Saturday, June 16, 2018

Hern responds to Club For Growth ads


Club for Growth, a DC insider group, endorsed Andy Coleman. Two days after the endorsement, Club began spending over $250,000 on false and misleading ads against Kevin Hern. The Club is taking every angle to slow the Hern campaign's momentum through lies and deceit. Mr. Coleman had 2 full days to denounce these false attacks but chose not to do that. Therefore, the Hern campaign is setting the record straight by releasing an ad detailing the Club for Growth's association to Coleman and the groups distaste for President Trump. Club for Growth spent over $7 million dollars opposing Trump in the 2016 election, calling him a “terrible leader on economic growth…and the worst kind of politician who will say anything to get elected.” DC special interest groups like Club are attacking the Hern campaign because Kevin is a 100% supporter of President Trump and his agenda, and they do not want a small businessman like Kevin Hern in Congress.

The Hern campaign has pledged to run a clean campaign and have asked our competitors to do the same. We are calling on Mr. Coleman's campaign to publicly denounce the false and misleading ads from Club for Growth. We look forward to hearing from our opponent in joining this commitment. The opportunity at hand is too important to waste by wallowing in the mud and allowing outside groups to influence the people’s vote—we should demand better. The citizens of Oklahoma should determine the outcome of this election, not DC special interest groups.