, the visa lottery, and chain migration.

“I am grateful for the coalescence of conservatives behind our campaign,” expressed Andy Coleman upon learning of the endorsements.  “It is an honor to receive the support of so many great patriots of freedom who have been fighting for conservative values for years.”

Andy Coleman graduated from the U.S. Air Force Academy, served as a military intelligence officer in Iraq, and held leadership positions with conservative groups like the Federalist Society and Christian Legal Society.  In recent years, Coleman led field efforts to aid persecuted Christians in difficult countries for the Voice of the Martyrs, a Christian ministry based in Bartlesville.  Andy and his wife, Liz, have three children and reside in Owasso.

Music Monday: Good Guys Win

In honor of primary election day tomorrow, I felt that this week's Music Monday was very appropriate. The song is Good Guys Win, by country music singer Ben Gallaher.

May the good guys win tomorrow!


See below for all previous Music Monday posts. Do you have a song you'd like to suggest for a future Music Monday? Email me at

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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Insurance Comm. Doak endorses Costello for Labor Commish


    Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner, John Doak, is endorsing conservative Republican Cathy Costello in the race for Labor Commissioner.

    “Cathy Costello is a successful businesswoman who knows first-hand the burden that red tape and government bureaucracy puts on small businesses,” Commissioner Doak says.  “I have known Cathy and Mark Costello since 2010.  I can assure you Cathy will bring a refreshing private sector perspective to the Labor Department.”

    Costello’s private sector experience includes starting her own business at age 15 and ultimately founding eight companies in six different industries.

    “Cathy is uniquely qualified to run the agency in an efficient manner free from the waste, fraud and abuse associated with government regulators,” says John Doak.  “She is a job creating entrepreneur who is respectful to all. I urge you to join with me in voting for Cathy Costello, because she is the conservative candidate in the race for Labor Commissioner.”

    Cathy Costello is a co-founder of several businesses, both domestic and international, and is a sought-after national speaker and advocate on issues of mental health.  She has been instrumental in passing major state and federal legislation to improve how employers address mental health needs in the workplace.

    The Republican primary for Labor Commissioner is scheduled for June 26, 2018 and the general election will be held November 6, 2018.

    For more information on Cathy Costello's campaign for Oklahoma Labor Commissioner, visit her website at

My picks for the 2018 Oklahoma GOP primary

Early and absentee voting is underway for the 2018 Oklahoma primary, with the bulk of ballots to be cast on Tuesday. As is my custom, I will be discussing my picks for the Republican primary in this post.

Some of these candidates I am in wholehearted support of. Others will receive my vote with some reservations or primarily because the other options are worse. If I've written a separate post on a particular race or candidate, their name will be hyperlinked, and you can read in more detail by clicking the link. Candidates that I enthusiastically support will be in bold.

Governor: Gary Richardson
I have never been an undecided voter as long on a top race before. While I can live with all but Cornett, I have settled (for reasons detailed at this link) on Gary Richardson.

Lieutenant Governor: Matt Pinnell
I 100% support Matt Pinnell, and anticipate him making a great Lieutenant Governor.

State Auditor: Cindy Byrd
As Deputy State Auditor under Gary Jones, Byrd has been an major part of the work the Auditor's office has done during Jones' tenure. In the last eight years, she has uncovered over $10M in fraud and waste, leading to the indictment or resignation of six elected officials. She will carry on that stellar performance, and will continue to uncover waste in government. She has earned the endorsement of State Auditor Gary Jones, and I concur with his pick.

The Auditor's race is almost always an afterthought, but one of the most crucial offices that we as Oklahomans vote on. If we get it right, the potential for holding government accountable and uncovering waste goes up. Get it wrong and corruption gets hidden.

Attorney General: Angela Bonilla
The winner of this race will be either Mike Hunter, who is filling out Scott Pruitt's term, or Gentner Drummond. The extremely negative tenor both Hunter's and Drummond's campaigns is repulsive to me, and I am disinclined to vote for either of them. This race has been a vicious and petty knock-down-drag-out riot. By virtue of the chosen method of campaigning, they have both exhibited the worst stereotypes of slick, dirty lawyers slinging mud at each other. I'm disgusted enough to simply "opt out" and vote for Bonilla, who has done extremely little as far as any campaigning goes.

