Thursday, June 21, 2018

OklahomaWatch explores Stitt's "scarce voting record"

Republican businessman Kevin Stitt, who has pitched his gubernatorial campaign on his outsider status, has voted in just eight elections since 2000, according to Oklahoma voter history records.

None of those elections included the race for governor.
The article goes on to state that "Voting records since 1999 show Stitt voting in presidential-year general elections from 2000 to 2016, along with a primary election in 2004. Since announcing his run for governor last year, Stitt also voted in a special election in November and another local election in February." (emphasis mine)

Not only is Stitt a first-time candidate, but evidently he will also be a first-time gubernatorial election voter.

Read the rest of the OklahomaWatch article here, which details the voting history of the rest of the gubernatorial field.


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