Sunday, June 03, 2018

What does Health Care Sharing with Samaritan Ministries cost?

I've posted about Samaritan Ministries, the health care sharing ministry my wife and I use instead of health insurance, quite a bit in the past, detailing our various experiences with the ministry and how it has enabled us to handle medical needs at little to no out-of-pocket cost.

Since joining Samaritan Ministries, we have had three submitted medical needs totaling over $102,000 in billed charges. As self-pay patients and with help from Samaritan in negotiating for further discounts, those costs were reduced by $48,000, resulting in final bills of just under $54,000 -- every penny of which was paid for on our behalf by fellow Samaritan members.

That's right. The only cost we paid for $102,000 in three incidents was our family membership share of less than $500 per month.

You can learn more about our experiences and how Samaritan works by reading my article here or my series of posts here.

Samaritan Ministries has launched a new level of membership called Samaritan Basic, in addition to what they now call Samaritan Classic. To find out the cost of membership, use the embedded page below or visit this link.

If you decide that Samaritan Ministries is right for your family and decide to join, mention that you heard about it from the Jamison Faught family


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