Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Opponents lobbing fabricated attacks at Cathy Costello

A screenshot of this blog being shared by Costello opposition, mistaking a banner for an endorsement

Desperate opponents of Cathy Costello's candidacy for Labor Commissioner are starting to fabricate outlandish and ridiculous attacks in order to try to defeat her. Here are two of my favorite ones:

ClaimCathy Costello is endorsed by Tom Coburn and Oklahoma Taxpayers Unite! as shown in the screenshot [above]. Also, Coburn endorsed Costello on the day of the teacher walkout, so they must both hate kids.
Fact: Coburn did endorse Costello -- a week before the walkout began (not "the day of"). OTU! does not endorse candidates, and Costello did not sign their candidate pledge (which focuses on fiscal responsibility and government transparency). The screenshot above, shared by some of the Costello haters, is simply a shot of's post of the Coburn endorsement press release and the OTU! banner which is currently present above the posts section. Previously there was a Stitt for Governor ad in that location; neither ad has/had anything to do with the Coburn press release or Costello's campaign.

I find it laughable that someone would equate an ad that happens to be in close proximity to be an endorsement.

Claim: Cathy Costello and Janet Barresi are sisters-in-law/related, so... they must be bad or something.
Fact: Neither Cathy Costello nor her late husband Mark are related to Janet Barresi, whose maiden name happens to be Costello (Barresi took some heat for adding her maiden name to her ballot submission in 2016).

Desperate people do desperate things, and nothing brings out lies and fabrications like flailing, losing campaigns in the final week of their existence.

Cathy Costello is the conservative choice for Labor Commissioner, and I urge all Oklahoma Republicans to get out and vote for her in the primary. We can't afford the alternative, a liberal Republican legislator who has been betraying our conservative Republican principles for the last several years.


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