Sunday, March 29, 2009

OKGOP Chair Debate

At the Second District Republican Party meeting Saturday (March 28th), there was a debate between OKGOP Chair candidates Gary Jones (the current chairman) and Cheryl Williams (the current vice-chairwoman). I videotaped the debate, minus a few minutes at the most heated section to change batteries (what wonderful timing...).

Due to time limits on YouTube, and time limits on my part (burning videos can take a long time), the debate is broken up into 8, approximately 10-minute videos.

You can visit my YouTube channel to view the videos, specifically, my OKGOP Chair Race playlist. I'll also post them in a seperate post to follow this one.

Muskogee Tea Party

Are you tired of the bailouts and other wasteful spending coming out of Washington, D.C.? It's time to say, "Enough is enough!"

To that end, I am organizing a Tea Party in Muskogee, on April 15th.

I launched this week, and will be posting details about the 'Tax Day Tea Party' there whenever I can nail them down (I will try to post here as well).

I have folks coming from Claremore, Ft. Smith-area, and Southeast Oklahoma, in addition to Muskogee; wherever you live, come and join us on April 15th!

I have created a Facebook group and event for the Tea Party, in addition to Invite your friends, and let's throw a big Tea Party in Muskogee on April 15th, coinciding with over 300 similar events across the nation!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Cheryl Williams Announces Vice-Chair Pick

Cheryl Williams officially announced her pick for Vice Chairman (and no, it's not Richard Engle) today. Here's the press release.

Don Smitherman announces GOP Vice-Chair candidacy


CONTACT: Cheryl Williams

405/818-8481 or

Former congressional field representative and Norman attorney L. Don Smitherman has announced that he will seek the Vice-Chairman slot for the Oklahoma Republican Party at the Republican State Convention on Saturday, April 18, 2009.

Party rules require the Chair and Vice Chair to be of different gender. Smitherman will team with current State Vice-Chair Cheryl Williams in her campaign for Oklahoma GOP Chairmanship.

“I am honored to join with Cheryl to lead the Oklahoma Republican Party into the very important 2010 election cycle. I believe, as Cheryl does, that to be successful, the Republican Party must be unified, organized, well-funded and welcoming,” Smitherman said. “We simply must focus on our core purpose of electing Republicans to office while embracing the “big tent” party philosophy of our founder, Abraham Lincoln.”

Smitherman received his Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in Finance from the University of Oklahoma in 1989 and his Juris Doctorate from the OU College of Law in 1992. He served as field representative and staff counsel for Congressman J.C. Watts from 1995 to 1998. He has been a practicing attorney since leaving Watts’ office in 1998. Throughout his legal career, Don has also served as an Oklahoma Merit Protection Commissioner and as an adjunct professor at Rose State College. Finally, he played both football and baseball for OU from 1985 – 1989.

“As a lifelong athlete, I know what it means to be a member of a team and know the importance of unity and focus to the success of that team,” Smitherman continued. “I also know that members of a team don’t play the same positions, don’t look the same and often don’t agree with the play called in the huddle. Yet, the truly successful teams put those differences to work for them and unify under a common goal. I look forward to helping the Oklahoma Republican Party build the unity and focus that we must have to win in 2010,”

“I am thrilled that Don has agreed to be a candidate for Vice Chairman. He is a bright, young and energetic leader who brings much to the Oklahoma GOP table. Don Smitherman truly epitomizes the future of the Republican Party and I am honored that he has joined our team,” Williams concluded.

According to party insiders, this could be a signal that J.C. Watts is seriously considering a run for Governor. Sources say that Smitherman would not do something like this without consulting Watts first. It would be advantageous for a potential Watts campaign to have Smitherman as Vice Chair.

This also indicates to me that Cheryl Williams realizes that she cannot win with a Vice Chair candidate more along her style (like a Richard Engle or a Charlie Meadows). She has to pick someone more appealing to the party in general.

If these speculations are true, I would not be surprised to see J.C. Watts announce for Governor at the State Convention, with the distinct possibility of Watts endorsing and/or introducing Cheryl Williams during the State Chair vote.