State Superintendent: Linda Murphy
Incumbent Joy Hofmeister is in the pocket of the leftist unions that are the biggest problem facing education in Oklahoma. Linda Murphy led the charge against Common Core, and will bring much-needed reforms to the State Department of Education.

Labor Commissioner: Cathy Costello
Cathy Costello will continue the work done by her late husband, Labor Commissioner Mark Costello. She is facing Leslie Osborn, who over the past few years has compromised and tossed aside just about every conservative principle she once espoused. Osborn led the charge for higher taxes, voted to make it easier for the Legislature to raise taxes, and called for war to be waged against the principled conservatives in the Legislature. Tom Coburn has endorsed Costello, and I fully support her candidacy as well.

Insurance Commissioner: Donald Chasteen
I know next to nothing about this man other than his claims of conservatism and what Michael Bates wrote. His opponent, and the odds-on favorite, is State Rep. Glen Mulready. Like Leslie Osborn, Mulready gets my opposition due to voting to weaken SQ640 and make it easier for the Legislature to raise taxes.

Corporation Commissioner: Bob Anthony
While I am not a fan of his having been on the Corporation Commissioner since before I was born, I do believe Anthony has been a solid conservative in his position (the same can't be said for most who have been on the Commission). His challenger is former State Senate Pro Tem Brian Bingman, who ended his legislative career with a less-than-satisfactory Conservative Index score of 59. This is Anthony's last eligible race due to term limits.

1st Congressional District: Andy Coleman
I have been thoroughly impressed with Andy Coleman's campaign. The fact that the House Freedom Caucus feels comfortable enough to have embraced him so fully speaks volumes for him, while Kevin Hern's campaign has been supported by the moderate establishment wing of the DC GOP. I believe that Andy Coleman will make a great replacement for Jim Bridenstine, who was probably Oklahoma's most conservative Congressman since Tom Coburn's days in the U.S. House.

2nd Congressional District: Jarrin Jackson
I supported Jarrin Jackson in 2016, and still support his candidacy today. As a proven and blatant pledge-breaker, Markwayne Mullin cannot be trusted. Jarrin Jackson has the best chance at taking him out.

Legislative races
The future direction of the Oklahoma Legislature is at stake this primary season. This past few legislative sessions, conservatives in the Legislature have fought and stood up for the taxpayer against an overwhelming onslaught of higher taxes and liberal policies, pushed by their own GOP leadership and governor. Freshmen classes for the last several elections have been major disappointments, co-opted by power-hungry moderates who have decided to wage civil war on conservatives.

It is vitally important that proven conservative incumbents be reelected, and that new conservatives win in open seats or oust liberal compromisers.

I don't know about candidates in all of the races, but I feel comfortable enough to make the following recommendations.

SD2: Sen. Marty Quinn
SD4: Sen. Mark Allen
SD6: David Bullard
SD40: Joe Howell -- absolutely not Ervin Yen

HD5: Josh Russell
HD8: Rep. Tom Gann
HD10: Rep. Travis Dunlap
HD12: Nick Mahoney
HD14: Rep. George Faught
HD16: Justin Calvert
HD20: Rep. Bobby Cleveland
HD36: Rep. Sean Roberts
HD41: Denise Hader
HD61: Colton Buckley
HD63: Rep. Jeff Coody
HD66: Emily DeLozier
HD67: Rep. Scott McEachin
HD68: Nicole Nixon
HD69: Rep. Chuck Strohm
HD76: Shelley Brumbaugh
HD79: Dan Hicks
HD80: Rep. Mike Ritze
HD83: Jason Reese
HD101: Rep. Tess Teague

State Question 788 (Medical Marijuana legalization): No
While I have friends on both sides of this, I have enough concerns with the proposal to opt for a No vote.

Tulsa County Assessor: John Wright
Oklahoma County Assessor: Larry Stein
Oklahoma County Commissioner: Kevin Calvey


Michael Bates of has a great series of posts with his thoughts on the primaries here. I agree with almost everything he wrote.
Charles Phipps of OKPolitechs has why he will vote no on SQ788 here.
KFAQ's Pat Campbell has done radio interviews with many statewide and legislative candidates here.

Jarrin Jackson for Congress

When it comes to electing our public officials, integrity is vitally important. When an elected official says they will do something, we need to be able to trust that they will keep their word. In the 2nd Congressional District race, we now face a crisis of integrity.

