Friday, June 29, 2018

Richardson picks Cornett over Stitt

After posting the above image yesterday touting a pending announcement regarding which GOP gubernatorial candidate he would endorse, Gary Richardson this afternoon endorsed stated that he will be voting for Mick Cornett...

... while saying it's not an endorsement... even though he said yesterday that an endorsement was coming. So I guess it's a non-endorsement endorsement, or something.

From the Richardson campaign's Facebook page:
This isn’t an endorsement announcement. I’m going to say first off, both Stitt and Cornett have issues that I’m not happy about. But to me, it boils down to what has each done in the past 20 years of their career.

Mick Cornett based on the record has obviously helped transform Oklahoma City into a thriving metropolis that has created over 100,000 new jobs, not just in OKC, but the whole region. Our state is in a mess, and Mick has shown he has the ability to bring prosperity back to Oklahoma. While I wish he was more conservative in his views on traditional family values, I am more than confident that the State Legislature can keep that in check. But I will say this, Mick doesn’t hide who he is. He is who he says he is and that goes a long way with me.

Kevin Stitt, well if you have been watching my FB videos for the past year, you know where I stand with Kevin. He is a man who has skirted the law to get ahead, consistently lied about his political positions, and lacks the integrity to be our Governor. Additionally , Stitt has zero involvement in Oklahoma’s primary elections and he was even caught lying about it. First he said he voted for Cruz in the Presidential primary and when the records showed he didn’t vote at all he then said he was “busy working”. How do we know when this person is telling the truth?

I know neither candidate is the ideal candidate, but that is the process we choose to be a part of in a democratic republic. This is a job interview and you have one applicant that has experience in running government and has shown an interest in our state government by consistently being involved in choosing its leaders vs the other applicant who has zero experience in state government and hasn’t even bothered to participate in the process he is asking you to vote for on August 28th. The choice to me, knowing that, is clear.

As Ronald Reagan said, “the person who agrees with you 80 percent of the time is a friend and an ally - not a 20 percent traitor.” That’s why on August 28th, I will be voting for Mick Cornett in the GOP runoff election.
For my part, I'm disappointed. I can get over Stitt's flaws for the most part, but Cornett is the clear liberal in the race. He's supported by liberals (including a big Hillary bundler), supported raising taxes and opposed repealing ObamaCare, even headlining a nationwide mayors' letter to Congress about it. I will not vote for Mick Cornett at any point.


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