Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Costello thanks AFL-CIO for endorsing her opponent


    The AFL-CIO has announced its endorsement of Leslie Osborn in the Oklahoma Labor Commissioner race and Cathy Costello is happy to see the union is supporting her opponent.

    "The AFL-CIO kingpins have no interest in what is best for the people of Oklahoma," Cathy Costello says. "The leadership of the AFL-CIO is notoriously liberal, operating as a political machine, that has prioritized its agenda above the interest of workers across the country. Oklahoma voters overwhelmingly passed Right To Work yet AFL-CIO bosses have relentlessly fought to reverse that law so they can strong-arm our workers into paying union dues. I proudly stand against the entire AFL-CIO agenda.”

    The labor union’s endorsement of Cathy Costello’s GOP primary challenger, Leslie Osborn, highlights the difference between the candidates.

    “The AFL-CIO engages in substantial political spending and activism, typically in support of Democrats and liberal or progressive policies,” says labor author and historian, Timothy J. Minchin.

    “Today, the AFL-CIO appears to exist primarily to launder union dues into the campaign war chests of Democrats who don’t even deliver on the core organized labor agenda,” according to American Conservative contributor, Grant Starrett.

    “The AFL-CIO does not represent rank-and-file workers — it represents liberal activism,” says Costello. “Republican voters in Oklahoma can judge candidates by the company they keep. The union bosses’ endorsement of Leslie Osborn says more than I could in a thousand campaign commercials.”

         Cathy Costello is a co-founder of several businesses, both domestic and international, and is a sought-after national speaker and advocate on issues of mental health. She has been instrumental in passing major state and federal legislation to improve how employers address mental health needs in the workplace.

       The Republican primary for Labor Commissioner is scheduled for June 26, 2018 and the general election will be held November 6, 2018.

    For more information on Cathy Costello's campaign for Oklahoma Labor Commissioner, visit her website at


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