Monday, April 06, 2020

Christian Ford joins SD28 GOP primary

The Republican primary in State Senate District 28 has a new face. Following the resignation of Sen. Jason Smalley, multiple candidates have announced their intention to run in the special election. State Rep. Zack Taylor was the first to announce back in January. Mike Haines recently joined the race, with Indrit Vucaj also filing with the Ethics Commission in late March. All are Republicans.

Republican Christian Ford is the latest candidate, recently posting the following announcement on social media:

I am excited to officially announce that I am running for State Senate, in District 28!

As a born and raised Oklahoman, I have been honored to serve as the Vice Chair of Lincoln County GOP, and helped draft the 2019 Oklahoma Republican platform, one of the most conservative Republican platforms in the history of the state. I had hoped that the legislature would take the platform we created and pass constitutionally sound conservative bills that would reflect what we, the people, wanted. Instead, establishment leadership has led the Oklahoma legislature to vote against measures that would be consistent with our Party Platform. In so doing, they have proven that they are not giving the grassroots the voice they deserve.

This is why I am running. I will seek, as your Senator, to stand for God, family, and country against those who would seek to destroy our Oklahoman way of life. From defending our God-given right to keep and bear arms, to restoring local control to our schools, to seeking equal protection for the unborn, I will seek to adhere to our Oklahoma Republican platform and the biblical and constitutional values that have made our nation great! Right now, these are perilous times as we see values being attacked from radical socialists who wish to strip our God-given rights away from us, this is no time to compromise. It’s time to take a stand and say “enough is enough”!! We will not sit idly by why babies in our state are murdered each business day and our country is attempting to be burned to the ground by ungodly socialist ideas that have and always will lead to tyranny.

Our voices CAN and SHOULD be heard by OUR legislators! We must return to biblical, conservative principles to make our State great again! Will you stand with me? Together we CAN make a difference at our state Capitol!


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