This could get interesting. Gary Jones and Cheryl Williams will be debating at the 2nd District GOP meeting in Muskogee tomorrow from 1pm to 4pm (at the Library).

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Help TVGuardian be required by law!

This was passed on to me, with the request that it be posted.
Good News! The FCC is now specifically seeking comments regarding TVGuardian:
We've been working hard for years on this chance for families, and now we need your help to see it through...
As required by a new law signed by President Bush in December, the FCC wants comments from the public on whether tools such as TVGuardian should be required in a wide spectrum of video products, such as: TVs, DVD Players, Blu-Ray players, cable, satellite, computers, the Internet, cell phones, iPods/Mobile Video Players, Gaming Consoles (Xbox/PS3/Wii), DTV converter boxes, and DVRs.

How can you help? Please enter your comments to the FCC at the below link.
Here are some points to keep in mind as you share your comments:
  • Has TVGuardian technology made a difference in your life and the life of your children?

  • Would you like to see it more widely available?

  • The FCC specifically wants to know if the closed-captioning is accurate enough for the TVGuardian technology to be useful (please mention your experience).

    (Note: This FCC action could also result in: 1) even better accuracy of the closed-captions TVGuardian uses to detect the foul language, and 2) closed-captions being required on all new DVD and Blu-Ray movies.)

  • If you or your children are deaf or hard of hearing, please mention how TVGuardian benefits you.

  • What if TVGuardian technology were not added to these devices and were no longer available at all?

    (Note: TVGuardian could soon be obsolete if these businesses, or the government, do not take action to build it into these products. A TVGuardian stand-alone unit will not work with HD. For HD, TVGuardian needs to be built into the cable/satellite box and/or TV to work.)

  • If you or your children watch TV or movies over the Internet, on a computer, on an iPod, or on a cell phone, please mention how TVGuardian technology would help.

  • Would you be willing to pay a few dollars each month for the TVGuardian feature in cable/satellite, if that is the only way these companies would offer it?

  • Basically, include a personal testimonial in your own words. It makes a much bigger impact than a canned response that just includes the points we've suggested.

You can make a huge impact!
Please post your personal comments for the FCC at: (starting with your name in No. 3)

Thank you in advance for taking action.

Rick Bray
Britt Bennett

P.S. If interested, here is the link for the complete
FCC Notice of Inquiry.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Labor To Be Included In Netanyahu Coalition

The Muskogee Politico's Israel Update

Barring any unforeseen circumstances, Israeli Prime Minister designate Binyamin Netanyahu will have at least a 66-seat majority coalition in the Knesset. Today, the Labor Party's Central Committee voted 680 to 507, giving Labor the green light to join Netayahu's coalition.

With Labor's 13 seats, along with the ultra-religious Shas Party's 11 seats, the 15 seats of ultra-nationalistic (and predominately Russian immigrant) Yisrael Beitenu, and Likud's 27 MKs, Netanyahu guaranteed 66 seats. With the addition of Labor, Netanyahu's government will be decidedly more centrist, as the other potential coalition partners (Jewish Home, United Torah Judaism, and Nation Union) were much more nationalistic, and on the right wing of Israeli politics.

In the agreement, Ehud Barak (Labor chairman) will retain his Defense Ministry post.

NPR March Madness - 2012 GOP Primary

March Madness is upon us, and as has been the case these past few years, someone on the web has twisted it into a political season. This time, it's NPR.

March Madness: The 2012 Republican Primaries

Everybody is filling out brackets, including the president of the United States. Why not? It's March Madness! Every year at this time, it takes the nation by storm. It's the NCAA basketball tournament (or, as someone once said on NPR -- I kid you not -- the "NAACP Tournament"). But then it's over.

It doesn't have to be.

How to combine the excitement of picking winners and making it last? Simple. Especially when you're picking the 2012 Republican presidential nominee.