When Congressman Mullin first ran in 2012, he repeatedly pledged to the voters that he would only serve three terms. Now, he brazenly breaks his word and is seeking a fourth term in Congress. Mullin has apparently decided that the allure of power is too much to give up.

A remorseless pledge-breaker, Markwayne Mullin is the consummate politician, deceptively saying one thing, then doing the opposite when voters turn around. Voters should reward that dishonesty and lack of integrity by booting him from office in the June 26th primary. They should replace him with a person of virtue and character who has demonstrated true honor and integrity.

Mullin has drawn three challengers: Brian Jackson, Jarrin Jackson, and John McCarthy. McCarthy is not a serious candidate, running previously as an Independent on the platform of curing cancer.

I grew up attending the same church as Brian Jackson. He is a great man with a great family, and would make an infinite improvement over Markwayne Mullin; however, he was not able to wage a viable campaign against Mullin. That leaves Jarrin Jackson - who is no relation to Brian.

Dr. Tom Coburn has strongly endorsed Jarrin Jackson for Congress. Jackson is a former Army captain, a West Point graduate and Army Ranger with two Bronze Stars earned on tours in Afghanistan. He's a conservative who will make us proud.

From securing our borders to ending funding for Planned Parenthood, killing ObamaCare and attacking the national debt and overspending, Jarrin Jackson will pose a stark contrast to Markwayne Mullin's go-with-the-establishment pattern.

Jarrin Jackson knows a thing or two about giving and keeping his word. He gave an oath to "support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic" -- and he's kept his pledge.

Honesty and integrity are important. On Tuesday, Republican voters have the opportunity to choose from two candidates: one who keeps his word, and one who won't. I hope that you will join me in voting for the integrity candidate, combat veteran Jarrin Jackson.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Gary Jones responds to Prater's invite of convicted embezzler to Auditor debate

Screenshot of video


    Oklahoma State Auditor and Inspector, Gary Jones, is firing back at Auditor candidate, Charlie Prater, after Wednesday night’s debate.  Not only did Charlie Prater repeatedly besmirch Jones and his staff, Prater‘s campaign manager physically confronted Jones after the debate.  The confrontation was captured on video.

    “Charlie Prater's oafish campaign manager was clearly trying to physically intimidate me after the debate.  It didn’t work,” Gary Jones says.  “I assume he was so frustrated by his candidate being repeatedly humiliated by Cindy Byrd’s superior knowledge of the office, he decided to take it out on me.  But what surprised me most was when I realized he was joined by Mike Helm — one of the Rogers County Commissioners who left office in disgrace after we audited his books.”

    At the end of the video, Mike Helm is seen joining the confrontation, declaring his own innocence while revealing he was an invited guest of Charlie Prater.

    “What kind of Auditor candidate invites a former public official, one convicted on embezzlement charges, to join his campaign?” asks Cindy Byrd.  “My team and I performed the audit that led a multi-county grand jury to recommend Mike Helm’s removal from office. There’s a reason why Helm was indicted on felony charges of Embezzlement and Conspiracy to Defraud Rogers County.  Mike Helm misappropriated $5 Million worth of taxpayer money and ultimately pled guilty. Now he’s a member of Charlie Prater's campaign team?  It’s not just an insult to every employee in the Auditor’s office who worked tirelessly to bring Mike Helm to justice — it’s an insult to every taxpayer in Oklahoma.”

    Cindy Byrd currently conducts performance and financial audits of government operations across Oklahoma.  In that time, she has exposed more than $10 million in fraud and waste, leading to the indictment or resignation of six elected officials.

    Cindy Byrd is the current Oklahoma Deputy State Auditor for Local Government Services.  She is a CPA, member of the Oklahoma Society of CPAs, American Institute of CPAs, and of the American Board of Forensic Accountants.  In the last fiscal year, Cindy Byrd oversaw 304 of the 411 audit performed by the agency.

    The Republican primary election takes place on June 26, and the general election on November 6, 2018.  For more information on Cindy Byrd, please visit or at

UPDATE: here's a cell phone video showing a brief snippet of the confrontation:

My pick and take on the GOP gubernatorial primary

I have struggled with who to vote for in the 2018 GOP gubernatorial primary more than with any other top-level race since registering to vote when I turned eighteen. Of the top six candidates, Mick Cornett is the only one that I absolutely could not put up with. He is the clear liberal in the race, even supported by a Super PAC funded by a Hilary Clinton bundler. Richard Engle penned a great column on the evidence of Cornett's liberal leanings. I would never vote for Mick Cornett under any circumstance.

