Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Rep. Hern calls on Congress to get back to work

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Hern calls on Congress to get back to work

TULSA, OK – Representative Kevin Hern (OK-01) released the following statement after House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer canceled the House’s return to work on May 4, 2020.

“The nation is looking to us for leadership,” said Rep. Hern. “They need Congress to do what we were elected to do – show up and represent the needs of our constituents. As many states across the country are beginning the process of returning to ‘normal,’ Congress should be doing the same. The Speaker has taken advantage of our mandated absence by drafting legislation in secret, only allowing Republican input at the last possible moment, which has delayed nearly every coronavirus relief bill we’ve considered.”

Rep. Hern continued, “Congress was not elected to sit at home; we were elected to be the voice of the people. We have a lot of work left to do, and we can’t do it from our couches. We need to ensure that local medical facilities are getting the PPE they need. We need to hold China accountable for their role in the spread of the virus and the disinformation campaign they launched against America in the aftermath of it. President Trump has not taken a single day off since this pandemic began. His task force is showing up to the White House every day. They are doing their job as the executive branch. It’s our turn to do our job as the legislative branch.”


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