Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Official English up for vote today

The State House of Representatives will be voting (probably within an hour or two) on a measure that would bring a referendum up for vote in 2010, that would make English the Official Language of Oklahoma.

The bill is authored by State Rep. Randy Terrill (R, Moore), and co-authored by Muskogee Republican George Faught, who ran this legislation in 2007 (when it unexpectedly passed through committee) and 2008, Rep. Mike Christian (R, OKC) and Rep. Leslie Osborn (R, Tuttle).

The proposed wording on the ballot is as follows:

This measure amends the Oklahoma Constitution. It would add a new Article 30. This amendment makes English the official language of the state. All official state actions will be done in English. This amendment provides exceptions when languages other than English can be used, such as to protect public health and safety. This amendment protects Native American languages and the private use of languages other than English. This amendment also provides a private right of action to seek an injunction for violations of this amendment.
If this passes, it is not guaranteed to be on the ballot, as the enabling language has not been passed. The enabling language (HB 1066) was authored by Rep. George Faught was not heard in committee. Word is that the chair of the General Government committee was told by a House staff member not to hear the bill.

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  1. I can see voting for that, I am a native to Oklahoma and I'm a native speaker of English. This isn't stopping people preserving their local culture at home, or indeed in public, it's just setting some basic standards for the whole community.


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