Let's face it, Barack Obama is going to head up the Democrats in 2012. So the action will be on the GOP side. Seeded below are 32 potential (and yes, some far-fetched) Republican presidential candidates. As the NCAA tourney gets under way, we'll update our GOP brackets as well. I'll compare your picks with mine.

Don't let the Liberal Media Elite decide that Rush Limbaugh is the head of the Republican Party! Fill in your brackets today. The first round of results will be announced next Tuesday, March 24. Then three more rounds will be announced on March 30, April 1 and April 3. The final result -- the name of the 2012 Republican presidential nominee -- will be announced on Tuesday, April 7.

Why go through the expense of primaries and caucuses? Fill in your picks now!

We're into the Sweet Sixteen, right now. Don't forget to cast your vote here! Here are my picks for the Sweet Sixteen:
  • Sarah Palin vs. Mike Pence: Pence. This was a very hard choice.
  • Jed Bush vs. Paul Ryan: Ryan. I don't really know that much about Paul Ryan. Another Bush, even if it's a more conservative one, just isn't what our party needs.
  • Jim DeMint vs. Mike Huckabee: Huckabee. This one wasn't too hard, since I'm a Huckabee fan, but I do like Jim DeMint, as he's one of Tom Coburn's allies in the Senate.
  • Newt Gingrich vs. Tim Pawlenty: T-Paw. I think Gingrich's days in elected office are over.
  • Mitt Romney vs. Ron Paul: Paul. Much as I dislike Ron Paul, some of his positions, many of his supporters, I like Mitt Romney even less. 2nd place finish in Iowa for Romney = $9,000,000. Cost per Romney delegate = $294,000. Getting beat by Ron Paul = Priceless. Let 'The Paul' get beat in the next round, after Romney is kicked out.
  • Sam Brownback vs. Jon Huntsman: Brownback. While Brownback has the personality of a tree stump, Huntsman isn't as conservative as I like. Easy pick.
  • Meg Whitman vs. Mark Sanford: Sanford. Hands-down Mark Sanford. An impressive guy.
  • Charlie Crist vs. Bobby Jindal: Jindal. Massive intellectual conservative firepower versus moderate Obamaconism? Easy.
Well, there you have it. Don't forget to vote.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

KFAQ Reposts Medlock Archives

1170 KFAQ has re-posted the archive of The Chris Medlock Show's final week.

After KFAQ cut Chris Medlock, they removed all reference to Medlock and his show from their website. This included all the archives.

I see this as a good move on KFAQ's part (but by no means redeeming their actions in this situation). It remains to be seen whether they will return the entire archive of The Chris Medlock Show or not, but this is a good start. Michael Bates at BatesLine posted about his disappointment with KFAQ for removing Medlock's blog and archives, from a historical standpoint. Let's hope that KFAQ continues adding the past podcasts of The Chris Medlock Show.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Chris Medlock Re-Launches Blog

Chris Medlock, former talk show host on 1170 KFAQ, re-launched his blog this week. MedBlogged had been idle since August of 2008.

Medlock blogged extensively on Tulsa politics and issues, much as he dealt with the same topics on his radio show. The Oklahoma blogging community has re-gained a great asset.

Medlock's blog is located at

Friday, March 20, 2009

Tax Day Tea Party in Muskogee

Anyone up for a Tea Party in Muskogee on April 15th? Join the Facebook group and RSVP for the event, organized by your humble servant.

Check the soon-to-be-unveiled for more details in the coming week or two.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

IT'S OFFICIAL: Brogdon to Run for Governor

Breaking News: State Senator Randy Brogdon to run for Governor in 2010.

It's official; Randy Brogdon will be running for Governor in the upcoming 2010 election.

Brogdon issued a press release this afternoon (posted below) via email, and included a link to contribute now. We followed that link to a contribution page, and saw this:

This confirms guesses by most political commentators that the senator from Owasso was going to throw his hat into the ring. A 'Draft Brogdon for Governor' site was recently unveiled. Apparently, it will not be needed anymore.

Brogdon Calls on Oklahoma Congressional Delegation to Halt Use of Earmarks

Here's the latest press release from State Sen. Randy Brogdon.

