Saturday, April 04, 2020

COVID-19 in Oklahoma: cumulative and daily graphs

Every morning, the Oklahoma State Department of Health posts updated figures relating to COVID-19 testing and results in Oklahoma. I've put the information released thus far into two graphs, which are shown below.

This first chart shows the cumulative figures in Oklahoma so far during the COVID-19 outbreak. This is based on OSDH numbers for confirmed cases, deaths from confirmed cases, and hospitalization of patients with confirmed cases of COVID-19.
(click to view larger; blue = confirmed cases, orange = deaths, gray = hospitalizations)

This next graph shows daily net changes in each of those categories: new confirmed cases, new deaths from confirmed cases, and net changes in total daily hospitalization figures. Caveat on the hospitalization line: the OSDH has not published tracking on any patient discharges, so this does not necessarily mean that amount of new patients have been hospitalized on each specific day, but does track the change in current hospitalizations on that day.
(click to view larger; blue = new cases, orange = new deaths, gray = net hospitalization changes)

All of these figures are specifically confirmed cases of COVID-19. There are dozens to hundreds of suspected cases that have not been confirmed yet, including individuals that are currently hospitalized with suspected cases of COVID-19.

You can find these figures updated daily at, where the Oklahoma State Department of Health continues to release information on the COVID-19 pandemic, including tips for avoiding the spread and what to do if you suspect you are coming down with the virus.

I was attempting to also chart a variety of other data points, including daily figures for non-hospitalized positive patients, po sitive non-ICU hospitalized patients, positive patients in ICU, non-ICU Persons Under Investigation in Hospital, PUI in ICU, and persons in self-quarantine, but the Health Department didn't release figures for last weekend, which broke the chart up, and they have changed how and what exactly they report this week, which makes previous figures impossible to reconcile.

Data is taken from Executive Order Reports filed by the OSDH, more detailed reports that started on March 23rd as opposed to the overview figures that began on March 6th.

I'll include that chart here, but it's usefulness is pretty much expired unless tracking reports from OSDH maintain some consistency going forward:
(click to view larger)
SOLID LINES: blue = Positive patients (non-hospitalized), gray = Positive hospitalized patients (non-ICU), yellow = Positive patients in ICU
DASHED LINES: blue = Persons Under Investigation in Hospital (non-ICU), green = PUI in ICU
ORANGE DOT = recovered patients (new report)
BLUE DOTTED LINE = Persons in self-quarantine


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