Friday, June 22, 2018

DA Prater refutes claims by Auditor candidate Charlie Prater

Cindy Byrd, conservative candidate for State Auditor


    Oklahoma County District Attorney, David Prater, is publicly denying any relation or connection to State Auditor candidate, Charlie Prater.  David Prater set the record straight after Charlie Prater repeatedly claimed to voters that he and David Prater are cousins.

    “I’ve never met him. I don’t know him. As far as I know we are not related. I don’t know the man,” David Prater told KOKC Radio host, Tod Tucker, during a Tuesday morning broadcast.

    David Prater continued the conversation by praising the work of Deputy State Auditor Cindy Byrd, Charlie Prater‘s Republican opponent in the Auditor’s race.

    “I have worked with Cindy Byrd at the State Auditor’s office and I really had good experiences with her. She has done a really good job with the DA’s audits. But I don’t know Mr. Prater,” David Prater said.

    David Prater‘s comments showcase just one of several lies told by his non-cousin and total stranger, Charlie Prater.  During a debate between the Auditor candidates Wednesday evening, Charlie Prater repeatedly denied his guilt in a pending lawsuit in which 15 of his former business partners are suing him for breach of contract.

    “Charlie Prater is being sued because he failed to keep the contractual promises he made to his fellow investors,” Cindy Byrd says.  “His legal defense is that he was duped by his own accountants.  So he is either trying to weasel out of his financial responsibility or he is confessing that he was outwitted by shady bookkeepers.  Oklahoma’s State Auditor is the watchdog of our tax dollars so, whichever version is accurate, voters should consider either characteristic an immediate disqualifier.  Honesty and accuracy must be the hallmarks of our next State Auditor. Charlie Prater clearly lacks one or the other — or both.”

    Cindy Byrd is the current Oklahoma Deputy State Auditor for Local Government Services.  She is a CPA, member of the Oklahoma Society of CPAs, American Institute of CPAs, and of the American Board of Forensic Accountants.  In the last fiscal year, Cindy Byrd oversaw 304 of the 411 audit performed by the agency.

    The Republican primary election takes place on June 26, and the general election on November 6, 2018. For more information on Cindy Byrd, please visit or


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