Wednesday, March 11, 2020

OCPA releases Legislative Scorecard for tracking session votes

From the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs:
At the beginning of the 2020 legislative session, the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs announced that we would produce a legislative scorecard to be updated throughout the session.

The OCPA board of trustees and staff came to realize that there wasn’t an easy-to-use guide for constituents to understand just how their lawmakers are voting on issues related to free markets, limited government, individual initiative, and personal responsibility. So we decided to change that.

At the beginning of the legislative session, we launched our new Legislative Scorecard, which can be found at In addition to the scorecard itself, we released a watch list of bills that are eligible to be included on the scorecard. You can view the watch list at

Check out the live scorecard and share it with your family and friends, it even has an easy-to-use locator so anyone can easily find their lawmaker.
I checked out the Muskogee area legislators to see how they've been voting so far this session.


The city of Muskogee is covered by Rep. Avery Frix (45%), Rep. Chris Sneed (47%), and Sen. Dewayne Pemberton (36%).

Pemberton has the lowest rating for any Republican Senator, and fourth lowest in the entire Senate. Half of the Democratic caucus rates higher than him. 24 of 77 House Republicans have lower scores than Frix, while 30 have lower scores than Sneed.

Randleman and Thompson cover far southern Muskogee County, Fetgatter has portions of far western Muskogee County, while McDugle is across the border in Wagoner County. Sen. David has portions of western and northeastern Muskogee County.

OCPA's scorecard has already resulted in fireworks. BatesLine has the details, including a member of the House directing obscenities and giving OCPA's president Jonathan Small "the finger" inside the Capitol building.


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