There are aspects to each of the remaining five candidates that I find appealing, and certain issues that I have disagreements with.

I started off the primary season leaning between State Auditor Gary Jones and Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb, the individuals I am most closely acquainted with and have interacted with, although I was open to hearing from Richardson, Fisher and Stitt.

I consider Gary Jones to have been by far the best statewide elected official in Oklahoma for the past eight years. His work at the Auditor's office has been stellar, and if it weren't for a Governor and legislative leadership that was unreasonably hostile to him, he would have been able to uncover even more fraud and waste than he did. The way that Fallin, Doerflinger and legislative leadership tried to hamstring and cripple Jones and his office is a serious travesty. If we could make Gary Jones Auditor-for-Life, I'd be all in favor of it, and Oklahoma would benefit greatly.

I appreciated how Todd Lamb surrounded himself with serious conservatives, particularly with OCPA policies and former OCPA employees. That was an important sign that his direction could be greatly different than Mary Fallin's. I also appreciated how Lamb would go out of his way to assist local candidates and county parties on events and fundraising, while other elected officials (Scott Pruitt in particular) would take advantage of candidates and county parties, even to the point of using them for their own fundraising and depriving those monies of being used locally. Lamb was genuine in his support for the party, while others were more mercenary.

Dan Fisher garnished a solid reputation as a diehard conservative in the Legislature, gaining a lifetime Conservative Index score of 94. Across the board, ideologically, I might match up better with him than with the rest of the candidates. As for Stitt, some people I know and respect are supportive of him and have good things to say about him personally.

The events of the last few months in particular changed my view of the race and the candidates.

My biggest disappointment was when Gary Jones began advocating for tax increases. It seemed so out of character when compared to the great work he has done in the Auditor's office. I feel that Gary fell into the trap of trying to appease the leftist unions that dominate the education field in Oklahoma, who only really seek to advance the Democratic agenda and candidates. While I am disappointed with his choice there, I feel very strongly that the next Governor should utilize Gary Jones in a high position on the budget and fiscal matters. He'd be infinitely better than his longtime adversaries Preston Doerflinger and Denise Northrup.

While flat-out refusing to answer the question when I directly asked him, Dan Fisher has indicated that when it comes to landmark pro-life legislation (such as the new "heartbeat" bill in Iowa), he would be no different than Brad Henry or Mary Fallin and would veto such measures. As such, I cannot in good conscience vote for him. While I agree with him on practically everything, and have the same desire to see abortion abolished, I just don't have a peace about supporting someone who would veto pro-life measures.

While he rightfully and very publicly stood against Mary Fallin's disastrous proposal to hike the state sales tax by $2.6B, Todd Lamb frustrated me by not being very vocal in supporting conservatives who fought against the massive tax hikes during the special sessions and 2018 legislative session. In his survey, Lamb said that he adamantly and publicly opposed tax increases that were passed this past session, but it must not have been public enough for me to catch, because I don't recall him being vocal on it. In some cases, his support has been almost after-the-fact, too-little-too-late.

Kevin Stitt is a blank slate, touting his political outsider credentials as a positive. It may well be, but I am hesitant to place novices into such great positions of power when they have no track record to base their trajectory off of. His apathetic voting record and lame excuse for it also leads me to question his dedication to the conservative cause, as the only time he has ever voted in a primary -- when conservative candidates can best be chosen -- was in the 2004 primary.

I am most disappointed with Lamb and Stitt's attempt to have it both ways by saying they would have voted against or vetoed the tax increases this last session, but would not vote to repeal the taxes in the Oklahoma Taxpayers Unite! petition made it to the statewide ballot. That hypocritical stance has made me remove them from consideration in the primary.

I am looking for someone who will be a bold conservative, who won't cower under political pressure, and who will fight for conservative principles even if it will hurt them politically.

I don't always vote for the candidate who wins the primary, but the primary is when I can best vote on principle and make a statement on the direction I'd like the Republican Party to go in.

If Tom Coburn had run for Governor, I would have been all in from day one. He did not, however, and the above issues left me with one candidate remaining.

