Wednesday, March 11, 2020

David Hill for Congress launches first campaign video

David Hill for Congress Launches First Campaign Video
Introductory video presents David Hill as a conservative businessman and political outsider

OKLAHOMA CITY — This week, the David Hill for Oklahoma campaign released its first video of the election cycle, titled "Fix Congress.” The video introduces David Hill, his family, and his background of service.

Entering the race as an outsider to politics, Hill’s introductory video highlights his business acumen — solving complex problems and growing jobs as the former CEO of Kimray and the current CEO and owner of Mar-K, the nation’s leading manufacturer of over 6,000 component parts for classic cars and trucks. The video also touches on David’s commitment to serving Oklahomans as a co-founder of the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon.

Posted on the campaign’s Facebook page, the video outlines President Donald Trump’s success and David’s commitment to defending and furthering President Trump’s "America First" agenda.

“I’m excited to show Oklahomans that they don’t have to keep sending the same politicians to Washington, only to get the same results," Hill explained. "As I stated in my video, President Trump is fighting the good fight, but he needs allies in Congress. Kendra Horn turned her back on Oklahoma the first day when she voted for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker, and then she voted for the sham impeachment.  When elected to Congress, I will promote Oklahoma, not liberal, values.”

The Republican Primary for Oklahoma’s 5th Congressional District is on June 30th. The Republican nominee will go on to challenge incumbent Democrat Kendra Horn in November’s general election.


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