Friday, June 01, 2018

Cornett releases new campaign ad

Cornett Campaign's Latest Ad is "Good Ink"
The ad highlights a record of conservative budgeting practices unseen by state government

OKLAHOMA CITY – Mick Cornett’s campaign for Governor on Thursday released a new campaign advertisement titled “Good Ink” which highlights Cornett’s record of successful, conservative budgeting practices contrary to the poor budget practices of state government.

“There is a difference between the failed budget practices of state government and what we’ve done at a local level,” Cornett said. “The difference is leadership. Oklahomans are looking for a Governor who can balance budgets, hold government accountable and get things done. That’s exactly what my record as Mayor has been, and as Governor, we can do the same thing at the State Capitol.”

The language in the commercial reads:

Red Ink. Sound familiar? Our state government is swimming in it every year. It doesn’t have to be this way. As mayor, we balanced 14-straight budgets. We audited every department, every year. It’s time to fix the budget process in Oklahoma.  It’s time to grow the economy and create jobs. Let’s start using black ink. Let’s get some accountability in state government.

Watch here: