Thursday, June 21, 2018

Murphy: flat broke without regulated donors

If it weren't for being able to raise money from people she regulates in her job as Corporation Commissioner, Lieutenant Governor candidate Dana Murphy's campaign would be flat broke.

Looking through the pre-primary (4/1/18 to 6/11/18) report filed with the Oklahoma Ethics Commission, Murphy's campaign reports approximately 84% of donations coming from PACs, lobbyists, attorneys and other individuals that are regulated by the Corporation Commission.

Only about 16% come from donors who are not regulated by the Corporation Commission.

Her 1st Quarter report was slightly better -- only 75% came from regulated donors

It just doesn't sit well with me when a Corporation Commissioner running for another office runs their campaign almost exclusively off of monies raised from those that they are directly regulating. It might be legal, but it doesn't pass the smell test.