Tuesday, March 10, 2009

'Draft Brogdon for Governor' Site Goes Live

In another indication that the 2010 Gubernatorial race will be a heated one, a new website has started up devoted to "drafting" State Sen. Randy Brogdon into the contest.

DraftBrogdonForGovernor.com went live in the past few days.

DraftBrogdon joins the official campaign websites for Mary Fallin (R), Jari Askins (D), and Drew Edmondson (D).

Mike McCarville reported a survey by SoonerPoll on the governor's race last Friday. The poll showed Mary Fallin in the lead for the GOP nomination at 53%, with Tom Cole at 31.1% and Randy Brogdon at 1.3%. On the Democrat side of things, Drew Edmondson led with 41.9% to Jari Askins' 28.7%. In the poll, only 7.4% of voters had an opinion about Brogdon - a major obstacle to overcome.

However, the race is still a year away, so there will be plenty of time for all the candidates to get their name out. In another interesting development, an unannounced visit to the state capitol by former congressman J.C. Watts has fueled speculation the he may be considering running as well. This will be a hotly contested race on both sides on the spectrum.


  1. Woohoo for Fallin! I'd say she definately has the best shot of winning (unless J.C Watts enters, then I think it will be a closer race in the primary). I honestly don't think Randy Brogdon will get anywhere...he's not as well known.

  2. What are your first thoughts about J.C. Watts? He certainly has a high profile, but is he really interested in running for Governor?

  3. I really don't think that Watts will leave his lucrative lobbying job. But, you never know.


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