Saturday, April 15, 2017

IT'S OFFICIAL: Mullin files for 2018, breaking term limits pledge

After hinting during his last campaign that he would break his term limits pledge in 2018, Markwayne Mullin has officially filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission, declaring his candidacy for a fourth term in Congress.

Mullin's Statement of Candidacy was filed on March 2nd, a day after the Federal Election Commission sent a warning to his campaign that it had accepted contributions and made expenditures in support of a 2018 election without filing official candidacy for the 2018 cycle.

Mullin has made national headlines this week after telling town hall attendees that it is "bullcrap" to say constituents pay his congressional salary. While attempting to do damage control over Mullin's comments, his spokesperson said that Mullin's "aspiration is to be a career legislator" - a statement that makes more sense considering Mullin intends to break his term-limits pledge.

It is a well-established and documented fact that Mullin made a very public term-limits pledge in 2011 when he first started his campaign for Congress. Mullin has not issued any explanation or reasoning to date on why he would break his term limits pledge and seek a fourth term. Instead, he's repeatedly dismissed and mocked those who questioned whether he would break his pledge.

This leaves no doubt - Mullin's word isn't worth the paper it's written on. Oklahoma deserves better than politicians who lack honesty and character.


  1. Is anyone surprised by the actions of an Oklahoma Politican. His promises got him elected, and now he's got his pension.


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