Senator Brogdon Calls on Oklahoma Congressional Delegation to Halt Use of Earmarks

Oklahoma City- In response to the $410 billion legislation passed by the U.S. Congress last week, State Senator Randy Brogdon has publically called on the Oklahoma Congressional Delegation to place a one year moratorium on earmarks that they insert in federal legislation.

"We are in a financial crisis right now, "said Brogdon. "And until our economy recovers, the last thing we need is pork barrel spending that ends up costing Oklahoma taxpayers more money in the long run."

Brogdon points to the recent example of the Louisiana Governor Jindal's refusal of the federal stimulus money for his state. "Gov. Jindal pointed out that it would have cost Louisiana taxpayers twice as much money than what the Federal Government would have delivered due to the additional requirements as a condition of accepting the stimulus funds," Brogdon said.

When asked why he has called for this moratorium, Brogdon points to SJR 10, legislation that he authored that reaffirms the 10th Amendment of the Constitution and requires the federal government to cease imposing new mandates and regulations that are outside their authority.

"We have a hard enough time fighting Congress' efforts to impose new taxes and regulations on our state," said Brogdon. "We don't need our Representatives adding to our tax burden by piling on the pork."

Brogdon continued, "Congress has already spent $1.2 trillion in the last 60 days. That is a pittance compared to the upcoming Obama budget which weighs in at $3.6 trillion."

When it was pointed out to Brogdon that all but one Representative voted against the recent Omnibus bill, Brogdon replied, "It's not enough that they simply just vote against the bill. With the exception of Senator Coburn, every one of our Congressional Delegation inserted a minimum of 10 earmarks each that totaled over $134 million dollars in that one piece of legislation."

"It's downright hypocritical to vote against a bill while sliding in pork for your special interests," said Brogdon. "But by following Sen. Coburn's example and refusing earmarks, even just for one year, the Oklahoma Congressional Delegation can demonstrate true fiscal responsibility to the people they represent."


Learn More at

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Update on Chris Medlock Show

Here's the latest information on why KFAQ cut The Chris Medlock Show.

It appears to have been because of financial problems with the parent company, Journal Communications. Here's from Michael Bates on Batesline (a superb blogger):
Although I'm told that Chris's ratings have been good -- the best for his timeslot since Tony Snow was on mid-afternoons several years ago -- parent company Journal Communications is suffering. In June 2007, the stock neared $14 a share; it was at $5 as recently as last September; yesterday it closed at 39 cents. (It ticked up today, back to 50 cents.) According to the transcript of the company's 2008 4Q earnings teleconference, Journal had a net loss of $223 million for that period. Journal Communications' flagship is the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel newspaper.
On his Facebook profile, Chris Medlock confirmed that, "They said it was due to financial problems." When one of the commentors asked if there was anything his listening audience could do to get him back on the air, he said, "I guess if enough people's worked before."

Here's the contact information for 1170 KFAQ, if you wish to contact the station.

Mailing Address
4590 East 29th Street
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74114

Office Phone:
(918) 743-7814

Management Emails:
Perhaps we can still get Chris Medlock back on there air...

Friday, March 13, 2009

NC Judge Orders Kids Back to Public School, Despite Thriving in Homeschool

A judge in Wake County said three Raleigh children need switch from home school to public school. Judge Ned Mangum is presiding over divorce proceeding of the children's parents, Thomas and Venessa Mills.

Venessa Mills was in the fourth year of home schooling her children who are 10, 11 and 12 years old. They have tested two years above their grade levels, she said.

"We have math, reading; we have grammar, science, music,” Venessa Mills said.

Her lessons also have a religious slant, which the judge said was the root of the problem.

"My teaching is strictly out of the Bible, and it's very clear. It is very evident so I just choose to follow the Bible,” Venessa Mills said.

In an affidavit filed Friday in the divorce case, Thomas Mills stated that he "objected to the children being removed from public school." He said Venessa Mills decided to home school after getting involved with Sound Doctrine church "where all children are home schooled."

