Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Muskogee City Council, County Commissioners adopt shelter-in-place resolution

The Muskogee City Council and County Commissioners held an historic joint emergency meeting this evening, where they unanimously voted to adopt "a task force's recommendation that directs Muskogee County residents to 'stay at home and avoid unnecessary travel.'"

During the meeting, health officials said that Muskogee County now has 4 confirmed COVID-19 cases, up from 1 yesterday.

Details on adopted Joint City-County Task Force recommendations:
  • Residents of the City and County are directed to stay at home and avoid discretionary travel unless they are performing essential activities.
    • Essential activities include health-related appointments, purchasing food/home goods, outdoor activity under social distancing guidelines, as well as work at an essential business as defined by Gov. Stitt's executive orders
  • Not a curfew
  • No plan to stop residents and ask why they are not home
  • Requires essential businesses to set controls within their operations to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 (i.e. work from home, social distancing, etc)
  • Echoes Gov. Stitt's order to close non-essential business
You can read the full resolution here.

Afterwards, Mayor Janey Boydston and District Attorney Orvil Loge addressed Muskogee city/county residents about the meeting:


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