Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Stroud pastor, businessman announces candidacy for State Senate District 28

Well Known Pastor and Business Leader Announces State Senate Campaign for District 28

STROUD, OK 03/31/2020 -- Mike Haines is pro-life, pro-second amendment, and a champion for religious freedom. He is a Republican who believes the state has a duty to limit federal control and that the best engine of our economy is the free-market.

Mike Haines, pastor of Deer Creek Baptist Church and founder of Well Checked Systems International has announced that he intends to file for Oklahoma State Senate District 28, Jason Smalley’s vacated State Senate seat.

Candidate Haines said, “I have watched as decades have passed while issues that concern District 28 continue to be overlooked. We have ongoing economic development, rural healthcare, and addiction issues. Oklahoma State District 28 deserves a strong faithful leader that will not back down until our issues are solved.”

Mike Haines grew up in small-town rural Oklahoma working hard as a young man in quarries and his family’s small ranch. He received his Masters of Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary and holds three patents with two more pending. An award-winning software developer for IBM, he has built his business career on solving difficult problems.

“Many in the legislature continue to ignore the issues that affect our rural communities. We have to fight them to retain control over our schools, our businesses, our farms, and our families. The oil patch is in free fall and so many of our neighbors are out of work. There is no bottom in sight and no answers coming out of Oklahoma City, even though international bad actors are in direct violation of their own agreements.”, Mike Haines said.

He continued, “I am not running for a title or a seat, I am running for us. I will stand with our folks from Wellston to Pink and from Wewoka to Kendrick. There is no unimportant area of our district and we deserve to be represented with strength and integrity.”

For more information about Mike Haines, visit: hainesforsenate.com or facebook.com/okdistrict28


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