I will be casting my vote for Gary Richardson.

I have had some problems with Richardson. I disagreed with some of the attacks he has made on Todd Lamb, particularly as it relates to the power and abilities of the lieutenant governor. At times I question his judgment on particular issues. He has an unsatisfactory answer on why he ran as an Independent in the 2002 gubernatorial race, and I believe is a primary reason why Brad Henry won.

However, more so than any other gubernatorial candidate, Gary Richardson has stood up and fought against the tax increases passed by the legislature in the last eighteen months.

Gary Richardson would upend the political status quo in Oklahoma City, and I would consider that to be a very good thing. On the major issues, he is a solid conservative. He would lead the charge in chasing down wasteful spending and could be counted on to protect the interest of taxpayers.

When few would stand up alongside the conservatives in the legislature, Gary Richardson backed them up in spite of the potential for blowback on his campaign. When the Legislature passed unconstitutional tax increases in 2017, Gary Richardson filed a lawsuit to stop them. At every point during the 2017 and 2018 sessions, Gary Richardson supported conservatives who fought to protect the forgotten Oklahoma taxpayer against massive tax hikes.

He's not a perfect candidate. He's not who I envisioned I'd end up voting for. I know that he'll annoy me at times and that he is a longshot candidate. I anticipate this race to go to a runoff between Lamb and either Stitt or Cornett (and Lamb would get my vote under that scenario).

But on Tuesday, in light of my problems with the other candidates, and his consistent and firm opposition to tax increases, I'll be voting for Gary Richardson.

Friday, June 22, 2018

GOP gubernatorial candidates respond to OSC ruling

I reached out to the GOP gubernatorial candidates to get their response to the Oklahoma Supreme Court's tossing out of the HB1010XX veto referendum being circulated by Oklahoma Taxpayers Unite!. Candidates Gary Richardson and Dan Fisher are the only ones at this hour to get responses back to me, posted below in the order that I received them.

Gary Richardson: 
   “The Oklahoma Supreme Court did not contest the merits of the taxation issue addressed in the petition. This ruling was based on the fact that it didn't comply with all of the technicalities that were required. Based on the court's strict compliance rules, when it comes to filing such as this, I can understand the court's ruling.  Again, based on what the court said, it has nothing to do with the merits of the petition.

   But Oklahomans still have a number of avenues to reverse the unjustified tax hikes which passed in the last legislative session. The most expedient avenue is to elect the right Governor, one dedicated to responsible government spending, who can work with lawmakers across the political spectrum to reverse the tax hikes.

   Regardless of this ruling, I don’t see how state leaders can morally justify raising taxes when it is abundantly obvious they are mismanaging the money they already have.

   My first order of business as Governor will be to thoroughly audit state agencies with performance and/or forensic audits so we can flush out the waste, abuse and corruption. All of the data shows, once these audits are completed, the state will save more money than it would have collected through the tax increases.  The tax increases are merely covering up the problem.”

Dan Fisher:
It is my opinion that our State Supreme Court has made it far too difficult for the citizens to express their will in the past.

The Declaration of Independence declares that “Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,” and it is the obvious that the understanding and intent of the Founders was that government should function at the “will of the people” - not the other way around.

We have made it so difficult for the people to express their will through initiative petitions that it is practically impossible for them to “jump through all of the legal hoops” to do so.  This is certainly not the “spirit” of the laws governing the petition process.  The very right to petition our government is enshrined in the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  How are citizens to do this if the laws and courts make it impossible to do so?

Therefore, I disagree with our State Supreme Court and believe OTU should push forward.  Sadly, the opponents and the courts are "running out the clock” making it practically impossible for the people to succeed in having their voices heard on this important matter.

Lamb, Stitt, Jones, Cornett: no response yet

Oklahoma Taxpayers Unite responds to Supreme Court ruling


Today’s Supreme Court decision has provided a major setback in the effort to protect Oklahomans' tax dollars. For months, Oklahoma Taxpayers Unite! has struggled with media and unions reporting lies about the petition by falsely stating it was a repeal on teacher pay raises. The effort to REPEAL HB1010XX is to relieve the people from unnecessary and burdensome taxes and had nothing to do with the teacher pay raise. The Supreme Court agreed with that sentiment in their ruling. If the taxes are repealed, the raises remain sacrosanct, as the supremes state on pages 4-5 in their decision.

