Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Cornett releases final TV ad

Cornett Campaign Releases Closer Ad “Best Days”
Cornett pitches accomplishments and record of getting things done before June 26 primary

OKLAHOMA CITY – Mick Cornett’s campaign for Governor on Tuesday released their final advertisement before the June 26 Primary Election titled “Best Days” which features Cornett pitching his record of getting things done directly to voters.

“It’s important voters hear directly from me so close to the primary election,” Cornett said. “Voters want a candidate who will get results and has a record of doing so. We’ve got big challenges ahead of us as a state, but with the right leadership bringing people together to solve problems, there is no doubt our Best Days are ahead of us.”

View the commercial below:

The language in the commercial reads:

Oklahoma’s best days are still ahead of us. That’s a lot to say for someone whose family has been here for five generations and still counting. For our promise to be realized, Oklahoma needs a governor with a proven record of conservative leadership. You deserve a governor who will change how state government operates. If you want more of the same, I’m not your guy.  If you want someone who will get things done for you and your family, I’m your candidate.


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