Thomas Mills also said he was "concerned about the children's religious-based science curriculum" and that he wants "the children to be exposed to mainstream science, even if they eventually choose to believe creationism over evolution."

In a verbal ruling, Mangum said the children should go to public school.

"He was upfront and said that, 'It's not about religion.' But yet when it came down to his ruling and reasons why, 'He said this would be a good opportunity for the children to be tested in the beliefs that I have taught them,'" Venessa Mills said.

All sides agree the children have thrived with home school, and Vanessa Mills thinks that should be reason enough to continue teaching at home.

"I cannot sit back and allow this to happen to other home schoolers. I don't want it happening to my children,” Venessa Mills said.

Mangum said he wouldn't talk with WRAL News Thursday about the details of the case because he hasn't issued a written ruling yet. He said he expected to sign it in a few weeks.

(WRAL-NC; emphasis mine)

"All sides agree [that] the children have thrived" with home schooling, yet the judge orders them back to public school anyway? Why mess with something that everyone agrees works?

The judge says that it's not about religion, but when you boil it all down, that's what it has to be.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Columnist: Don't Trample on the Constitution

Here's a great column that will be running in tomorrow's Muskogee Phoenix:
Sacred document can’t be trampled

By Robin L. Quillon - CNHI News Service

Legislation is pending in the U.S. Senate to grant the District of Columbia voting representation in Congress (it currently has a House delegate who has no voting rights). D.C. residents have long believed they cannot be taxed without representation.

However, the U.S. Constitution clearly states that “members of Congress shall be selected from States.” Clearly, D.C. is not a state, and the Supreme Court agreed when it ruled: “The Constitution does not contemplate that the District may serve as a state for purposes of the apportionment of congressional representatives.”

The only other option for Congress is to amend the Constitution or carve up the district and give it to Maryland.

I believe if Congress proceeds to grant D.C. a representative, its members will be in violation of the oath they took to “solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support the Constitution of the United States” designed by our Founding Fathers to form a more perfect union, and should be removed from office immediately.

We the people cannot allow our sacred Constitution to be trampled upon, stretched and ignored so blatantly by the very people who have sworn to support it.

But let’s face it, taking an oath seriously these days is passé and means something to a politician only if it is convenient to his or her cause or gain. And in this case, it is all about retaining majority and power.

The argument of giving Utah another representative (something they deserve as a result of the census) to offset this move insults our intelligence.

As members of Congress contemplate their oath, perhaps they should reflect upon the trials of Sir Thomas More.

More faced a dilemma that would test his resolve. His mind was made up, and he refused King Henry’s edict to swear an oath and sign the Act of Supremacy.

The main purpose of this act was so that Henry VIII could get an annulment of his marriage to Catherine of Aragon – something Pope Clement VII refused to grant – and be declared King Henry Supreme Head of the Church of England.

More tried to remain out of the line of fire, but More, indeed, was arrested and sent to the Tower of London to await execution by beheading.

He gave his life rather than comprise his standards.

Let’s hope members of our Congress think twice and do not lose themselves by opening their fingers just a little, causing irreparable damage to our Constitution and endangering our more perfect union.

Robin L. Quillon is the publisher of The Tribune-Democrat in Johnstown, Pa.

I wholeheartedly agree.

House Passes Resolution Opposing FOCA; McPeak, Cannaday Vote 'No'

The State House of Representatives passed, by a vote of 77-12, a resolution opposing the Freedom of Choice Act. President Barack Obama has pledged to sign the act if it comes across his desk.
House Opposes Federal Abortion Law in Bipartisan Vote

Contact: State Rep. Sally Kern
Capitol: (405) 557-7348

OKLAHOMA CITY (March 12, 2009) – The members of the Oklahoma House of Representatives – both Republicans and Democrats – voted today to voice opposition to a proposed federal law that would undermine state pro-life laws.

House Joint Resolution 1009, by state Rep. Sally Kern, declares that the Legislature "strongly opposes the federal Freedom of Choice Act and urges United States Congress to summarily reject it."

