Friday, June 15, 2018

Coleman's campaign: Hern breaks own pledge - in less than 48 hours

"The people of Oklahoma’s First District want a Republican member of Congress who will go to Washington, stand firm in support of conservative values and help President Trump drain the swamp.

Draining the swamp will be the work of principled elected officials – men and women of integrity who will keep their word.

On June 13, 2018, Kevin Hern wrote and signed a pledge [link] to run a positive race free from negative campaigning.  Today, not even 48 hours later, Mr. Hern went back on his word by running television and radio ads attacking military veteran Andy Coleman.  Mr. Hern broke his promise.

Contrary to Mr. Hern's misleading attacks, Andy Coleman is in no way a part of the recent campaign ads that call into question Hern's past activities.

Andy Coleman has run a positive, issues-based campaign.  He is not running any negative advertisements against Mr. Hern, and for Mr. Hern to suggest otherwise is simply wrong."

             - Statement attributed to Steven Craven, Campaign Manager


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