Because of oversight in communications, scrivener errors and legislative gymnastics, the petition has been ruled invalid in the current form.

Oklahoma Taxpayers Unite! believes in the protection of the taxpayer. At every turn we must ask: who is standing up for us? Our DNA is to fight for injustice perpetrated by all forms of government, after all a government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take away everything you have.

We are, at our core, conservatives; and we want the conservation and protection of our money to be our civic leaders’ highest priority. It clearly is not. Governments and politicians have long ago decided that plunder of the taxpayer is acceptable, so they grow government at a rapid rate. As Jefferson states, "The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield, and government to gain ground." We must fight against this natural progression.

We want to be remembered as men and women who cared too much rather than cared too little, even if that means our grassroots organization makes mistakes along the journey.

Given today’s decision of the OK Supreme Court, our fight is not over, our battle has just begun.

The people did not support this egregious and unnecessary, burdensome tax hike. The people will have their say.

Our mistakes will be corrected. Our motivation has been renewed. Our taxes are OUR money, they are not the governments’ money, and it’s time for all of us to declare that together from our rooftops.

Thank you to all Oklahomans who supported our initial effort. We appreciate all you've done to stand up for the Oklahoma taxpayer, the Forgotten Man.

Mick Cornett fails to answer MuskogeePolitico Survey

Mick "Cowardly Lion" Cornett
Many thanks to David Van Risseghem for photographing Cornett in the wild
Late last week, I sent out a survey to the top six Republican candidates for Governor. Each of them were asked ten questions, nine of which were identical and one which was uniquely tailored to each of them. I will be posting them in the order of the candidates' responses.

I tried to make the questionnaire interesting, wide-ranging, and tough for all, but I believe the questions are still fair to each. I am personally uncommitted still, and have attempted to use this survey for people like me who are still trying to decide how to vote on June 26th.

While five of the top six GOP candidates answered my survey, Mick Cornett decided to not do so.

2018 GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Questionnaire

Jamison Faught: How has your experience prepared you to serve as Governor?
Mick Cornett: [Cornett apparently did not want to be put on record]

JF: What needs to be done to fix Oklahoma’s budget process?
MC: [Cornett apparently did not want to be put on record]

JF: Tax revenue has increased dramatically over the past few months to nearly-record setting levels. There may be a surplus of over one billion dollars available for budgeting next year. What would you propose be done with any budget surplus during the next legislative session?
MC: [Cornett apparently did not want to be put on record]

JF: Education has been a hot topic over the past few years. What is your plan to address the issues facing common and higher education in Oklahoma?
MC: [Cornett apparently did not want to be put on record]

JF: Under Civil Asset Forfeiture, law enforcement can seize and keep property suspected of involvement in criminal activity, even if the property owner is not found guilty of or even charged with a crime. This has resulted in high-profile cases of innocent citizens having property or funds essentially stolen from them with no justification. What is your position on Civil Asset Forfeiture?
MC: [Cornett apparently did not want to be put on record]

JF: How do you plan to hold state government accountable for spending, in light of the scandals we’ve seen over the past year?
MC: [Cornett apparently did not want to be put on record]

JF: The current Tribal-State Gaming Compact expires on January 1st, 2020. The next Governor will negotiate for the State of Oklahoma for the next 15-year tribal gaming agreement. What would you hope to achieve in your role?
MC: [Cornett apparently did not want to be put on record]

JF: Republicans are often characterized as being for “big business”, “crony capitalism” or “corporate welfare”, sometimes deservedly and shamefully so. Oklahoma has a history of handing out sweetheart deals to large corporations in order to entice them to move to Oklahoma. Meanwhile, small businesses, the backbone of our economy who operate without high-paid lobbyists, often get overlooked. How do you intend to promote and incentivize entrepreneurship and small business growth in Oklahoma?
MC: [Cornett apparently did not want to be put on record]

JF: You call yourself a conservative, yet as Mayor, you pushed for large tax increases and signed a letter to Congress that opposed repealing the Affordable Care Act (aka “ObamaCare”). How are those positions conservative, and how do you defend them to conservatives, who view ObamaCare as the most damaging measure to come out of Washington in decades and who believe in lower taxes?
MC: [Cornett apparently did not want to be put on record]

JF: As the primary approaches, what one thing do you want voters to remember about you as they go into the voting booth?
MC: [Cornett apparently did not want to be put on record]

          *          *          *          *          *

I'd like to thank Mick for his time and for filling out this survey note my disappointment the fulfillment of my expectation regarding Cornett in not filling out this survey. Unlike most of the other candidates, Cornett has avoided as much as possible being nailed down into stating his positions on the issues facing Oklahoma, preferring to inflate his record as mayor and cover up his liberal tendencies.

