Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Israel: Rocket Status Quo and Armed Citizens

The status quo continues in Israel, with near-daily rocket attack continuing from Hamas terrorists based in Gaza. Since Operation Cast Lead ended, southern Israel has been subjected to over 100 rockets and mortar shells. Along with these incidents, the Israeli Air Force has to continue missile strikes on the terrorists. Just today, after firing two Kassam rockets, three Hamas thugs were wounded in a strike by the IDF.

On Sunday, four rockets were fired into Israel, followed by swift air strikes on the part of the IAF, which took out an arms warehouse and two smuggling tunnels in Gaza, in addition to killing one and wounding two terrorists.

In other terrorism-related news, Arabs in Jerusalem have taken to using tractors in their attacks. So far this year, three tractor attacks have taken place. The latest one happened on Thursday.

The backhoe driver rammed a police car, rolling it over (knocking a street light over in the process) and into a bus.

Fortunately, the terrorist was stopped dead in his tractor, literally. A policeman and two armed civilians shot and killed the would-be murderor before any more damage could be done.

In all of the recent tractor attacks, armed citizens (mostly rabbis and cab drivers) have contributed to stopping the rampages. yet another example of the success, and neccesity, of concealed carry.


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