"President Barack Obama has promised that one of his top priorities is to pass a so-called ‘Freedom of Choice Act’ that would classify abortion as a fundamental right similar to the right to free speech," noted Kern, R-Oklahoma City. "Any legislation that would undermine the right to life is strongly opposed by the vast majority of Oklahomans and this resolution will send that message to Washington."

House Joint Resolution 1009 declares that the Legislature opposes the federal Freedom of Choice Act because it "seeks to circumvent the states’ general legislative authority as guaranteed by the Tenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution," would "undermine the right and responsibility of the states and the people to debate, vote on, and determine abortion policy," and because "the protection of women’s health through state regulations on abortion is a compelling state interest that should not be nullified by Congress."

The federal Freedom of Choice Act would invalidate more than 550 federal and state abortion-related laws, such as Oklahoma’s law requiring parental notification before an abortion may be performed on an underage girl.

That law was passed, in part, to prevent child molesters from covering up evidence of their crime.

"Oklahoma has enacted many common-sense laws in recent years that are supported by the vast majority of citizens – the federal government should not stifle the voice of the people as expressed through their elected legislators," Kern said.

House Joint Resolution 1009 passed the Oklahoma House of Representatives on a 77-12 vote. It now proceeds to the state Senate.

Among the few nay votes were local legislators Jerry McPeak (D, Warner) and Ed Cannaday (D, Porum). These representatives should answer to their constituents why they support this rabidly pro-abortion legislation.

Official English Passes House

House Joint Resolution 1042 passed the Oklahoma House of Representatives yesterday by a vote of 66-32.

11 Democrats crossed party lines, and voted for the measure (they were as follows: Neil Brannon, Joe Dorman, Rebecca Hamilton, Scott Inman, Lucky Lamons, Ryan McMullen, Richard Morrissette, Eric Proctor, R.C. Pruett, Jerry Shoemake, and Purcy Walker). Three Republicans representatives voted against the resolution: Lisa Billy, Shane Jett, and Dan Sullivan.

Of the area representatives, Democrat Reps. Mike Brown, Ed Cannaday, Jerry McPeak and Wade Rousselot voted against it, and Republican Rep. George Faught voted for it. Faught also co-authored the HJR, and authored similar legislation in 2007 and 2008.

You can listen to the presentation and debate on HJR 1042 here.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Official English up for vote today

The State House of Representatives will be voting (probably within an hour or two) on a measure that would bring a referendum up for vote in 2010, that would make English the Official Language of Oklahoma.

The bill is authored by State Rep. Randy Terrill (R, Moore), and co-authored by Muskogee Republican George Faught, who ran this legislation in 2007 (when it unexpectedly passed through committee) and 2008, Rep. Mike Christian (R, OKC) and Rep. Leslie Osborn (R, Tuttle).

The proposed wording on the ballot is as follows:

This measure amends the Oklahoma Constitution. It would add a new Article 30. This amendment makes English the official language of the state. All official state actions will be done in English. This amendment provides exceptions when languages other than English can be used, such as to protect public health and safety. This amendment protects Native American languages and the private use of languages other than English. This amendment also provides a private right of action to seek an injunction for violations of this amendment.
If this passes, it is not guaranteed to be on the ballot, as the enabling language has not been passed. The enabling language (HB 1066) was authored by Rep. George Faught was not heard in committee. Word is that the chair of the General Government committee was told by a House staff member not to hear the bill.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

'Draft Watts for Governor' Site Goes Live

In a follow-up to my post on DraftBrogdonforGovernor, a new 'draft' site has popped up, this time supporting former Congressman J.C. Watts.

The website,, is the work of one John Paul Lewis (the founder of the Brogdon counterpart is unknown at this time).

Also listed on DraftWatts are the following quotes from state legislators.
State Rep. Pat Ownbey (R, Ardmore): "I believe now more than ever we need great candidates to step up and what I know of him today, I feel he would make a very good governor."

