Thursday, June 14, 2018

Hern calls on opponents to run "clean campaign", denounce outside groups

In response to negative ads being run against him by outside groups like Club For Growth, 1st District GOP candidate Kevin Hern is calling on his primary opponents to eschew "dirty" campaigning by "DC insiders and swamp creatures":

Kevin Hern for Congress Pledges to Run Clean Campaign

TULSA, OK – Kevin Hern, candidate for Oklahoma’s Congressional District 1, pledged to run a clean campaign and called on his competitors to do the same:

“I’m offering my commitment to Congressional District 1 that I will run a clean campaign, and I challenge all of my competitors in this race to commit to do the same,” said Kevin. “As I travel throughout the district and talk to voters, I hear daily that we need change in DC. It’s abundantly clear DC insiders and swamp creatures will do anything to stop a true conservative business leader like myself from being elected, and I fully expect them to be uncomfortable with my refusal to go to Washington and conduct business as usual. But much like President Trump, I believe it’s time to shake up DC and return government back to the people where it belongs. Right now, we have a rare opportunity to do just that with a Republican-controlled House, Senate, and Presidency, but we need people in Congress who will stand with President Trump and reject special interests like Club for Growth who spent over $7 million dollars opposing Trump in the 2016 election, calling him a “terrible leader on economic growth…and the worst kind of politician who will say anything to get elected”, and With Honor who have endorsed and spent over $1 million electing liberal, anti-Trump Democrats. The citizens of Oklahoma should determine the outcome of this election, not DC special interest groups.

That’s why I’m committing to a clean campaign and asking my competitors to do the same. The opportunity at hand is too important to waste by wallowing in the mud and allowing outside groups to influence the people’s vote—we should demand better. I’m also calling on each candidate to join me in making a public commitment to denounce any negative campaigning and ensure we hold all third-party groups accountable to any messages they push. I look forward to hearing from each of my opponents in joining me in this commitment. Our district and our country will be better served if we all stand united and work towards a common goal of returning government to the people.”


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