I very strongly encourage voters to look elsewhere when deciding on who to vote for.


  • Gary Jones 
  • Dan Fisher
  • Gary Richardson
  • Kevin Stitt
  • Todd Lamb
  • DA Prater refutes claims by Auditor candidate Charlie Prater

    Cindy Byrd, conservative candidate for State Auditor


        Oklahoma County District Attorney, David Prater, is publicly denying any relation or connection to State Auditor candidate, Charlie Prater.  David Prater set the record straight after Charlie Prater repeatedly claimed to voters that he and David Prater are cousins.

        “I’ve never met him. I don’t know him. As far as I know we are not related. I don’t know the man,” David Prater told KOKC Radio host, Tod Tucker, during a Tuesday morning broadcast.

        David Prater continued the conversation by praising the work of Deputy State Auditor Cindy Byrd, Charlie Prater‘s Republican opponent in the Auditor’s race.

        “I have worked with Cindy Byrd at the State Auditor’s office and I really had good experiences with her. She has done a really good job with the DA’s audits. But I don’t know Mr. Prater,” David Prater said.

        David Prater‘s comments showcase just one of several lies told by his non-cousin and total stranger, Charlie Prater.  During a debate between the Auditor candidates Wednesday evening, Charlie Prater repeatedly denied his guilt in a pending lawsuit in which 15 of his former business partners are suing him for breach of contract.

        “Charlie Prater is being sued because he failed to keep the contractual promises he made to his fellow investors,” Cindy Byrd says.  “His legal defense is that he was duped by his own accountants.  So he is either trying to weasel out of his financial responsibility or he is confessing that he was outwitted by shady bookkeepers.  Oklahoma’s State Auditor is the watchdog of our tax dollars so, whichever version is accurate, voters should consider either characteristic an immediate disqualifier.  Honesty and accuracy must be the hallmarks of our next State Auditor. Charlie Prater clearly lacks one or the other — or both.”

        Cindy Byrd is the current Oklahoma Deputy State Auditor for Local Government Services.  She is a CPA, member of the Oklahoma Society of CPAs, American Institute of CPAs, and of the American Board of Forensic Accountants.  In the last fiscal year, Cindy Byrd oversaw 304 of the 411 audit performed by the agency.

        The Republican primary election takes place on June 26, and the general election on November 6, 2018. For more information on Cindy Byrd, please visit or

    Schulz and Hofmeister respond to veto referendum ruling

    Senate Pro Tem comments on court's ruling on SQ 799 referendum petition

    OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma Senate President Pro Tempore Mike Schulz, R-Altus, released the following comment regarding the Oklahoma Supreme Court's ruling on State Question 799 and referendum petition:

    “I am pleased the Oklahoma Supreme Court rejected the effort to repeal HB 1010xx. The Legislature took extraordinary steps in passing HB 1010xx and it is absolutely necessary to fully fund the largest teacher pay raise in state history and the significant increase in education funding passed this session. We should all now turn our focus toward working for the resources and reforms necessary to support our teachers and ensure our children get the best education possible.”

    Hofmeister hails court decision clearing way for teacher pay raise

    State Superintendent of Public Instruction Joy Hofmeister made the following remarks after today’s decision on State Question 799 by the Oklahoma Supreme Court:

    ”The bipartisan passage of House Bill 1010xx was a significant step forward for all Oklahomans. I commend the Oklahoma Supreme Court for rejecting a repeal effort of this landmark legislation. At long last, we can reward our dedicated, hardworking public school teachers with the competitive pay they deserve. On the heels of a school year in which 1 in 7 students was taught by an untrained teacher, we can, and we must, now begin stemming the tide of Oklahoma’s crippling teacher shortage. Today’s decision clears the way for funding regionally competitive teacher pay, ushering in a new era of stability that is not only a win for public education, but for our kids and the future of our state.”