State Rep. Charles Key (R, OKC): "Yes, I really like JC Watts. I would love to see him run, but am not ready to endorse anyone at this time. I have a lot of respect for JC and like his politics. I hope he will give it serious consideration." State Rep. Charles Key (R, OKC).
Under the circumstances, and considering how early this is in the game, these should not be considered anything near endorsements. I wouldn't be surprised to see these quotes come down when the representatives are made aware of them. Most likely, John Paul Lewis emailed them regarding J.C. Watts. For example, you can count on Charles Key supporting Randy Brogdon for governor.

Israel: Rocket Status Quo and Armed Citizens

The status quo continues in Israel, with near-daily rocket attack continuing from Hamas terrorists based in Gaza. Since Operation Cast Lead ended, southern Israel has been subjected to over 100 rockets and mortar shells. Along with these incidents, the Israeli Air Force has to continue missile strikes on the terrorists. Just today, after firing two Kassam rockets, three Hamas thugs were wounded in a strike by the IDF.

On Sunday, four rockets were fired into Israel, followed by swift air strikes on the part of the IAF, which took out an arms warehouse and two smuggling tunnels in Gaza, in addition to killing one and wounding two terrorists.

In other terrorism-related news, Arabs in Jerusalem have taken to using tractors in their attacks. So far this year, three tractor attacks have taken place. The latest one happened on Thursday.

The backhoe driver rammed a police car, rolling it over (knocking a street light over in the process) and into a bus.

Fortunately, the terrorist was stopped dead in his tractor, literally. A policeman and two armed civilians shot and killed the would-be murderor before any more damage could be done.

In all of the recent tractor attacks, armed citizens (mostly rabbis and cab drivers) have contributed to stopping the rampages. yet another example of the success, and neccesity, of concealed carry.

'Draft Brogdon for Governor' Site Goes Live

In another indication that the 2010 Gubernatorial race will be a heated one, a new website has started up devoted to "drafting" State Sen. Randy Brogdon into the contest. went live in the past few days.

DraftBrogdon joins the official campaign websites for Mary Fallin (R), Jari Askins (D), and Drew Edmondson (D).

Mike McCarville reported a survey by SoonerPoll on the governor's race last Friday. The poll showed Mary Fallin in the lead for the GOP nomination at 53%, with Tom Cole at 31.1% and Randy Brogdon at 1.3%. On the Democrat side of things, Drew Edmondson led with 41.9% to Jari Askins' 28.7%. In the poll, only 7.4% of voters had an opinion about Brogdon - a major obstacle to overcome.

However, the race is still a year away, so there will be plenty of time for all the candidates to get their name out. In another interesting development, an unannounced visit to the state capitol by former congressman J.C. Watts has fueled speculation the he may be considering running as well. This will be a hotly contested race on both sides on the spectrum.

2009-2010 Muskogee County GOP Officers

The Muskogee County GOP Convention was held on Saturday, and officers were elected for the 2009-2010 term.

Chairman: Jerry Huffer
Vice Chairman: Melanie Grayson
State Committeeman: Jamison Faught
State Committeewoman: Linda Gragg
District Committeeman: Tom Montgomery
District Committeewoman: Sharon Chadwell

The only change in officers was the State Committeeman spot; the previous holder has retired, and did not run for re-election.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Muskogee County Republican Convention

From the Muskogee County Republican Party website:

2009 Muskogee County Republican Convention

The 2009 Muskogee County Republican Convention and Precinct Meetings will take place on Saturday, March 7th. Both the Precinct Meetings and the Convention will be held in the Grant Foreman meeting room of the Muskogee Public Library, located at 801 W. Okmulgee St. in Muskogee. Registration for the precinct meetings will begin when the library opens at 9:00am, and the precinct meetings will start at 9:30am. The County Convention will commence at 10:30 (registration from 10:00am to 10:30am).

At the County Convention, delegates are selected to attend the State Convention in Oklahoma City on April 18th. Only registered Republicans can vote in the County Convention; however, the public is welcome to attend.

This year's county and state conventions are crucial, as we will be voting on the State Chairman and Vice-Chairman at the State Convention in April, and setting the course for the 2010 election cycle (which includes the Governor's race). As registered Republicans, please try to attend these events. Keeping our Party conservative requires grassroots involvement.

