Monday, June 18, 2018

Lamb has more pre-primary cash than entire GOP field combined

Lamb Campaign Tops $3.67 Million Raised; 
 Over $771,000 Cash-on-Hand

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK, June 18, 2018 – Oklahomans for Lamb announced today its fundraising for Todd Lamb remains in a strong position among the ten candidates seeking the Republican nomination. Lamb completed the pre-primary fundraising period with a total raised of over $3.67 million and is the only candidate that has raised more than $2 million (over $2.67 million) this election cycle from actual donations. The campaign added over $220,000 in contributions during the April 1 – June 11 reporting period and still has over $771,000 on hand with over 2,300 donors, and donations received from all 77 counties.

“Despite numerous Republican candidates raising campaign funds for an abundance of races across Oklahoma, I am very pleased with the strong financial support my RENEW Oklahoma campaign has received from citizens across Oklahoma since beginning my campaign last year,” Lamb said. “We have over 2,300 donors and contributions from all 77 counties which is evidence that I am the only Republican gubernatorial candidate running a genuine 77-county statewide campaign. The final week of the primary campaign will continue to be very expensive which is no surprise, and I am so thankful to my supporters across Oklahoma who have invested their financial resources in my proven experience, and my action plan for Oklahoma.”

“Todd Lamb’s fundraising has allowed our campaign to execute a statewide grassroots campaign at an extremely active pace right through election day,” said Keith Beall, Oklahomans for Lamb campaign manager. “We raised a significant amount of our total early in the campaign process which let us put our plan into motion statewide while allowing Todd the time to personally visit with voters in all 77 counties. The feedback our campaign has received from Republican voters at every turn is that Todd Lamb is the proven conservative statesman they want to be Oklahoma’s next chief executive officer. Serving as governor is not a position for those needing on-the-job-training in state government, and that is why our supporters have entrusted their financial and personal support in Todd Lamb.”

Blogger's note: for reference, the rest of the GOP field has a combined $625k in cash-on-hand in the same pre-primary ethics reports. Lamb tops that by $146k.


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