Saturday, March 14, 2009

Update on Chris Medlock Show

Here's the latest information on why KFAQ cut The Chris Medlock Show.

It appears to have been because of financial problems with the parent company, Journal Communications. Here's from Michael Bates on Batesline (a superb blogger):
Although I'm told that Chris's ratings have been good -- the best for his timeslot since Tony Snow was on mid-afternoons several years ago -- parent company Journal Communications is suffering. In June 2007, the stock neared $14 a share; it was at $5 as recently as last September; yesterday it closed at 39 cents. (It ticked up today, back to 50 cents.) According to the transcript of the company's 2008 4Q earnings teleconference, Journal had a net loss of $223 million for that period. Journal Communications' flagship is the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel newspaper.
On his Facebook profile, Chris Medlock confirmed that, "They said it was due to financial problems." When one of the commentors asked if there was anything his listening audience could do to get him back on the air, he said, "I guess if enough people's worked before."

Here's the contact information for 1170 KFAQ, if you wish to contact the station.

Mailing Address
4590 East 29th Street
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74114

Office Phone:
(918) 743-7814

Management Emails:
Perhaps we can still get Chris Medlock back on there air...


  1. Everyone is just happy that the PRICK is gone!

  2. I have to wonder why, if it's just a simple down-sizing, they're scrubbing their site of all evidence that he was ever with them?


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