For more information, call the Muskogee County GOP Chairman, Jerry Huffer at (918) 616-1747, or email him here.
As a Republican activist in Muskogee County, let me encourage all Republicans in the county to try to attend this convention.

Monday, March 02, 2009

The Hypocrisy of Ron Paul

This is why I have practically no respect for Texas Congressman Ron Paul.

But although the libertarian-leaning Republican from Lake Jackson cast a vote against the massive spending measure, his fingerprints were on some of the earmarks that helped inflate its cost.

Paul played a role in obtaining 22 earmarks worth $96.1 million, which led the Houston congressional delegation, according to a Houston Chronicle analysis of more than 8,500 congressionally mandated projects inserted into the bill. His earmarks included repair projects to the Galveston Seawall damaged by Hurricane Ike and the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway.

(Houston Chronicle)

Ron Paul thinks he can get away with submitting earmarks, because he doesn't vote for them. What absolute hypocrisy. In his interview on Meet the Press, he compares earmarks to tax credits.

Here's a great article
on the issue by Joseph Farrah on WorldNetDaily, written in late 2007. I'm sure Farrah took all sorts of grief from the fanatical supporters of the congressman (as will I, more than likely), but he is absolutely right.

In his column, Farrah says, "
I just simply didn't know that Ron Paul plays the Washington racket just like the rest of the gang. The only difference is he has figured out a system of plausible deniability for himself – a way he can still maintain his image of incorruptibility and integrity, while bringing home the pork to his Texas district with the kind of efficiency that would make Robert Byrd blush." He continues later:
"Paul defended his actions on 'Meet the Press' in spin that would make Bill Clinton proud. 'I've never voted for an earmark in my life,' he explained. 'I'm against the tax system, but I take all my tax credits. I want to get their money back for the people.'

This is actually as ingenious as it is immoral. Ron Paul knows his vote against his own earmarks for pork is meaningless to the actual outcome. He's going to get his pork because every member of Congress gets his pork. But Ron Paul gets the psychic satisfaction of voting against it – after, of course, he proposed it."

After reading about Ron Paul and his latest earmarks, I went to Citizens Against Government Waste to check his record in the 2008 Pig Book. I wasn't exactly prepared for what I saw.

Let us compare the 2008 figures of the Oklahoma representatives and Ron Paul.

  • John Sullivan (R, 1st District): 15 projects, $42,300,000
  • Dan Boren (D, 2nd District): 11 projects, $10,500,000
  • Frank Lucas (R, 3rd District): 24 projects, $17,200,000
  • Tom Cole (R, 4th District): 15 projects, $13,200,000
  • Marry Fallin (R, 5th District): 13 projects, $5,500,000
  • Ron Paul (R, 14th District): 8 projects, $22,700,000
Ron Paul had more earmark money than any of the Oklahoma delegation except John Sullivan. Paul had more earmark money than Fallin and Boren combined, and Fallin and Cole combined, one million dollars less than Boren and Cole combined, and the same amount as Fallin and Lucas combined.

But I forgot. He's never voted for an earmark; he just requests them. Who ever heard of an earmark that didn't get allocated? Reminds me of this debate of Senator Coburn had on the senate floor once regarding an authorization bill. "If it's not appropriated, that's right [Sen. Domenici said if the money is not appropriated, it doesn't cost anything]. But we're not passing these bills on the assumption that they're not going to be appropriated, we're passing these bills on the assumption that they will be appropriated." Earmarks are not submitted with the assumption that they won't be allocated. Ron Paul does not expect his earmarks to fail; he knows that they will pass, because they're earmarks.

Joseph Farrah's column ends with this: "While portraying himself as cleaner than the wind-driven snow, a man standing up against the machine, a courageous freedom fighter, it turns out Ron Paul is just another politician using the system for his own empowerment, his own ego and defending this abuse of the Constitution with his own relativistic moral code."

I concur. On the earmark issue, Congressman Ron Paul is nothing but a hypocrite.