Wednesday, April 29, 2020

OK Cattlemen's Association compiling list of members selling beef direct-to-consumer

Consumers are Looking to Buy Beef Direct. OCA is working to Compose a List of Producers that are Selling Beef Direct

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK. April 28, 2020 – The Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Association (OCA) is working to compile a list of OCA members who sell beef direct to the consumer.

“With the current COVID-19 pandemic and the meat supply chain being disrupted by sickness of employees at packing plants, the demand to buy beef direct is at an all-time high!” said Mike Weeks, President of the OCA. “After several inquiries, we have decided to compose a list of OCA members  who sell beef direct.”

Consumers can expect this list to be available on Thursday, April 30 on the OCA’s website ( and social media channels encouraging consumers to call the producers on the list to purchase beef.

“An email went out to all OCA members this morning asking for those that sell beef direct to submit their contact information,” Weeks said.

To submit your contact information, login to the OCA website at Once OCA members have logged into the website, click ‘Beef Direct Sales List’ located on the right-hand side under the ‘Quick Links’ menu. (This link will only be visible after logging in.)

“The list is yet another membership benefit for OCA members. We appreciate our members and are working hard every day to empower cattlemen, protect the industry that we all love and help keep Oklahoma beef producers in the beef business during this disheartening time,” said Weeks.

The OCA is the trusted voice of the Oklahoma Cattle Industry. OCA is the only voice that speaks solely for the cattlemen of Oklahoma and represents beef producers in all 77 counties across the state. The OCA officers, board of directors and membership encourages you to join us in our advocacy efforts to ensure less government intervention, lower taxes and a better bottom line. For more information about OCA membership, the theft reward program or activities call 405-235-4391 or visit


  1. Are they selling whole cows or sides of beef, packaged beef?

  2. We should all join this new community and support our local ranchers and farmers by buying direct!


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