Monday, April 06, 2020

Rep. Tommy Hardin explains 'No' vote on Health Emergency Declaration

The lone vote this morning against HCR 1001x in the State House, State Rep. Tommy Hardin explains his vote below:

Hardin Explains No Vote on Health Emergency Declaration

OKLAHOMA CITY – State Rep. Tommy Hardin issued the following statement after voting no today on House Concurrent Resolution 1001x, which expanded the governor’s declaration of a Health Emergency for all 77 counties in the state for 30 days.

“My actions today are not in any way meant to diminish the suffering of Oklahomans who may be ill with COVID-19 or who have lost loved ones to this disease. I don’t believe, however, that this current health crisis meets the requirements of the Catastrophic Health Emergency Act. I believe the Legislature could have worked with the governor to grant him specific authority on some of the sections of law in this act. Furthermore, the Legislature could have extended that more limited authority for longer than 30 days, ending the requirement for multiple days of special session, saving the taxpayers money.”

HCR1001x allows the executive branch to centralize state and county health department response efforts, to purchase necessary equipment or supplies up to $50 million and to waive certain laws and rules for the purpose of the pandemic response. It also allows him to mobilize the National Guard to help respond to the health emergency.


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