Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Brief Blogging Bullets: a quick recap

I've been on vacation for the past two weeks, and so there's been quite a bit of news and activity that did not get a mention here.

Here are some brief blogging bullets to catch up with some noteworthy items.

  • Andy Coleman received another endorsement by a Freedom Caucus member, this time from Congressman Scott Perry. Coleman has received endorsements from 8 Freedom Caucus members so far in his bid to replace ex-Congressman Jim Bridenstine in the 1st District.
  • GOP gubernatorial candidate Kevin Stitt is out with a new TV ad
  • OCPA statement on accused professor receiving state subsidies
  • Reps. Sean Roberts, Teague Request Study on Legislation to Provide Accountability and Funding for State Agencies
  • Rep. Tom Gann Submits Interim Study Request on Commissioners of Land Office
  • U.S. Sen. James Lankford is encouraging Oklahomans to vote against SQ788, the "Medical Marijuana" referendum
  • Surprise, surprise! Oklahoma government gross receipts set a new record in May. Gross receipts have grown by $1.3B in the last 12 months. But we still needed those tax hikes?
  • According to a new statewide survey of Oklahoma voters commissioned by OCPA, Oklahomans support the idea of letting tax dollars follow the child to the school of their parents’ choice.
  • GOP gubernatorial Gary Richardson is slamming Kevin Stitt's business record in a new TV ad
  • 1st District GOP candidate Andy Coleman has been endorsed by Club For Growth
  • GOP gubernatorial candidate Todd Lamb is out with a TV ad featuring Gen. Tommy Franks
  • GOP Insurance Commission candidate Glen Mulready has a humorous and effective TV ad
  • 1st District GOP candidate Nathan Dahm has been endorsed by the NRA
  • GOP gubernatorial candidate Dan Fisher is running a TV ad
  • The GOP race for Attorney General is turning increasingly nasty. I receive press releases almost daily from Mike Hunter and Gentner Drummond... but get such a bad taste from them that I don't run them. It's two attorneys slinging mud as fast and hard as they can... and I'm disinclined to vote for either of them at this point.


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