Tuesday, March 10, 2009

'Draft Watts for Governor' Site Goes Live

In a follow-up to my post on DraftBrogdonforGovernor, a new 'draft' site has popped up, this time supporting former Congressman J.C. Watts.

The website, DraftWatts.com, is the work of one John Paul Lewis (the founder of the Brogdon counterpart is unknown at this time).

Also listed on DraftWatts are the following quotes from state legislators.
State Rep. Pat Ownbey (R, Ardmore): "I believe now more than ever we need great candidates to step up and what I know of him today, I feel he would make a very good governor."

State Rep. Charles Key (R, OKC): "Yes, I really like JC Watts. I would love to see him run, but am not ready to endorse anyone at this time. I have a lot of respect for JC and like his politics. I hope he will give it serious consideration." State Rep. Charles Key (R, OKC).
Under the circumstances, and considering how early this is in the game, these should not be considered anything near endorsements. I wouldn't be surprised to see these quotes come down when the representatives are made aware of them. Most likely, John Paul Lewis emailed them regarding J.C. Watts. For example, you can count on Charles Key supporting Randy Brogdon for governor.


  1. Hmm...that is interesting. I really don't think Watts will run even though he said that he is considering it.

  2. I'm waiting to see who all applies by the deadline. I'm especially interested to see if Scott Pruitt jumps in. We do have several good prospects though. Watts would be really good.


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