Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Hamilton introduces candidacy to SD7 voters with fiery video, statement

Warren Hamilton is running for State Senate District 7. A veteran of the Iraq War (AH-1W Cobra pilot) and graduate from West Point, Hamilton is running in the GOP primary against incumbent Sen. Larry Boggs (R-Red Oak). Two Democrats and a third Republican are also running.

Hamilton has this fiery video on his campaign social media, introducing himself to voters.

Hamilton went into further detail on his background and platform in the statement below:
I am Warren Hamilton from McCurtain in Haskell County, and I am running to be your next State Senator.  The sitting senator, who must be booted out, is an establishment politician and a RINO (Republican-in-Name-Only).  I hope you will help me drain the State Capitol Swamp.  A vote for me is a vote for the following ideals:

Government is supposed to be the protector of our God-given rights, and the first right listed in our Declaration of independence is the right to LIFE.  Government has a duty to protect innocent life, yet our current senator and corrupt Senate leadership continue to legally sanction the murder of over 5,000 preborn babies each year.  This year they voted NOT to even discuss ending abortion!

I am no longer willing to tolerate this evil, and neither should you!  God will not be mocked.  So, don’t fall for the political smokescreens that we must be pragmatic, pick our battles, or go through the courts.  These are all cop-outs politicians use to campaign year-after-year as “pro-lifers.”  It’s time to abolish abortion!

Another reason I am running is to protect our God-given right to self-defense which is guaranteed in the Second Amendment.  The words “shall not be infringed” are clear.  Government does not have the authority to restrict the type or number of guns you can own, arms you can carry, magazine capacity, or ammunition.  The Second Amendment is not about defending ourselves against squirrels!  It is about defending ourselves against enemies—both foreign and domestic—and I refuse to turn my guns over to the same government that says we must permit the murder of preborn babies.

I am also running to oppose tax increases.  How dare our legislature raise taxes to an all-time high when $30 million just went missing from the State’s bank account!  They are crippling our economy and hurting us all with their taxes on gas, oil, diesel, tobacco, hotels, and church camps.

And what are they doing with our money?  The state is supposed to be a steward, but they are not a very good one right now.  In fact, they use our money to help them get re-elected by giving handouts to their favorite corporations.  We must end corporate welfare.  It is unfair for the state to pick winners and losers, to give our dollars to preferred campaign contributors while mom and pop businesses are forced to compete against that unfair advantage.  So, don’t fall for the political smokescreen that they are creating jobs or growing the economy.  The government does not create jobs.  They can only take our wealth and redistribute it to select campaign contributors.  I will reduce taxes and regulations to benefit ALL businesses in the district.

Finally, we must address the state’s abuse of power in our schools.  The State Superintendent of Public Instruction has introduced a plan to teach our children sex education that includes the homosexual agenda.  If our children are struggling with reading, science, and math, why are we wasting time teaching them about homosexuality?  I have two school-age children, and woe to anyone who tells my kids “it’s our secret.”  This is exactly the kind of public policy that leads to pedophiles abusing our children.  Also, education dollars need to be spent primarily on kindergarten through high school teachers and classrooms.  The pay raises that teachers earn should stay in their pocket, not be eaten up with a price increase on their health insurance.  Funding for the classroom needs to be spent ON the classroom.  We are tired of being sold one scheme after another - parimutuel betting, lottery, casino gambling, tobacco tax, and marijuana - only to realize that our government has lied to us and is spending the tax money they said was “for the children” on a bloated bureaucracy filled with “educators” who have never spent a day in the classroom and who are in fact hindering the local school in their quest to educate our children.

So why me?  Well, I have spent years of my life in bad places, stopping bad people from doing bad things.  From Army officer to contractor, I’ve taken charge of difficult situations and produced results that represent America and protect our way of life.  I promise you that as your next State Senator, I will follow God and our Constitution, no matter the cost.

To support our campaign, visit VoteHamilton2020.com.


Graduated in 1989 from a rural Texas school  Valedictorian and Captain of football team.
Mother taught math and Dad was high school principal.  Both parents retired teachers with more than 35 years.  Both also were full-time ranchers - on the ranch my grandfather established after WWII - preserving a way of life that has been in my family for at least five generations.

Joined Army in 1989 when I reported to the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY.  selected by my teammates to be the Captain of the Army Powerlifting Team.  Team was National Champions in 1993, and I personally finished 3’rd in the 242 pound class.   Graduated in 1993 and reported to flight school at Fort Rucker, AL.  Earned wings in 1994 and flew AH-1 Cobras at Fort Bliss and Fort Carson.  Flew scout helicopters in Bosnia and at Fort Polk, LA.  Served in a variety of leadership positions including platoon leader, company commander, and various staff and liaison positions.

In 2001 I was selected by the Army to serve as the Army exchange pilot to the Marine Corps.  I graduated the Instructor pilot course at Fort Rucker and reported for duty at Camp Pendelton.  From 2001 to 2005 I flew AH-1W Cobras (twin engine) operationally with Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 367.  We deployed to Japan, Thailand, the Philippine Islands, and ultimately to Iraq.

In the spring of 2005 I resigned my commission as an Army Major and returned home to the ranch I grew up on in South Texas.  In the summer of 2006 I began my time as a contractor, flying helicopters in Iraq and Afghanistan until my last flight in the spring of 2012.

i returned home to Oklahoma, to be with my wife, Sherrie, who i married in 2010.  We established a ranch and have four children ranging in age from 26 to 4, plus two grandchildren.

I am a Christian and an American by God’s grace.  I am grateful beyond words for the opportunity I had in uniform to serve with so many great Soldiers and Marines and will always consider it a privilege to be a part of that team.  God bless America. 


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